I need to put everything back to where it belongs… So that you can’t harm Seyeon anymore. Don’t protect Seyeon. Don’t do it. Don’t do it! Don’t do it! You’re not Seyeon’s mom! You’re my mom! For 30 years… I was lonely and cold. You saw how miserable I was… But not once did you say… “Don’t cry.” “Don’t be sad.” “Mommy’s here.” Not even once. You lived as Seyeon’s mom… And acted like a housekeeper to me. You left me all alone! Had I known that my parents didn’t die tragically… And that my mom was alive and well like this… I wouldn’t have been heartbroken… And gotten drunk and caused that car accident. If I… If I wasn’t the heiress of a conglomerate family… I wouldn’t have been abused by snakes like Jang Myeonghwan who were after my money and turned me into a mental patient. I wouldn’t have had to… Shoot him in order to survive. Am I wrong? Ms. Gyeonghye… Fine. Ms. Gyeonghye… Ms. Gyeonghye. Ms. Gyeonghye. Call me that until you die. Don’t try to be a mom to me. Don’t take what’s mine and give it to Seyeon. Don’t say that grandpa’s granddaughter is Seyeon. Don’t say she’s the owner of Winners. I earned that place by enduring the pain of having my heart and soul torn to shreds! Now, you must each return to your rightful place. I must return Seyeon to her mom… And you… This is my rightful place. You know that isn’t true. You’ll return Seyeon to her mom? Now I know where you’re hiding Seyeon. My sweet Gyeonghye. Then who’s this baby? Seyeon. Seyeon? Eun Gyeonghye’s mom, Park Suran. Seyeon’s mom, Geum Yeongsuk. Do you know me and my mom? Hong Seyeon. Geum Yeongsuk. Eun Gyeonghye. Park Suran. Eun Gyeonghye? Is she really Gyeonghye’s mom? Ms. Gyeonghye! Ms. Gyeonghye! Come with me. We need to talk. Let go. I need to talk to you too. I’ll walk out on my own. Lady Geum. Don’t follow us. Don’t you dare leave this place. What? The moment you do, I will end yours and your family’s lives. You’re acting like Jang Myeonghwan right now. You’re not a bad person. Do you know who’s more evil than a bad person? Someone who acts like the nicest, most innocent person in the world and forces others to do bad things. Just like you. Stop this, Gyeonghye. Did you know that your mom was here, alive? My mom? Yes, your mom. I… Don’t have a mom. How far… Do you plan to go? You framed my mom who took care of you for 30 years, to cover up what you did. You abducted me, your friend… And say you don’t have a mom, when she’s alive? She may be sick but she gave birth to you. I really feel sorry for you. You feel sorry for me? Yes. I felt sorry for you from the start. When I first met you… I pitied you because you knew how to use money but not your heart. And now… You are trampling on the feelings of people who love and cherish you… And are trying to throw away your own mom. I pity you because you’re like a piece of human trash. Hong Seyeon. You’re the one who’s really pitiful. All done. Here. Suran. Your daughter grew up… Well, didn’t she? She did. She’s very nice. My daughter… Is very sick. She’s sick? I think… Her heart is broken. What should I do? Let’s take her some medicine. Mom. Are you okay? Mom. I won’t forgive Gyeonghye… For hurting you like this. Seyeon. I’m going to leave. Once I go home, I’ll hug you a lot, okay? Hang in there. Ms. Gyeonghye. I’m going to take the fake diagnosis that Hyojeong gave me… And get another doctor to sign it as well, and make it fail proof. You get your husband to sign a consent to keep Seyeon admitted at the hospital. Must you really… No. I refuse. If Seyeon steps foot outside of that hospital… You will lose your daughter. What did I say? I told you Seyeon would take everything you have. Is everything ready? Yes. I moved Jang Myeonghwan’s illegal slush fund into a Swiss account. I had it laundered to be a public fund without any problems. What about the recordings and the list of politicians and prosecutors that Myeonghwan had lobbied with his illegal funds? I made it look perfectly like Chairman Eun was actually behind it. You’re on standby outside Mideum Mental Hospital, right? The moment Seyeon leaves the hospital… Take care of her. This describes the company’s confidential information and lobbying activities. These are the details regarding the chairman’s Swiss account and private domestic accounts. You must change the name on the accounts to yours before your inauguration. Mr. Lee. If I make you the company president, can you leave her? I’m asking if you can leave Seyeon. The sooner you give me your answer the better. If you take long, it’ll mean you hesitated, so I will be disappointed. Kkotnim, are you okay? Yes. Thank you for coming here with me. Not at all. I’m right here, so don’t be afraid. Okay. I really wanted to see his face. This man dumped me somewhere after I was hit by the car. I vaguely remember a woman. What if she’s the one who hit me with her car? Either way, he committed a crime too. Don’t feel too bad, okay? Gyeonghye, what will you do now? I think things will turn in our favor soon. Are you alright, Kkotnim? I am. Take this. Isn’t this expensive? Don’t feel bad. I found it on the street. Who could’ve lost something this pretty? It would’ve been nice… If the memories that I lost were this pretty. I feel like the nightmares I have every night… Were really from my past. I feel like I keep hurting someone who didn’t even hit me. I hate myself so much. I like