Hi, I’m Sam with Grocery Coupon Network and
today I want to talk to you about couponing at Meijer. Meijer is a store — it’s a chain
store in the Midwest, and it’s a big store. It’s probably comparable to Walmart. They
have hard lines and soft lines, so groceries, clothes, hardware, toys, all that type of
stuff. They offer store coupons, so it’s a great store for stacking coupons, and they
have their own special incentives program called mPerks. mPerks is something you can sign up for online.
And one thing that’s nice about mPerks is a lot of the online sign-up times have incentives
like a $5.00-off coupon on your next shopping trip or something like that. So if you’re
looking to sign up for mPerks, be on the lookout for signing up for those types of incentives
for signing up, and right off the bat, you’ll have a good savings. The mPerks program offers
discounts and store coupons is, basically, what they’re considered. You add them to — your
phone number is what it’s tied to. So you can either enter your mPerks number or your
phone number at the store, and you’ll get these store coupons. So, since they’re store
coupons, they can be stacked with manufacturers coupons for even more of a savings. So what
you want to do is sign up for mPerks and put your email in there because you’ll also get
email notifications. And you’ll get email notifications of advanced sales, special sales,
big savings events that are coming up. And, like any other store, you want to shop
for stuff, not when you need it but when it’s on sale. And you’ll notice that, just like
any other store, Meijer has sales cycles. So if you need to, take a notebook, track
your sales cycles for a couple weeks, see when prices are at their lowest and what that
price is, and then that’s when you’ll want to stack coupons with the items. And you’ll
notice around, like, holidays or certain times of the year, different things are on sale.
So around holidays when you’re cooking a lot of casseroles or, like, green bean capacity
casserole at Thanksgiving, which a lot of people make, the Campbell soups will be on
sale. Or in the summer is a really good time to stack up on condiments if the expiration
dates are long enough to have for a while. Because that’s when [inaudible] barbecue season.
So watch for the best sales as Meijer, sign up for mPerks and use manufacturers coupons
with your store coupons or your mPerks to save even more.