You want to protect your daughter, don’t you? Yes. I want to protect her and make sure she doesn’t lose a single spoon. I’ll help you. Will you do as I say? Yes. Please teach me. What must I do? You must become smart. Memorize and remember everything you see. If you regain your mental health, you can protect your daughter yourself. Do you understand? Yes. I’ll protect Gyeonghye. I’ll protect her so that Yeongsuk and her daughter can’t take from my daughter. Start by memorizing the green no. 2 line. Memorize up to your 2 times tables as well. Okay. I will. I’ll come back to see if you’re doing your homework, so you have to work hard. Also, you can’t tell Eun Gyeonghye that I’m helping you with your treatment, okay? She’d do whatever it takes to prevent you from becoming smart. Okay. I won’t get caught. Don’t tell your daughter either. My Gyeonghye? Why not? If you don’t improve after being treated by such a skilled doctor as myself, your daughter will be disappointed. Let’s surprise her once you’re all better. It’ll be the best gift for her. Okay. I want to make my Gyeonghye happy. Eun Gyeonghye. You want to protect this company, right? You don’t want to lose it to Myeonghwan, right? I want to protect it. Then don’t team up with him. Don’t you do it either. Myeonghwan put us in this room… To make us fight for the one spot and kill each other. He wants us to fight among ourselves and leave. We must not let him have his way. Let’s answer the customer service calls. What? If we do nothing here, we’d be giving Myeonghwan an excuse to kick us out of the company. Winners… Was started by grandpa selling dyed old clothes in the market. He devoted his whole life to building it up. I will clean the restrooms, answer calls, and whatever it takes to protect grandpa’s company. If you want the company as well… Protect it. Hello, ma’am. This is Winners customer service. How may I help you? Did that make you uncomfortable? Yes. Hello. This is Winners’ customer service. What’s the problem? Was there a problem with the size as well? – Pardon? / – That’s… Yes. It may vary by design. Jang Myeonghwan is back? Yes, he is. What’s going on at the company? The executives sat Myeonghwan in the chairman’s office… CEO Hong and Chairman Eun… Are in charge of answering customer service calls. Fortunately, CEO Hong and Chairman Eun… Are fighting Myeonghwan head on. Mr. Lee. Yes? You can protect Seyeon, can’t you? Yes. I will protect her. Thank you. Then I will entrust her to you. That is nice and ripe. I was worried since it’s still spring but it’s ripe. Dad, you take the first piece. – Really? / – Yes. Shall I enjoy this sweetness thanks to my eldest daughter? How is it, grandpa? It’s as sweet as honey. Here you go, Ung. Ganghui and Kkotnim, have some. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – It’s really sweet. / – It’s good, right? Where’s Cheolsu? He was singing about how much he wanted this. Mr. Ma. Wow, it’s Mr. Ma. What brings you to our house? The tenant that I mentioned was none other than Mr. Ma! He’s going to be our tenant. A tenant? Out of the blue? And Mr. Ma of all people? Oops. I meant to tell Seonhui but I forgot. Seonhui, is that okay? I won’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable. You should just okay it. It’s the only way Cheolsu can get a job. It’s dad’s house and if he already said yes, what could I say? Okay. The contract has been executed. Don’t go back on your word. Mr. Ma, it’s as if they knew you’d be coming and prepared a watermelon party. Come here. This isn’t what you promised. How isn’t it? You told me that the landlord’s daughter looked like Sim Eunha. It’s true. Our sister’s nickname in high school was Sim Eunha. Hurry over. Sim Eunha? What did you just say? I’m suddenly getting in a bad mood. Mr. Ma. I’m so happy that you’re living with us. – Sit down. / – Have some, Cheolsu. We’re not neighborhood friends anymore but housemates. This is delicious. – Isn’t it? / – This is like Kkotnim’s face. Your watermelon-like face. My face is that big? No, no. That’s not what I meant. I meant it’s round and pretty. Too late to fix what you said now. I’m kidding. Why isn’t mom home yet? Did a ghost just walk by? Why did everyone suddenly stop talking? Okay, okay. To celebrate our eldest daughter winning best franchisee award, why don’t we make a toast? – Okay. Does everyone have one? / – Yes. Okay. Here’s to our eldest daughter becoming rich from her chicken. Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do! – That’s terrible. Can’t you do it like me? / – Go on. Show him. What the? Are you really a rooster? – That was that? / – Ung, you try. – Why are you being shy? / – He’s good. – Go on. / – Cock-a-doodle-do! – Good job. / – That was so bad. You should learn from Auntie Ganghui. – Have some, Seonhui. / – It’s so sweet. Hello. How may I help you? Of course, ma’am. If you’d bring the garment to the nearest store, we’ll have the same button ready for you. May I help you with anything else? The seam ripped from the rear? Are you sure you didn’t purchase a size that’s too small, rather than what fits you properly? No. I do not insult customers. I’m offended as well but… I mean, we will do our best to make sure you are satisfied. Send the garment back to the company. We’ll send you one that is much better. I understand. Thank you. Fine. Band together all you want… With camaraderie and sympathy… You were incredibly tight. I’m sure there was a crack after Eun Gitae died. But it wasn’t shattered completely. However, once Suran gets involved… You’ll have to kill each other. Gyeonghye, did you have a good day? – Yes, mom. / – You look tired. I’m okay. Let’s go. I have something to show you. Listen. Sillim, Sindaebang, Guro Digital Complex, Daerim, Sindorim, Mullae, Yeongdeungpo-gu Office, Dangsan, Hapjeong. They’re subway stations. Wasn’t I good? I even skipped dinner to memorize that. Why? I’m going to regain my mental health. I heard I need to become smart then. I’ll become smart and protect you. I’ll study hard. I feel so secure thanks to you. I’ll go back down and study hard. You must be tired. Get some rest. Sweet dreams, okay? Suran should be digging her daughter’s grave right now. Build her cognitive ability so that the court can’t declare her incompetent. We have to make sure she can have authority to control the assets. Even if they acknowledge that she’s Eun Gitae’s daughter-in-law, she probably can’t inherit much. Even if we get the guardianship changed and make her give us the entire inheritance, that won’t be enough. Gyeonghye and Seyeon inherited half each from Eun Gitae. If Suran gives hers to Seyeon… That balance will be broken. That’s enough motive for Gyeonghye to harm Suran. Then Seyeon will go after Gyeonghye, and if Gyeonghye comes to us for help with fighting Seyeon… We’ll use Gyeonghye to get rid of Seyeon, and then we’ll send Gyeonghye to jail for attempted murder for shooting me. It’ll be fun watching Suran study like a frightened rabbit for a while. You really want to leave home? I’m sorry. If you leave, you’ll never be able to come back. The family was traumatized and upset because of you. That means you should work harder even if it’s uncomfortable and difficult being around them. A mom shouldn’t avoid them like this. It isn’t right. It’s not about the family, is it? Tell me, will you? You’re going to your daughter that you gave birth to, aren’t you? Honey. You can’t cut blood ties. Do as you wish. I have a favor to ask. Please look into the Bella Project that Myeonghwan is pushing. What exactly would you like to know? He wants to produce high-priced garments and build a luxury goods shop with the Bella Project. It’s contrary to our company philosophy of selling quality clothes at an affordable price. I want to know why he has been pushing a project like that for so many years… What it is he’s trying to do and what he’s trying to gain. I want to know everything. Yes, madam. I’ll look into it. You’re doing well, madam. Sorry? It’ll be tough here and at home. But you’re doing well. I wanted to tell you that. I’m not the CEO anymore. There’s no need to be so formal. It’s uncomfortable. You will be the CEO again soon. Thank you for buying my mom a cell phone. We can’t find anything that we can use to frame Lee Jaejun of corruption. There must be someone who cleaned up Jaejun’s trail. I think Executive Kim, who was close with Lee Jaejun will be the key. Executive Kim? You may go. (Executive Kim Janghun) Long time no see, Executive Kim. I’m glad you’re doing well, sir. Whatever. Many of the dye factory victims’ family members are working at our company, it seems. You must have been very