you. I like you so much. I like you, Kkotnim. I didn’t find that on the street. The government gives me transportation money since I’m studying to get a license, but I saved that to buy this for you. Cheolsu… I don’t care how terrible your past was. Even if you were an ex-con, a man, or even a 50-year-old woman… I love you, Kkotnim. Cheolsu. You’re a really good person. I still don’t have a job… And I’m not good looking. I may not be a good person. But if you say I’m a good person, I’ll become a good person. Kkotnim… Please go out with me. But I don’t think I’m a good person… So I can’t go out with you. I’m sorry. Thank you for liking someone like me. Seyeon is being discharged tomorrow? The moment Seyeon leaves the hospital… Something huge will happen. Don’t make me do it. Bring me the long-term hospitalization consent form for Seyeon tomorrow morning. Seyeon, you and I… Let’s stop getting hurt. I was willing to take any punishment… If only I could save your life. That’s why I sent you to this family so that you could get heart surgery. Please let me take all the punishment. Please don’t do anything bad. You should’ve let me die back then, if you were going to make me suffer pain worse than death! Yes? I’m sorry for suddenly asking you to come in. Is something wrong with my grandfather? Please have a seat. It’s good news. The chairman’s cirrhosis was so severe and the nerves weren’t responding, so I had concluded that a liver transplant was impossible. However, the drugs have been very effective. His body has adjusted itself and is now capable of getting a transplant. There’s hope for the chairman now. Are you saying my grandfather can live if he gets a liver transplant? That’s right. The problem is finding a donor. Since the chairman’s hepatitis is too severe, we must expect his body to reject the transplant. So, we must find a donor among his blood relatives. A donor among his blood relatives? Yes. That is the only way to minimize the risk of his body rejecting the transplant. Here are the explanation and surgery consent form. The chairman’s in critical condition. If we miss the window, the surgery will be difficult. We must hurry. We don’t have much time. Only blood relatives can donate their liver to my grandfather? That’s correct. It’s the only way for the chairman to live. How do you like it? It’s too good to eat. It’s excellent. Grandpa. Even if you find out that I’m not your blood… You won’t abandon me… Right? Grandpa. You are my everything. You are the only person on my side. I won’t let you die. It’s me. Send away the men outside of the mental hospital. I’ll tell him myself… That you’re his blood. So, Seyeon… Save my grandpa. Please. Seyeon, you and I… Let’s stop getting hurt. Seyeon is finally coming home tomorrow. Should we all go out for dinner? I need you to sign something for me. Sign something? Yes. Here. (Conversion to annual lease) This is… It’s the lease to our house. We converted it to monthly before, to send Seyeon abroad. Let’s change it back to annual and put it under your name. The deposit must have been really high. Where did you get all that money? The installment savings account with the money from my salary matured. What? That’s your precious money. Honey. When I went to Japan… I was given an offer for a really good job. It’s for a few years. Maybe 5 to be safe? But I’m thinking of going there. What? No, you can’t. The kids were so happy when you quit your job. I’m against it, even if they give you a billion dollars. Our family may not have much but let’s see each other every day, and live in peace. You understand, right? If you leave home to take that job, I’ll really get angry. I’m sorry, honey. I’m so sorry. I’m going home today. I’ll tell Gyeonghye to come visit her mom. Ms. Park isn’t feeling well today. She can’t talk at all or recognize people when she’s like this. This is my number. Call me if you need someone to call you mom. I will call you mom. Mr. Lee. The truth is… I wanted Seyeon to meet a man who is cheerful and healthy… To be loved and live an ordinary, happy life. I don’t think you are an ordinary person. However, if you can protect her… I’ve decided that I can trust you with her. Can you promise… To protect Seyeon… No matter what happens? Yes. I will protect Seyeon, no matter what. I’ll protect her and make sure nothing dangerous like this happens again. I’ll tell you… Where she is. Jaejun. I’m sorry. I knew you’d be worried but I couldn’t call. I was afraid I’d be located if I turned on my phone. This will never happen again. I’m sorry. You said you’d come and save me. So I wasn’t afraid at all. That’s more than enough. (Organ donor consent form) (Donor: Hong Seyeon) What are you doing? The baby girl… You took in and gave heart surgery 30 years ago… Was my daughter. What do you mean? Your granddaughter and my daughter… Were switched. I have committed a heinous sin, Mr. Chairman. You switched the babies? You sent your sickly baby… Into my arms, and took my grandchild as your child? Get me… Get me… My granddaughter right now. Bring me my blood! He’s just traumatized. I won’t be abandoned. Do you feel sick? She’s been begging me since yesterday, so I had to call. There’s something I must do and I need your help. Grandpa decided to revise his will? They’ll take you from me! No! Seyeon, thank you for living as my daughter all these years.