Seyeon, you should never meet Gyeonghye. You should never. (Episode 4) How’s your wrist? It’s okay. It isn’t that bad. It seems so. I don’t think you needed to be admitted. Don’t you agree? That was because… Stay as long as you want. I’ll compensate you once you get discharged. – I didn’t want to be admitted… / – Be grateful… For getting more than you expected. I’m sure that’s what you wanted. I only helped you because you were in danger. I wasn’t after compensation. Help? Give me a break. I hope there aren’t any misunderstandings. Especially for your sake. I can’t breathe. I feel so stuffy. Do you want this? No. I hate juice. You must’ve been very scared back there. The bag you were carrying earlier… Was the Champlier bag you bought from our shop, right? It was the only one imported into the country, and we sold it. The pattern is bold, so I knew a person with a strong sense of style would buy it. It’s a striking floral pattern. I liked it because I felt like I was carrying a bouquet. I like animal patterns. I like how it makes the bag look alive. Especially the Girelibra daily bag. The pattern continues onto the bottom of the bag… So I really like it. The pattern continues even into the lining. I got a few F/W season items at the Isetan store in Shinjuku. Stripes are the main pattern for that brand. But the animal print came out so nicely… My bag. Are you sure you saw it? Pardon? At the hotel. My bag. Yes. Do you remember if I had my bag… When I ran out of the emergency exit? You had it on your right shoulder. You’re sure, right? I’m sure. I may not remember people’s faces, but I never forget their clothes, shoes, or their bags. Even after the man who threatened me left… I still had my bag, right? Can you tell that to others as well? If it’ll help catching that man, I can testify for you. Thank you for what you did at the hotel. I’m sorry about… What happened at the shop. It’s okay now. I’m going to start cutting down the barricade surrounding the old man, Chairman Eun. Eun Gyeonghye was nice enough to hand me a knife. Yes. Let’s get together to celebrate when things get settled. Hong Kong? I guess you enjoyed the last trip. I miss you. Are you free tomorrow? Okay. Good. Okay. When did you come in? I was worried because you suddenly ran out. You must be flustered. Look at you, feeding that sickening lie to me as well. It was an important business call. Get it together. Don’t throw me into your world of delusions. Delusions? I’ll call it confusion, if that offends you. Don’t treat me like a crazy woman. I won’t take it anymore. You need to admit it. Dr. Kim said so as well. That’s the only way you’ll improve. It wasn’t a mugger. If not… Did he borrow your bag with your permission? If you’re going to say nonsense, don’t complain about being called crazy. Do you know who I just met? Come with me. I’ll prove to you whether if I’m crazy, or if you’re the clown putting on a show. Where’s Hong Seyeon’s room? What’s wrong, mom? You’re acting strange. Is something wrong at home? You need to hurry. I’ll go home with you, so please tell me what it is. I’ll tell you later. You can’t be here. What’s wrong with you? Just listen to me! Mom… Let’s go. Hurry. (Hong Seyeon) Ask her yourself and see if he mugged me or threatened me. She’s a witness. Witness? Open the door. I know it’s hard to accept… But average people fear you. The moment they figure out that you aren’t normal, they fawn over you to your face and run when you’re gone. You should know from experience. I’ll do that. I got it all right. You’re the best, Ung! Will you come in 1st again in the math competition? Yes. I’m glad I breastfed you. I’ll make sure I win the award. – My precious son. / – Sis. Didn’t Ung drink formula, not breast milk? – Cheolsu. / – Yes? – Cheolsu. / – What? Don’t marry a pretty girl or a rich girl. You must marry a very patient girl. That’s the only way you’ll live comfortably. Okay. I like girls who are pretty and nice. Sis. – Detective. / – Hello. – You’re here. / – Uncle detective. Hi, Ung. What? Are you closed? I wanted to pick up some late night snacks. Really? We shut off the gas already. Sit down. What do you want? You’re the best. A mix of spicy and soy sauce boneless chicken. 4 servings please. Hey, why order 4 servings for 2 people? Why do you ask? Will you pay for me? I’m staking out starting tonight. I’m going to store it in the car. I’ll make it right away. I’ll give you an extra serving. Wait here. Seyeon left the hospital. We’re almost home. Wasn’t she being discharged tomorrow? Right? I saw her at the hospital earlier. She wasn’t badly injured. She looked well enough to come home. Honey. Seyeon. What happened? How are you two… Seyeon, come with me. What is it? Tell me. We can talk later. What is it, mom? You didn’t say a word in the cab. Were you very worried that I was badly hurt? Is that it? Mom. Listen. Do you remember when I spanked you… When you were in grade school? Of course. That was my first time being spanked. I painted the director’s daughter’s submission for a