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so much rock and roll of audit so much as a one-year anniversary Friday the
13th focus on that and yet tossing saw this before you log in just
18 details but i just want to see as we have not been up investment though is
that will invest get rich quick scheme multi-level marketing 101 little only
when I saw a little bit currency exchange and we’re not serious are what
we are online advertising we sell online advertising services and ask for a
product as a business listings or twenty business listings or twenty band credits
on the platform so we’re talking about when you get your product immediately
into office as a credit to the Secretary Robert Scheer and israel’s commission of the package
you see people in this business as well so that part is online advertising tax online last year 1560 billion dollar
industry online newspapers or magazines online by all parties will last PTCA
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businesses every time you click to go directly to the website brought traffic
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businesses stop at nothing else to put $500 a you take a nap $100 back into
your pocket $400 if you put $50 in like nothing happened we $50 sitting
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negotiating now to see if they can release some of that mine and his
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she would love to win this is done signing up hopefully we can do something
which should I do now to release files fought back into your report just
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information read all kinds of oil that is my new back at the scene money you
put into your account there in the rust belt’s love you start goals
$100 right away they have a seed money appear purchase try to hire Cal uses let
me be your campaign fund by from wire for another $150 when we raise stopped
due to get going again they more movies from firehouse engine re that’s how it’s
all about the diet on Monday I’ll be back tomorrow for more by Mr BS one family API guys just wanted to give
up gonna succeed looking for one year and a