Kkotnim has no scar. You… Are not Kkotnim’s brother. Who are you? What is this woman talking about? You don’t want to give me the money, is that it? The rich ones are worse! You live in this mansion but you won’t spare that little? Do you need me to teach you a lesson? Don’t change the subject and tell me the truth. Let’s go. Let’s go to the police! It’s not like I found her. The police did! If you don’t believe me, go take it up with the cops! I will. I’ll go to the police and make sure, so don’t worry. What? If we go to the cops and they prove that I am her brother… You and your daughter will end up like this. Are you hurt? No. I’m fine. – What about that man? / – He left. That man claiming to be Kkotnim’s brother is suspicious. I don’t think he’s really her brother. I’m sure Myeonghwan dragged him into the office to humiliate me. As soon as that man came, he pressured me to take time off. It was as if he was waiting for it. It’s so annoying. My head hurts. If you don’t want Myeonghwan dominating over you, don’t show any weakness. You need to be strong. Okay. Call the attorney. He says the police called him that they found his sister… So let’s confirm that first. Yes. Is the chandelier sample for the Bella lobby ready for me to look at? I’m on my way now. Yes. Myeonghwan. What do you think you’re doing? Do you really not know? I’m punishing you for betraying me. Untie me. When you threw me to the dogs to die… I was so sad that I really wanted… To die right there. The man whom I loved with my whole life… Said he never loved me. What utter nonsense is this? Hyojeong. I didn’t mean it when I said… I never loved you. You know I had no choice. I knew Seyeon could never kill you. – That’s why… / – Seyeon wouldn’t kill me? They almost beat me to death that day. It wasn’t an act. It was for real! Hyojeong. Hyojeong. What are you doing? I’m returning what I received. You didn’t forget… How you threw me to the dye factory victims’ families… So that they could kill me, did you? Hyojeong. Gyeonghye… Lodged a bullet in your brain… But I’m merely stabbing you with a needle. I’m much more merciful, aren’t I? Maybe not? Since Gyeonghye failed at killing you… But I will succeed. Don’t do this, Hyojeong. We can start over. Don’t do this to me. Don’t kill me. – I’m sorry. Lee Jaejun! / – Start over? That will never happen. Don’t do this, Hyojeong. I’m sorry. I actually love you. Please, Hyojeong. Jaejun! Stop her! Hyojeong… You must not feel guilty at all because he deserves to die. You didn’t try to stop me at all. I know you didn’t kill him. You’re not stupid enough to dig your own grave by murdering him with me here to witness it. You’re right. He’ll wake up in about 5 hours. I experienced what it felt like to almost die, so I’m letting him experience the exact same thing. Keep your promise. Give me information on my sister’s whereabouts. This is where you can find your sister. If you complete the second mission, I’ll give you the date and time. If you complete the third mission, you’ll be able to see your sister at that time and place. If anything happens to Jaeyeong… You will not get away with it. Hong Seyeon. Bring her to me. That is your second mission. We’re trying to revive Winners. These are critical times. How could the chairman miss the executives meeting without any notice? This doesn’t make sense. I’m sure something important came up. Don’t get so worked up. How could I not? Vice-president Eun Gyeonghye couldn’t take care of that hit-and-run accident and was humiliated in the company lobby. It’s a pain to face the employees. Let’s call off today’s meeting. We can’t do that. Today’s meeting was not only about the Bella Project but for the status report for the Eunsong Project. The person in charge of Bella did not come, but I came here today. You must hear the status update of our Eunsong Project. Fine. Let’s hear it. How far have you progressed with the Eunsong Project? Rumor has it, you are struggling quite a bit. We did have some difficulties but the samples of the posthumous designs will be finished for sure. Please look at the report I gave you. I heard you didn’t have many workers or much financial support. How can the design samples be ready for tomorrow? Are you sure you can show us the samples tomorrow? Yes. I’ll submit the collaboration agreement with the French brand Pierre along with them. She took Jaeyeong as hostage and is threatening me. If I want to save my sister, I must do what Hyojeong wants. What did she ask for? She said she’d demand three things. The first is to abduct Myeonghwan. He couldn’t have… Hyojeong. Look who’s here. Jaejun is very obedient. At