(Episode 98) (Incorporation White Paper) (Incorporation White Paper) What is this? No, no, no. Incorporation White Paper? It’s the Winners’ Incorporation White Paper… That grandpa wrote himself. Where’s the money? Where’s my money? You said there would be tons of money in here. What happened? I’m equally shocked. Don’t give me that! My money. Let go. You don’t need this. Whatever is in here, it’s mine. The money that you promised would be here… You’ll have to pay me out of your own pocket. Put it on her. Seyeon left the company. What? What do you mean? Why would she leave the company? That’s her grandfather’s company. Exactly. She wouldn’t have left her grandfather’s company on her own will. What happened, dad? The truth is… She was pushed out by Eun Gyeonghye. She must’ve wanted to claim all of the chairman’s fortune by herself. What? Why that… How could she… After leaving the company, Seyeon has been making clothes all night long in order to make it on her own and selling them all over the place. I’m sure she’s worn out. That’s why she fainted. Dad, why didn’t you tell us sooner? We shouldn’t be sitting here. Let’s go to that house! Let’s duke it out with Eun Gyeonghye and get what’s rightfully Seyeon’s! Sit down. Calm down. I wonder why Gyeonghye did that. I knew they didn’t get along but I didn’t know she’d go that far. You guys keep quiet. Dad, what can we do to help Seyeon? Your mom said she’d talk to her daughter and have her return everything. So for now, let’s trust her and wait. Seriously. I think you’re right. If we get involved without knowing everything, we may make things worse. I think we should help Seyeon make it back on her own by making her own clothes, as she wants. Auntie, are you very sick? No, Ung. I’m fine. You’re sick because you miss your mom, right? I’ll give you medicine. Here, have this. Grandma said to feed this to you whenever you’re sad, sick or when you cry because you miss her. Now that I took my medicine, I’m all better. Seyeon. Is something wrong? You don’t look too well. I fainted today. It was the first time in my life that I fainted from shock. What shocked you so much? The seal that Gyeonghye gave me… It has… The umbilical cord… Of an animal, not of a human. Are you serious? Jang Myeonghwan, Eun Gyeonghye… The two of them conspired together and mocked me in order to steal the inheritance that grandpa left me. Gyeonghye is out of her mind. She even faked suicide to get him to sign the divorce papers but she colluded with Myeonghwan and did such an evil thing. I came to see you… Because… I want to ask you for one last favor. What favor? I’ll do anything. Please return what grandpa left me. Don’t think about persuading Gyeonghye to do it. You know better than anyone that she won’t listen. You must take it from her yourself… And give it to me. I will. You have to do it. It’s very precious to me. That may be the last tie that connects grandpa, dad and me to each other. Trust me. I’ll go now. Seyeon. Are you okay? It was the first… And last time I’ll faint. I will… Walk down my path standing, until I reach the end. Mom. I’m sorry. I was stupid and let Gyeonghye deceive me… And gave you a fake seal. I won’t be tricked by her ever again. I’ll become stronger. Gyeonghye. Don’t you have something to say to me? You didn’t give Seyeon the items that the chairman left for her. Not only that… You gave her a fake seal… – With the umbilical cord of… / – An animal. It was Myeonghwan’s idea to put in something so disgusting. Whose idea it was is irrelevant. You and he both stole the fortune in the safe deposit box. Stole? There was no money in there. It was nothing. It was just a few notebooks. Plus, Myeonghwan took them all. I didn’t keep them. Notebooks? What exactly? It said it was Winners’ Incorporation White Paper. It must’ve been his diary of sorts. And… Myeonghwan took it? Stop it. How many times must I tell you? It was nothing valuable and Myeonghwan took it! Are you stopping Seyeon as I ordered? I’ve been bribing the shops that try to buy her garments You thought that was enough to make her give up? I’m speechless. If she can’t sell them to shops, she can sell them on the streets. Didn’t you think of that? My apologies. Make sure she can never make clothes again! Exhaust her and destroy her will! If you canceled the order because of the price, I’ll just charge you cost price. But please display them where it is most visible to the customers. It’s not about the price. I just don’t think it matches our shop’s concept. – I’m sorry. / – Please, ma’am. Excuse me. Hello? Yes. Okay. Fine. I’ll take them. – Thank you. / – But… Can I get double the amount I originally ordered? Double? Sure. You can. Hello? Pardon? You want to place an