– Hey homemakers welcome
back to the channel. My name is Shirlee and in
today’s video we’re talking about the modern-day homemaker
and how she can succeed in today’s worlds. I started thinking about my grandmother’s and how they managed their homes. I actually have three
grandmother, my mom’s mom Marie who lived with me most of my childhood, my dad’s mom Lois and my
biological father’s mom Rosa. They all lived much different lives. My grandma Marie eight
children in a small apartment. My grandma Lois raised three children in a three-bedroom
house all while managing a nursing career. And my grandma Rosa raised
two children while running a business from her home. I started to wonder how they did it all without all the modern
amenities we have now. My grandmother’s didn’t have
dishwashers, cell phones or large capacity washers
and dryers like we do now. My grandmother’s all lived modest lives but they always had a
hot meal on the table their husbands had a pressed shirt and their houses were clean and tidy. So why is it with all
these modern age luxuries so many of us still feel
overwhelmed managing our homes? I thought hard about it and figured out just how modern days
homemakers can have success in the 21st century. And this is what I’ve come
up with to save us our time and our sanity. Number one Say Goodbye to Distractions. One thing we have that
our grandmothers didn’t are many different screens;
iPads, TVs, cell phones they’re even in our refrigerator doors, we can video chat with our friends. We need to find out what’s
taking all of our time and eliminate it. I know for me I can easily
get sucked into Instagram or a TV series. If I start scrolling Instagram
while I have my coffee in the morning I will most
definitely keep on scrolling way after I’m done. TV series are the worst,
I just finished watching all nine seasons of Little
House on the Prairie and I can tell you that I
was so much less productive because I would throw on an episode while I folded a long the
laundry and the next thing I knew my husband was on his way home and I barely got anything done. Find out what doesn’t have any real value, what’s wasting your time? Get rid of that and learn to
say no or use it as a reward when you finish your to-do list. Before we move on to number two, What’s Your Biggest Distraction? I’ve shared mine with
you, share yours with me in the comments below. Number two Use Apps And
Be A Little Tech-Savvy. One great thing about
technology is used right it can be a good resource for us. It’s important to be a little Tech-Savvy. You don’t need to know how
to create a whole website from scratch, but little
things like knowing how to check your search history,
so you know what websites your children have been on. Or knowing how to pin
a recipe to Pinterest so you can access it quickly when you’re doing meal planning. Apps are a great time-saver
too, some of my favorites you can use right on your desktop. One of my faves is Google Keep. This is great for jotting
things down, shopping lists whatever I need out of my
head goes into Google Keep. I love that I can also add my
husband to any of my notes. So I’m not the only one responsible for remembering something or if I get sick and can’t get to the store
he will automatically have our shopping list right on his phone. Mint is another one of my faves. I love that I can set spending budget it also combining all of my
credit cards and my bank card and I can categorize all of my spending things like tickets and clothes. And if I spent an unusually high amount in a certain category it’ll
alert me and let me know that I’m overspending in that category. Google Calendar is another good one. I like plugging in all of our
events, deadlines, paydays, birthdays they all go into my calendar and the really good thing is
I can do that on my desktop but if I’m out and about in
the world say I’m at Walmart and I went to a friend
and they’re like hey, let’s have a play date I
can just whip out my phone find out when we’re free,
I can add that play date to my calendar before I get
home and forget all about it. Also check to see if
your bank offers an App. My bank allows me to
transfer money, pay bills, make a deposit, see my balance
all from the app on my phone. This way I’m not lugging three
kids into the car, sitting in the drive-thru just
to make a simple deposit. Number three, Don’t Bother
Sorting Your Laundry. There really is no reason
to separate your lights from your darks. This day and age we have 80 washers and there’s really no point. Now I was taught I had two
separate lights, darks, towels and my white clothes. Now I will say I still separate
my towels and my whites but anything that doesn’t
fit in those two categories just goes in together. I’m even known to throw in a
towel or some white clothes with my regular laundry. And I’ve never had a problem with it. I’ve never had white pants
turn red or a shirt destroyed because I threw a towel in with that load. I even throw my jeans
in with everything else, so don’t sort laundry like
you were probably taught it’s just not necessary. Another thing I did
recently to save myself time was I got myself one of these
divided laundry systems. Now as we go through our
laundry we can add it to the appropriate bin and I
will know what a load needs to be done at a glance. Number four, Use Simple
Cleaners and Supplies. I admit I love different
cleaners and you can catch me in the cleaning aisles smelling all different kinds of cleaners. I’ll even find when am in a
cleaning rep I’ll treat myself to new cleaners just to change things up. But sometimes less is more even
with our cleaning supplies. Try using multipurpose cleaners. Having a cleaner that can
clean many different spots in your house not only saves
you money but it also saves you time and space. Less clutter means you can
quickly find the cleaning supplies that you need
and put them to work which means you will be more
inclined to actually clean. Get yourself a small cleaning
caddy that can hold all of your cleaning supplies. This way you can easily
take it from room to room. And some of my favorite
all-purpose cleaners are the Mrs. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaner and I love the Dollar Trees
foam glass and surface cleaner. But don’t forget about DIY cleaners too. You can pick up a few
ingredients that will clean almost everything in your house. In my last video on frugal home making, I shared with you guys
the free printable to all of my tried-and-true favorite
DIY cleaners and I will link that in the description box
below if you’re interested. Most people don’t like cleaning
but if you can simplify your cleaning supplies,
you can get the job done in less time. Number five, Plan Your Meals. Nowadays our fridges and our
freezers are so much bigger than they used to be and most
of us have a chest freezer in our garage, still take advantage of it. Plan a week or even two weeks
worth of meals in advance. Also buy in bulk, nowadays
you can buy in bulk something our grandparents couldn’t do. Things like BJ’s, Costco’s
or I know that even in my grocery store
they have club sections with larger quantity items. Take advantage of online shopping. Something our grandmothers couldn’t do. My grocery store will
allow me to shop at home and they will bring my
groceries out to the car or I can have them delivered to my house. They also have specials that
are only offered to their shop at home customers. I almost always save more
money shopping online using their online coupons than
I would spending an hour in the grocery store with my kids asking for something down every line. Number six, Ask For Help. Speaking of asking for things,
one thing I advocate for is asking for help. Asking for help from your
spouse or your children doesn’t make you a bad housewife, everyone needs a little help sometimes. My kids have their
chores around the house. Things like making their bed, loading and unloading the dishwasher,
sorting their laundry and I have them do that for
a few different reasons. Number one I can’t do everything
around the house by myself I would go crazy. Number two they need to learn. I’m not going to be around forever. And I’m not going up to their
dorm to wash their laundry. Number three it gives them
a sense of responsibility, it’s important that our
children learn responsibility at an early age. Most nights my husband and my children will help me clean up after dinner. I’ve learned the hard way
that I have to delegate some of my household chores. Number seven, Enjoy The Day Today. The way you view your role
as homemaker means everything to how you will succeed. I know cooking, cleaning
and laundry can feel mundane but remember how you
view your household tasks affects your attitude. Think about that impact you’re making on your family and home. You’re the one that
provides a joyful place of peace and safety. If you enjoyed this homemaking
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