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sensible today I will explain you about how to use a school only money transfer
services app on your Android device first you have to download the school
app from Play Store and to open play store you have to find it in your
android device which is to play it and then type in the search box filled on
Play Store home screen then then tap on install button to install this will app
on your device after the installation of a school app
on your device you can open it by tapping on open button now you have two
option first just log in and second is sign up you can use login option if you
already have a school account this will bring you to your school account home
screen if you haven’t any Skrill account then you have to choose second option
that is China Quantico on the signup you will get a pop-up screen like this you
can continue with your is existing email account which is already entered in your
Android Google account or you can continue with new email account but your
new email account should be active to receive the all information or necessary
emails by school corporation to maintain your school accounts to continue with
the new email account you have to tap on none of the above option then it will
bring you to the new user registration page in this page you have to enter your
all essential and accurate tool that is first name last name email password
country and currency which should be matched with your identity card the
identity card to be issued by your country government because this will
help this school corporation to verify your personal information otherwise you
will not able to use this little online money transfer services hence making
sure to put the all correct and accurate information about yourself after putting
all required information tap on register button to continue now it will bring a pop up screen in
which it will ask you to save your skill password or continue without saving
password if you want to save your skill password then you can save yourself
password by taping on say password it will help you to login in your skill
account without asking your password again in the future or else you can
continue without saving password by just tapping on the never now it will ask you
to set up six digit PIN which which is the most important because it will help
you in future in case you forgot your password or getting error of something
wrong then you can use your sisters you mean to unlock again your Skrill account
and it is suggested to make proper sisters it pin for further security
purpose one more thing here is that you cannot choose the sequence of digits
like 1 2 3 4 5 6 or 3 4 5 6 7 8 or 5 5 6 7 8 9 0 hence you have to choose non
sequence of number digit like 3 6 3 4 3 ok etc then we take the same digit bingo
we have successfully created our newest will account now we can add some funds
to our Skrill wallet to send money to our friend or family at this time we
have no balance in our account as you can see in the balance in the pillow of
balance this is showing my available balance to add money in your scale of
wallet you have to tap on deposit button thereafter you will get three options to
deposit money into your Skrill wallet first option is that you can use your
bank MasterCard or Visa card to deposit money instantly which will take 1% fee
is charged second option is that you will get the bank details of a Skrill
corporation along with your account deposit code thereafter you have to
visit your local branch your local bank branch and fill a deposit slip for the
total amount which you want to deposit in your school wallet and then submit
the same in your bank branch this will take normally two to five days
to complete and this will also take 1% freeze charge but it’s delay okay the
third option is that if you have a cryptocurrency if you have
cryptocurrency account or you have cryptocurrency amount that is bitcoind
etc then you can use your Bitcoin depois Bitcoin money it kind of money to
deposit to deposit your to deposit money into yours will hold it it will it is
also an instant money transfer service and it will also take 1% fees charged
for now I will show you how to deposit money into your Skrill wallet by
MasterCard or Visa card to do that tap on add new card here add new card for
the first time for the first time transaction you have to enter your full
address details once that is address line 1 address line 2 and city and pin
code your postcode after filling your address information
and pin code etc thereafter you will redirect to adding new card page in this
page you have to enter your MasterCard or Visa card number expiry date and CVV
code you can also check the box have instruction that I wish to store this
card details so I don’t need to reenter them in future transacting it will
enable you to do not enter the same details again in the future use then
after then tap on continue now you can choose the amount that you want to
deposit in your school wallet and select the purpose of deposit that is non
gambling or gambling I will suggest you to select non gambling then tap on
continue this time you will be redirect to your MasterCard or Visa card online
transaction website wherein you will get the one-time password OTP which you will
have to enter in there to confirm that you want to deposit the money by your
MasterCard or Visa card to use your real wallet after successfully entering OTP
you will you will deposit the amount in your Skrill wallet ok now you can send
your Skrill this we’ll wallet money in two different ways I am repeat now you can send your skill
wallet money in two different ways first is that you can send still twist rate
and second is send to bank account in the second option you can send your SQL
wallet money to any of your friends or family
bank account as well as you can also send money to your own bank account for
which you have to provide some detail for the purpose of money transfer but in
the first options you just have to an email ID of your
friend or family who already have a school account it is compulsory to have
a school account to send money or receive money from a school to a school
for now I will show you how to send money from it’s real twist for you
suppose you have suppose you want to send money from scree walled it to your
friend is real wallet to do this tap on send now below office rooted Skrill then enter your friend Skrill email ID
is who is a recipient in the email box filled and then tap on continue now enter the required amount which you want
to send to your friend Skrill wallet you can also add a message if you want it
otherwise you can continue by tapping on continue bingo
now it will show you now it will show you the last page having the details of
money transaction you have to tap on confirm button to turn the money
transfer bingo you after confirming after tapping on confirmation button
you have successfully transfer the money from your S will wallet – your friend is
will wallet thanks for watching my video hope you will get your answer if
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