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This is Srishty Khera! In today’s video we will discuss about MBBS Abroad! Every parent and every student have many questions and many concerns in their mind. I will make sure that you get answers and clarity on all your questions and doubts. So the first question about MBBS Abroad that comes from parents is about Budget! So the budget for MBBS Abroad will be dependent on the choice of Country and University Let me give you an estimate about MBBS in Abroad Budget! Talking about the cheapest country in terms of budget it would be Kyrgyzstan! In Kyrgyzstan the duration of MBBS is 5 years The budget for complete fees along with the hostel fees and other charges should be calculated. It will cost around 16 to 17 Lacs INR Similarly in Ukraine the course duration is 6 years for MBBS! The budget for complete fees along with the hostel fees and other charges should be calculated. It would be 23-25 Lacs INR! The cost of Russia is exactly same as that of Ukraine. If i talk about MBBS in China the total cost goes around 18-20 Lacs INR. However for MBBS in Nepal and Bangladesh the cost is 45-50 Lacs INR So by now you should have got an idea regarding MBBS Abroad total Budget. This would have given you a rough estimate of budget for MBBS Abroad in various countries So this was an answer to the first question regarding MBBS Abroad total Budget! Now moving on to the other questions for MBBS Abroad! The second most asked question about MBBS Abroad is about the Education Quality. Let me tell you that facilities that you get in MBBS Abroad is better than Indian Private colleges. The reason behind the good quality is that we are offering you MCI/WHO approved top medical universities Let it be any country , we are offering just the best top government medical universities. So do not worry at all , you will get better facilities than in Indian Private university. Whatever you will get will be the best and way to better than many. We had a word with our students in Ukraine and Russia , they are getting personal Cadaver. Even in India you get shared facilities , however their you get many facilities without sharing. Now Coming on to the third point. We spoke about the BUdget for MBBS Abroad and quality. The third most asked question is about the safety and security of students. Let me tell you this that safety and security is the top most concern for country , university , hostel and for us. Be it be in case of girl child or a boy. We make sure that everyone get complete safety. Even the hostel , country and university rules are strict keeping in mind the security.. So there is no way out of doing anything wrong . So you need not o be worried about the security and safety. Even for a girl child you need not to give a second thought. There many girls student already studying and doing MBBS Abroad. There are no issues at all in terms of safety and security. So this was about the safety and security during MBBS Abroad. The other most common question that we get is regarding the food. Specially Pure Vegetarians are much more concerned about the food option. However the Universities that we are offering you gives Indian mess as well along. So that you should not face any issues You get normal dal , roti , rice just like any other indian hostel. Also Veg and Non- veg is cooked separately. Even the separate vessels are used to cook veg and non-veg. So do not worry at all! Many universities are even offering the kitchen facility in the hostel You may even cook for yoursekf as per convinience. You will not face any issues related to food The Next thing is about the Teacher:Student Ratio. Although it is part of quality of education. However it is important thing to be noted. In India the class size is 60 to 80 students in a class However the class size that you will notice in Ukraine and Russia is very small It is a batch. At the max there are 15 students in a batch Every student will get personal attention while studying MBBS Abroad. Students in India miss on this personal attention part. In India you will have to run behind teachers to work on your doubts. You will not face this problem in MBBS Abroad. Also the infrastructure that you get in MBBS Abroad is very good. The Universities and Hostels are well built and maintained. You get Clean Linen , beds , study tables , cupboards and bathrooms The facilities and infractructure that you get is really good when compared to India. You will have that Studying MBBS Abroad feeling. You will feel the improvisation in standard of living. These are students feedback that i am talking about. This is all about the MBBS Abroad. If you have any doubt or question that i did not cover here , you may ask me in comment sections. There are some questions related to personal choices. Like some student asks for Gym These things totaly depends on University However you get everything around the city. There are different type of personal choices In case you also hav any of such question you may ask in Comments sectio9n below I will answer to all your queries and concerns For Questions or Admissions , You may also call me at +91-9667936464 / 9953774024 That is it for MBBS Abroad. See you all in the next video.