order? Thank you. I’ll text you pictures of the samples. If you send me your address, I’ll go to you in person. Thank you. Hello? You want to purchase them after all, instead of canceling the order? Of course, it’s okay. Thank you! The Eunsong designs are being highly praised. The sales have exceeded 30%. Why don’t you postpone the succeeding project? Sales are high so we’re using that time to prepare for the next season. Is that a problem? Why don’t we continue selling the Eunsong designs next season as well? Eunsong will be terminated after this season. I believe we don’t even have the concept for the main design for next season ready yet because they’re focusing on Eunsong. It is unreasonable to expedite next season’s preparations when we are not ready. Don’t you know it’s too high a risk to rely solely on one line that is successful? If a problem arises the entire company will fall. Then propose a new business project that will guarantee high sales. That’s the only way to convince the executives. How’s Seyeon? She shook it off and got back up. You know how she is. The poor thing. She must’ve been so heartbroken about her mom’s death that she fainted. Are you sure there isn’t some other reason for her fainting? – Well… No. / – Good. I’ll have to get my act together and work hard and make money. That way, I can be of help to Seyeon. Yes, you’re totally right. I’ll make lots of money and help Seyeon. This is what you mentioned, right? The product to target the younger demographic, right? Yes, this is it. – It’s so moisturizing. / – Really? Let me see. Oh, my gosh. This is so nice. Goodness. Hold on. I shouldn’t be doing this. Okay. Boss, don’t take pictures of just the products. Why don’t you use me as a model? – Should I? / – Yes. Let’s see. Look cute. Even cuter. Good. That’s right. So cute. Again. Okay. (Gyeonghye) – Here. Lift this up. / – Okay. – Let’s see. Okay. Look sexy. / – Sexy? I’m good at that. Why haven’t you been coming over? Well… Did Seyeon tell you not to come to me? No. Leave that house. Gyeonghye. You’re not Seyeon’s sister. You’re my sister. I despise having my blood sister living in a house like that. What do you mean by “a house like that?” You despise it? It may not be as big and fancy like your house but my entire family lives there. Your expression and tone of voice… It’s all very offensive. Call me once you decide to move out. A new life will unfold for you. An apartment. A car. A model agency. You can have it all, if you want. No. I’ll answer you now. I don’t need any of that. If you had said you were lonely and that you were having a hard time… I probably would’ve considered it. But you don’t seem to be. I’m leaving. Hello, sir. It’s half an hour after our appointment. Are you on your way? The bank president isn’t coming. When I told him that I knew the safe deposit box was emptied, he told me everything. That you blackmailed him about his affair and promised him a reward, so he had to open it. He begged on his knees for forgiveness. That man is so weak. I’m sure he isn’t the only one… Who’s afraid of the police. Myeonghwan. At times, I wonder what Gyeonghye and I were to each other in our past lives. We were the worst as a couple but we’re the optimal partners when committing evil. Just like with the hit-and-run and stealing Seyeon’s inheritance. We worked really well together. If the police take me away, they’ll take your daughter as well. That’s what I mean. If you commit a crime, you should be punished. That applies to both you and to my daughter. Give me what the chairman left Seyeon. Is there something in that Incorporation White Paper that the chairman left that is of value? It was handwritten by the chairman. It’ll be precious to Seyeon but it’s just scrap paper to you. But if you want to keep it that badly, go right ahead. I’ll hand you over to the police for taking Seyeon’s inheritance through illegal means. I’ll wait here. Bring it within the hour. (Incorporation White Paper) The chairman… Left Seyeon something very precious. What are you doing at this hour? Here. Take it. This is what the chairman had left in the safe deposit box for you. He left you… Something very precious. It’s much more valuable than the house or the company. You’ll realize that. Seyeon. I will keep my promise… To your birth mom. I’ve seen the chairman write in these notebooks, laboring over them and writing draft after draft. I’m sure these contain the know-how of how Winners started, its failures and successes. I should make time and read them closely letter by letter. (Incorporation White Paper) A surefire business project that will guarantee high profits. (Government-operated public businesses) Find every government-operated public businesses