busy. Gathering evidence of my corruption and giving them to Jaejun, and gathering the victims’ family members to prepare for revenge. But what a shame. Jaejun abandoned all of you just to win over a girl. You people are done for now. Forget revenge. You’ll have to find a new way to each survive. Let’s keep it simple. Work with me to get your revenge. Punish the traitor Lee Jaejun, and finish off his woman, Hong Seyeon. Let’s end Chairman Eun’s bloodline together. Then you would’ve succeeded with half of your revenge. I think you should take the drink from me. Otherwise, you’ll be struck by my sword. Hello, Winners customer service… I won’t let you get away with it. Pardon? Did you suffer a loss due to our company, sir? A loss? Yes, I did. My brother breathed in the poisonous gas at the dye factory and couldn’t breathe comfortably all his life and passed away last month. It’s because of your Chairman Eun Gitae! You’ll be ruined. I’ll burn every garment your company makes! (Personal record) This man, Kim Deokman, once went to Hyojeong’s apartment and attacked her. According to the documents, they should be on the same side. Why do you think he attacked her? There was a rumor that her father was responsible for the poisonous gas leak. But there was no proof, so we believed Eun Gi… We believed Chairman Eun… Spread that rumor to avoid taking responsibility. Proof? – Are you okay? / – Yes. I think Hyojeong’s father was in fact the one responsible for the gas leak, and the evidence that Grandpa tried so hard to prevent was in her possession. Kim Deokman was there to get it. Mister Deokman asked me to tell Chairman Eun that he was sorry immediately before he died. I think he forgave him because he saw that proof. We need to confirm whether Hyojeong really has the proof. And if she does, I have to get it from her. I’ll check. No. I’ll do it. Let’s go see Hyojeong together. – Hyojeong? / – There’s something else… That grandpa left us besides the company shares. The dye factory incident. The problem grandpa couldn’t resolve. You and I must put an end to it. I think Hyojeong has crucial evidence that will put an end to it. Let’s go find it. I have a condition. I know you have Jaejun giving you documents on the Bella Project. Share those documents with me. Fine. The audit team will restart their investigation. You won’t be able to get out of it this time. You’ll rot in prison for the rest of your life just like your father. Jang Myeonghwan. Executive Kim, who had been cleaning up after you all these years… Has graciously agreed to send you to prison. Executive Kim. Today, the dye factory victims’ families will gather at the company. They’ll join me to take over Winners. And vote to punish Seyeon, Chairman Eun’s granddaughter. You’re a traitor, Jaejun. You gave up our revenge for Chairman Eun’s granddaughter. Once they join me… You and Hong Seyeon… Just what do you think will happen to you two? I’m so curious. Why are you here? Does she know I met her mom? Look at you. If you move at all now, I’ll beat you to a pulp. You should listen to her. She’s a thug. Is that right? Gyeonghye, how did you end up becoming her stooge? Shut it. – What are you doing? / – Get away. Let go. Let go of me. Let go. Let go of me. Let go. We found the proof in Hyojeong’s apartment. The dye factory victims’ families… Will be gathering in the conference room at 5 p.m. Myeonghwan will try to manipulate them to win them over to his side. Share that proof with the families. Yes. Seyeon took the tape recorder. Don’t get mad. I told you why I couldn’t get rid of it. It’s the last recording of my dad’s voice. I couldn’t destroy it. You need to stop Seyeon. Okay. Hi, Seyeon. Return that tape recorder to Hyojeong right away. Or else, Jaejun dies today. Tell her to save you. I know it’s humiliating but that’s the only way you’ll live. You need to live to do anything else. I won’t die. I promise. Hey. Kill him. Return that tape recorder to Hyojeong right away. Or else, Jaejun dies today. (I kept my promise, be strong) You took my dad’s voice but I’ll take your living mom away from you. Play the hero alone. Those people will just take the shares and stab you in the back. As expected, Gyeonghye runs away, and Seyeon stands firm. There will be many more hardships going forward. I’ll give it my all and put my heart into it.