contest in exchange for expensive paint. What did I do back then? You went to them, returned the paint and got my painting back. Do you still not understand why I dragged you out of the hospital? I couldn’t give you nice clothes or send you to expensive schools, but I raised you right. That’s my sole source of pride. I don’t know how you helped her… But it’s excessive to stay overnight at a hospital for a minor burn. Don’t be greedy for things you shouldn’t accept… Or things you shouldn’t have. Mom, don’t you know me? I had no intention of receiving excessive compensation. I wasn’t in that expensive hospital in order to benefit from them. I was doing them a favor. A favor? Our shop’s customer that I helped was attacked at that hotel. Attacked? How? What happened to her? Mom… Tell me. She dragged Seyeon home without saying why. Mom’s acting strange today. Seyeon didn’t do anything wrong. Right? Take this to Seyeon later. It’s good for burns, so tell her to eat it all before she goes to sleep. What do you think? Mom’s acting weird, right? Your mom is never wrong. She must have a reason. Testify? Do you know how dangerous the world is? What if the attacker retaliates? The world isn’t that easy and convenient for people who break the law. Don’t worry, okay? Helping her when she was in danger was enough. Don’t testify, and don’t see her again. You can’t. Why aren’t you answering me? Mom, to be honest… I feel sorry for her. What? She’s so rich that she has more money than she can spend, but she’s always angry. But I felt like she wasn’t actually angry. She seemed sad. I feel bad for her. What do you know about her for you to say… Mom? Do you… Even know what rich people think about? Listen carefully. For 20 years, I cooked and cleaned for a family that everyone in the country knows. But those people glare at me first if a bowl goes missing. They’re afraid that the smallest rumor might start, so they muzzle their workers with thorns. Can’t you tell from how I won’t tell you where I work? Mom. Even if I’m wronged, I can’t complain to anyone. No one will believe me. And the day I speak, I’ll get kicked out. Conglomerate families… Are that much evil and frightening. That’s terrible indeed. Seyeon, don’t think they’d be thankful for your help. Those people don’t think we are equal to them. In their eyes, we are either servants to serve them or enemies who are after their money. Seyeon… You are my dear and precious daughter. I don’t want you to be disrespected and hurt by people like that. Do you understand? I’ll succeed quickly so you can stop suffering and start living happily. Promise me that you won’t testify or see her ever again. I already promised to testify about the attacker. Just tell her you’re sorry. You can’t do it. Will you make me worry myself to death by doing something you don’t need to do? Okay. Gosh. Even if you can’t sleep over, can’t you at least stay any longer? Seyeon barely got home from the hospital. The family had an incident as well. I saw that Seyeon was okay, so I need to get back. But what is it? Why did you bring her out of the hospital like that? She received something she shouldn’t have from a complete stranger. It must be a misunderstanding. You know that Seyeon would never do that. Did you check what happened? Honey, she may seem like she’s thorough in our eyes, but she makes mistakes too. I know my child better than anyone, so please stop. Honey. You never thought Seonhui and Cheolsu weren’t your children, right? I never thought Seyeon wasn’t my child even once either. That’s not what I meant. You know that. I want to wait until Seyeon falls asleep… But I need to go. Please take care of her. Okay. Did mom yell at you? She didn’t yell at me. This is tasty. What a waste. That $1,900 hospital room. It was still a hospital room. A hospital room. A place you stay in because you are hurt or sick. But to those people, thousands of dollars must seem like pennies, right? Well, she is bloody Eun Gyeonghye after all. Bloody? Watch your mouth, Ganghui. No, I was talking about Shiva, god of destruction. With 8 arms? You know? I know. The Winners’ granddaughter that you helped is famous in the modeling industry. Whenever she attends a fashion show, she buys everything there. She isn’t just a big spender, she grabs everything she sees like she has 8 arms. She’s a mad shopper. Don’t the people at designer shops know about her? Hong Ganghui, don’t worry about others. You just worry about yourself. Stop hitting me. It’s “u” for “concern,” chairman. “Bumo yugi-jil-ji-u.” A parent is solely concerned about his child’s sickness. My heart is heavy… So I can’t even remember proverbs that I know. Is Ms. Gyeonghye okay? She isn’t badly injured. She was only very frightened. I’ll go to the hospital… Her husband is there. You should pack some things for her and go tomorrow. Yes, sir. How was her mother? Does she still show no signs of improvement? No, sir. She still won’t ask for Gyeonghye? No, sir. Even if she lost all of her memory, how could she not remember