that our company can participate in. It’s me. We need to meet right now. Come to the office. You should’ve just come to the hotel. Give me the White Paper that grandpa left. Give it to you? Hey. The contents of the box are mine, remember? I’ll give you $10 million. Do you realize how much you had promised me? $10 million? That’s all I can transfer to you right now. Give me the White Paper first. Just what is that stupid diary… That you’re offering me $10 million and Lady Geum said she’s willing to see you go to jail? What? My mom? Your mom took that White Paper. Why did you give it to her? She’ll obviously give it to Seyeon! She heard everything from the bank president and threatened me. I had no other options. I resisted, saying you would end up in jail as well but she didn’t even budge. Myeonghwan. Exactly how much do you want from me? The value of half of the company’s shares. Fine. Get the White Paper back from Seyeon. Then I’ll give you the money. The White Paper… In exchange for the money equivalent to half the company’s shares? That’s right. Exactly what is it? If it has everything about how Winners was created, it can become a weapon to destroy it in one blow. And Seyeon has that right now. I saw just one line very briefly… And it made me think of a business idea. We need to take the White Paper away from Seyeon, before she realizes its worth. Hi, dad. Hey. Here. Take it. What is this? Your sisters, Cheolsu and I pooled together. Dad… This is money. Why are you giving this to me? Why else? Our family is investing in your new business. Dad… They must’ve felt bad seeing you running around alone. Seonhui took out the money she had saved for Ung’s college. Cheolsu gave his entire paycheck. Ganghui sold her favorite designer bag. Dad, I can’t take this. I’ll just take the love behind it. Don’t be like that. Take it. Use this to open a store or rent a decent workshop instead of working in this tiny storage room. Okay. I’ll take it. But I’ll use my fingers to the bone and pay you back by making this money grow ten, twenty-fold. Also, our family will take turns helping you with your work. So tell us if you need any help with anything. Okay? Okay. Thank you, dad. Don’t mention it. No? This one. – This one? / – Yes. No, no. This is better. – You’re right. It’s pretty. / – Isn’t it pretty? Hey! I got them! – I got them all. / – Cheolsu! Here. Here. This too. Hurry. – That too. / – Okay. Let’s go. Hey! I need to speed it up. You’re fast, Ung. – I’m going to lose. / – Done! You’re done? Already? High-five. Finally. We finished producing all the orders! Finished! – Finished! / – Finished! – We’re done. / – Finished! – Thank you. / – I can finally sleep now. Do you have the results? Congratulations, Madam Chairman. Our company was selected for a government business. (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) (Congratulations on your selection) Good work. Now, this company… Will be reborn as Eun Gyeonghye’s Winners. Seyeon, you just need to stay away. I was incredibly happy while making all of you. You’ll soon be with your owners who will wear you well. Are you picking up the clothes? Yes, are these it? Yes. I ironed them already so you should take them on the hangers. Take them. Wait. What are you doing? We’re just doing what we were told. Seyeon. We bought up all the sales contracts that you entered into with the shops. The contracts and all of your garments. Seyeon. From now on… Don’t make any clothes. If you do, and sell them, we will spend whatever it costs to buy them and burn them. You’ll burn them? Come and see for yourself, if you want. I can do that much for you. Have you lost your mind? I’m killing my own babies. So what? I’ll finish them off before you can harm them. Take them once I’m done. Burn them all you want! I’m a designer. If I’m willing to rip up my own designs like this… What do you think I’m willing to do to you? Now that we’ve been selected for the government business project I am sure that we will be able to become a global corporation with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. I’m sure there’s a way to break through. I’ve had everything taken from me and was thrown to the floor, but I can rise back up. I’m Hong Seyeon. This Incorporation White Paper… Is the record of my life… And the key… To my success. Why did you do it? Why did you give grandpa’s White Paper to Seyeon? You’re good at taking away things that are precious to me. People even grant wishes to people who are dead. Grant me one wish. Let’s just get married. I sent your written confession to your family in New Zealand. I don’t know whose idea it was but you and your mother won’t get your way. I’m going to make something else now instead of clothes.