least he brought you nicely since you’re his woman. Where is he? He dragged me here, so I said I’d come in myself. I needed to talk to you. – Should I call him? / – No need. I was testing him if he wanted his sister bad enough to actually bring you to me. How do you feel about him bringing you to me… Seeing how Myeonghwan looks? Hyojeong. I’m destroying Myeonghwan now. Gyeonghye will be next. If you try to ruin Jaejun by holding his sister hostage… I will push Myeonghwan and Gyeonghye back and deal with you again first. Seyeon. Don’t bet your life on a man. Didn’t you learn anything from me? Take him. I had no intention of killing you and Myeonghwan here anyway. Give this to Jaejun. Tell him it’s for his errand. He’ll understand. Take him. If you leave him here, I may really kill him. What will happen to Jaejun then? An accomplice to murder? Or aiding and abetting a murder? Go on your own from here. This is all your fault for not properly ending her life. Sleep, take drugs, whatever. Just snap out of it. I have a lot to repay you for. I brought you out of there so that you can leave once I’m done with you. Shut your trap and call me a car. I’m too dizzy. If you’re dizzy, crawl. That’s more fitting for you. Seyeon. Seyeon! Jaejun. Yes? Myeonghwan didn’t come to the office today. You took him to Hyojeong as she asked, didn’t you? I did. Hyojeong said she has three missions for you to do. The first was Myeonghwan. What was the second? She hasn’t told me yet. Liar. (June 25 at 2 p.m.) I went to Hyojeong’s apartment today. She thought you sent me there and asked me to give that to you for doing the errand. Why did you go there? What if something happened? I won’t let Hyojeong do anything to me. If she told you to bring me, you should’ve done it. Why were you struggling alone and wasting time without telling me? What were you thinking? I said to think only about finding your sister. Did you forget? If Hyojeong gives you the third mission… Tell me. Don’t hide it. Don’t handle it alone. Let’s work on it together. No. You may be in danger. You know… Jaejun… I’ve thanked you countless times. But I never once said I was sorry. Let me make it up to you… By helping you find your sister. Let me repay you. When you told me… That you prepared for revenge for 20 years as you worked for my grandfather… I was shocked and very frightened. That’s why… I couldn’t think about how deep… Your wounds were. It must have been so difficult. It must have been so painful. I’m so sorry… For not asking how you felt… And for not apologizing. Once I find my sister… Please ask her… How difficult it was… And how painful it was. And then, apologize to her. That will be enough. Kkotnim and that man. Are they really siblings? They are. Isn’t there a chance that they faked the test results? That is impossible. Couldn’t they have swapped the DNA samples? The DNA samples obtained from the mouth are registered in the DNA database. They may have swapped the samples when they were collected at the site. Please find out about the man claiming to be Kkotnim’s brother. Yes, ma’am. Gyeonghye, dress modestly and come out. Let’s go see Kkotnim. And? You still haven’t asked her for forgiveness. Start with that. You must ask her for forgiveness… So that her family can forgive you. That way… You can stop your sins from being used… By scum like Myeonghwan that might come back at you like a boomerang. I’d better finish cleaning and go buy some goat meat. Geez. Who makes goat soup at home? He sure has strange taste. What’s this? Why is Jaejun’s DNA sample gone? (Lee Jaejun) Did the master take it when he went to catch the factory manager that Jaejun hired him to find? No, no, no. I need to check these things right away to avoid problems later. The number you have dialed is unavailable. That’s odd. I haven’t been able to reach him for 3 days now. You have pretty hands. Hello. Thank you for meeting with us. Suran. Suran. She doesn’t recognize anyone. She can’t speak, either. Suran. I’m sorry… For switching your daughter with mine 30 years ago. And for lying that Gyeonghye had died. I’m sorry for everything. I know you can never forgive me… But I came to beg for forgiveness one last time. I won’t live as a sinner anymore. I cried and begged… And lived like I was being punished. In the end, I lost Seyeon… And destroyed Gyeonghye. Now… I’m going to return to being my daughter’s mom. So you need to regain your health for your daughter’s sake. You need to be mentally alert and scream at me, pull out my hair and curse me. I should’ve done something… Before you got this bad. I’m so sorry. Did you come to apologize… Or do you