her own child? For Gyeonghye’s sake… It was better to tell her that her mother had died. Thank you for what you did at the hotel. I’m sorry about what happened at the shop. How dare you toy with me? You witch. I won’t forgive you. The doctor will be here soon. – If you leave… / – Tell him to come to the house. Mr. Lee will be here soon. He went home because the chairman called for him. When he returns, you can… How dare you touch me? I’m sorry. Mr. Choi. Get the car ready. Sorry? Calm down. You look pathetic in front of the workers. If I really go crazy… And let everything go… You will be in grave danger. Don’t mess with me too much. The number you have dialed is unavailable. Maybe I should’ve called last night. Mr. Lee, this is Hong Seyeon from Lux Designer Shop. – About testifying to the police… / – You don’t need… To testify anymore. I’ll contact you if the situation changes. I understand. Ms. Gyeonghye. Did something happen at the hospital? I think she’s traumatized by the abduction incident. She was too nervous and couldn’t sleep. I comforted her through the night, but I couldn’t calm her down. Call Dr. Kim. Yes, sir. Mr. Lee found Kim Deokman. The vice president will handle him, so you make sure the police don’t say anything… – Or start rumors. / – Sir. Please entrust me with the dye factory incident from 20 years ago. It’s beyond what the vice president can handle. You should hold him accountable… President Jang! Yes, Mr. Chairman. The vice president is still useful. Sir, Gyeonghye’s life was in danger. You may go. Is that pine nut porridge? Seyeon didn’t have an appetite and left without having breakfast. Take it to her once it’s done. Tell her to eat it when she gets hungry while working. – To her designer shop? / – That’s right. Don’t get any funny ideas. Don’t try to beg her to use her employee discount to buy clothes. I won’t. I won’t! I’m giving you estroven to help you control your emotions. Do you feel the urge to yell at or physically attack others? If you do feel the urge, don’t hold back. It doesn’t matter if it’s either shopping or violence. Am I not getting treated to control the urges? Urges are like springs. The more you push it down, the stronger it bounces. I’ve prescribed some medications to prevent that from happening, so rest assured, and follow your emotions. And if I don’t? You’ll show symptoms much worse than mere urges. Auditory hallucination, delusions, hysteria. Perhaps one after the other or all at once. You’re sensitive after what happened at the hotel. I increased the dosage of the drugs you take. I added something for your stomach as well, so make sure to take your meds even if you don’t eat. I’ll be off then. What a unique design. You may have it if you like. It’s okay. I’m not a fan of jewelry. Don’t forget what I said. Don’t try to suppress any emotion. Don’t hold back. Don’t hide it. Do as you please. Only that will make you comfortable. Ms. Gyeonghye! Ms. Gyeonghye! Ms. Gyeonghye! The chairman is worried. You just left the hospital. – To go shopping… / – Stay out of it. Ms. Gyeonghye! She wouldn’t be going to see Seyeon, would she? No way. Have you left the hospital? Answer only my questions if you want to sell anything. I hate people who talk too much. It’s been 30 minutes. Please stop her. I’m sure she’ll finish soon. Higher. Should we put it on a mannequin for you to see? That will make it much easier to see. My apologies. How dare you interfere? Please enjoy yourself. Hey! What do you think you’re doing? Ganghui, wait outside. You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you think my sister is a clothing rack? Who is this woman? Yeongae, take her out of here. I want to smack her too, but I’m holding back. If you do this, you’ll get your sister in trouble. Let’s go outside. How dare you cause trouble? Get out before I call the police for disrupting business! You get out! Look at you, kissing up to her because she’s rich. – Ganghui! / – You’re just as bad. You should just quit than do whatever she tells you to. It’s not because she told me to. I’m doing this because I can. Please leave. Hold on. Wait. This woman… Isn’t she Winners Group’s chairman’s granddaughter? From the hotel… It is. It’s bloody Eun Gyeonghye. What? What? Bloody… Drag her out of here right now! – I’m so sorry. / – Manager… I’ll take my sister out. – Let’s go. / – Let go of me. I read in a children’s book that even beasts and bugs know how to repay kindness. I’m speechless. You threw money around and put her in an expensive hospital room. Let’s go. Please. You psycho! Don’t run away! Apologize to my sister! Say that again. I called you a psycho. What about it? Bring me some scissors. When I think about our mom, who works hard to support us, what I put up with is nothing. Did you go to see that woman? She toyed with me. How dare she? Stop it before it’s in an article or hits the tabloids. You’ve been putting me in a good mood lately. You poor thing. You want to make clothes, but you’re selling them instead. I’ll resolve this matter myself.