hey and welcome if it’s your first time here my name is Satya I post videos every week the topics include nutrition because I’m a dietitian and nutritionist and that’s totally my jam but also other topics like productivity minimalism and travel welcome to pick up line now I’m always being asked how did you come up with the money to travel for six months or how do you afford to start your own business well unlike my younger self I’ve learned how to I can’t believe I just did that I’m sorry so without further ado I’m going to share with you 30 money-saving hacks that I’ve learned along the way I categorized them for you into shop food health and home and minimalism let’s get started once versus need to learn the difference between them asking yourself to our markets or do I need this while you’re shopping works wonders shop intentionally if you didn’t go there to get it you probably don’t need it carry cash use cash as much as possible instead of cards snap a picture if you’re not really sure if you need it or if it fit your home or your style just snap a picture and wait you’re finding you still one in a week you can revisit the picture and reassess compare online don’t buy right away compared to online shops like Amazon or Craigslist and by waiting to you might actually find it don’t really eat it unsubscribe from channel unsubscribe from those channels that do the holes the makeup halls and the clothing halls you know the ones that make you feel like you really don’t have enough but you do unsubscribe from media marketing unsubscribe from magazines fashion blogs or online newsletters that encourage spending go to the library bookstores can be appealing but if you need to save borrow books and even check out your library’s audiobook section instead of buying them which also just adds extra clutter to your house cut your own hair I literally just heard the guest through the camera I’ve been cutting my own hair for five years and it’s saved me a lot of money and I learned it by watching some videos on YouTube if you’re willing to give it a try you can start by cutting it very modestly and then if you like how it looks great and it’s not you can always go get it touched up trip shop need i say more I know spend days scheduled know spend days on your phone this can be the same day every week and stick to it this might seem like a hardest thing in the world but you’re going to live and then you’re going to realize just how easy it can be learn to say I can’t afford it now some people just cringed but learning to say this simple sentence will do more for your finances than any detailed financial plan can keep track of your finances don’t underestimate the power of this one make your own coffee or tea at home unbelievable how much this one can save you and I didn’t really put it into practice until I moved to the Netherlands because unlike North America there aren’t coffee shops on every street corner well there are coffee shops just a totally different guide make your own food I would not be a good dietician if I didn’t mention this one but seriously any money saver right here don’t shop when you’re hungry try to have a snack before you go so that way you can shop smart and avoid over buying which can be costly and Lee toys local markets try to find the markets or shops in your neighborhoods that are more affordable one tip is to try the ethnic stores sometimes those can be cheaper things like Turkish stores Persian Japanese or Chinese shops buy and bulk especially the foods that you eat more often for me these are foods like oats rice beans nuts seeds and spices cook and bulk and plan your meals this will save you more money than is reasonable I’ve done another video on meal prep that I’ll link at the end of this video feed in company eat with others whenever you can it helps to fill the belly and nourish your soul Plus sharing the cost is always cheaper find a hobby you shocked when were bored you know what I mean ride a bike now riding a bike here in the Netherlands is super easy where apparently there’s more bikes and people but I was also biking a lot when I was back in Vancouver and I even biked through a couple of countries in Southeast Asia if it is possible for you to bike it’s going to save you a load of money on gas and it’s obviously better for your health and if you can’t bike consider public transport instead of using a car eat well and stay fit even if you’re in a country where health care is free if you take care of your health you’re going to be spending less money on Medicare on hospital bills or having to pay other people to do things for you find a dual-purpose for thing this means are going to need to buy less because one item has more than one use for example I use glass jars to store things in my pantry I use them as losses for flowers and I use them as a carrying devices for my sauces when I need to take a lunch or a smoothie on the go turn off the heat if it’s winter where you are turn off or turn down the heat about an hour before you’re going to go to sleep your house is still going to be warm but you really don’t need all of that excess heat especially when you’re going to be warm under the covers and trust me I really value staying warm but this tip really works do it yourself if you can learn to do it yourself when we moved into this apartment we painted our own mold put in our own spores and installed our own light fixtures and this saved us a load of money homemade cleaner a one-to-one solution of water and vinegar makes a wonderful multi-purpose cleaner that will save you money compared to if you bought loads of unnecessary cleaning products that are out there plus it’s less chemical declutter and organize you might find that you have enough already or actually even too much salad well cleaning did you find something that you haven’t used in a really long time can you declutter by selling it well then you just hit two birds with one stone subscribe now you saw the themes that I mentioned in this video which included nutrition and minimalism which also happen to be the themes of this channel so by subscribing you are going to be continuing to help yourself in your journey towards saving money as I promised before right here is the video that I posted previously about how to better meal prep and this is going to also be a huge money saver alright thanks for stopping by I’ll catch you in the next video [Music]