need another document? I came to say I was sorry. Why are you… Apologizing now? When I went to say I’d submit a petition for you, all you did was make excuses, that you left me because you thought I was dead. I felt like… You wouldn’t forgive me even if I apologized. And now? I wanted to apologize… Even if I am not forgiven. This is to help compensate you for your trouble. Can I take this… Even if I can’t forgive you? Take it. Don’t send your brother. If you come to me yourself, I’ll give you as much as you want, whenever you want. Not because I have a lot of money… But because I wronged you so much. That’s why I want to do that. My brother went to see you? Yes. Both to the company and to my house. Are you okay? This is nothing. Anyway, did you find the factory manager that Hyojeong hid? Not yet. I’ll find him. You find out… What she’s after for hiding that man. That’s your role. Oh, my. Look at this. Our cosmetics blogger posted this. It’s so nice. Oh, my goodness. – Let me see. / – Here. Look. Seyeon designed that. – She did? / – Yes. Seyeon really designed this? I’d love to go on a trip wearing this. How do I look? It’s perfect for me, isn’t it? Seyeon designed it really well. Gitae’s blood really does flow in her. Let me see. It looks so good. Do you have that in my size? I’m sorry, but that’s the only one we have left. Seyeon is awesome. She’s so popular. I’m proud just watching. He’s eating well. You know, I’ve made all sorts of soup in culinary school, but this is my first goat soup. Is it okay? It’s not bad. I’m glad you like it. – Mom. / – Yes? What is it Ung? Do you want water? That’s not it. The goat that he’s eating is it the same baby goat from the children’s song? No, it isn’t. It isn’t a baby goat. It’s an adult goat. It’s good for your health. I still feel sorry for it. He’s eating right now. – You shouldn’t say that. / – That’s right. What? Can’t he even speak? Why does it have to be goat soup of all things? – This tastes gross. / – Stop it. Stop yapping while I’m eating. Why are you complaining about my food? Dad! I can’t eat with this person! Ganghui, you shouldn’t say that. Hey, you. Do you not sneeze? I was really trying to hold it in but I just can’t do it! You say that Bokgil is your family and all that, but why are you eating without her? You call that family? Really? Is this a family? You make her do all the work at the restaurant, and make her care for the sick person at home! Do you think my sister is your slave or something? Am I wrong? That’s not it. Why are you ruining my dinner? What’s wrong? What do you think? It’s because you’re so stupid that they do this to you! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. – It’s okay. / – I can’t take this anymore! Let’s talk in the room. What are you doing when I’m eating? It’s okay, Ung. Let go of me. Why are you being like this? What? Daegil. I know everything. What? What do you know? That you weren’t a good brother to me. I saw your face now and then in my dreams. You beat me and cursed at me. I remember it vaguely. What? You remember? I was so afraid… That I considered not looking for you. But you know… As I lived here, being protected and loved by them… I learned how precious family is. Even if we didn’t get along, I wanted to find you and live happily with you. Daegil. Let’s live… Happily together… Like this family. This is my bank book. It has the money I got for my hit-and-run as well as my paychecks that I saved up. Let’s use this to find a house of our own. It’s hard, isn’t it? I really wanted to find my family. But this isn’t the image of the big brother that I had. So it hurts a little. You’ve been apart for a while… So it’ll take time for you to get close again. I’m sure your brother is trying as well. I remember a little bit from when I was very young. My brother… Put a hairclip in my hair. That’s right. I don’t think my brother was always that rough and scary. He must need some time as you say. Daegil, where are you… Daegil… I’ll go with you. Here. Shouldn’t you see a doctor? Not yet. Let me catch that factory manager first. You should go home too. I’m not a child. Wait, that’s him. That’s the factory manager. Who are you? You know Lee Jaeyeong, don’t you? My sister Jaeyeong! Get off! No! Move. No. Don’t hit him. He’s my brother. I’ll join the Eunsong Project myself. I need to enter the den to kill the lion. You’re not trying to conspire with Seyeon against me, are you? Is that true? That my brother abused your sister? Is Kkotnim sick? Her brother is causing her so much stress. Call me right away. Tell me what’s going on! Kkotnim’s brother isn’t her real brother. He’s a fake.