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with Bruce welcome to my channel today’s video is called trending cruises for
women cruise lines are adapting for the tastes of the modern traveler cruise
lines do not stand still when it comes to the demographics out there they know
that the baby boomers are aging out and the Gen Xers are coming Gen Y’s are
coming and needs are changing one of the areas that’s really changing
is women travelers a lot of females want to go out there and enjoy themselves but
they don’t want to go to slums situations and be hassled at dangerous
ports cruising has really changed in the last 50 60 years back in the 40s the 50s
and the 60s traveling was in effect to get from point A to point B and so these
kinds of posters and these ocean liners were the way to travel but in effect it
was reserved for the upper middle class and higher because the costs were just
so prohibitive to go anywhere and these advertisements here showing people in
tuxedos and evening gowns for every dinner as a thing of the past in the 70s
80s 90s and now cruise lines built out giant ships to handle masses of people
and it was just good enough to literally put a ship in the water with all kinds
of bells and whistles on it they would come but in the last few years of
discerning travelers and people who’ve been on one or two or three cruises they
want more than just to be put on the ship and go to the nearest Caribbean
port especially single travelers and in particular female travelers female
travelers are not interested in getting caught up in this scenario where you end
up at a so-called getaway island only to find there are 15,000 other passengers
with you and within a mile of the ship these slums exist in many of these ports
where there are a lot of desperate people and you don’t dare go anywhere
near these areas but if you’re not careful you might find yourself in the
middle of it tourist trap like this
surrounded by all kinds of people or in some slum areas that are just not gonna
work out female travelers today are far more
discerning and they want much much more than just being dropped off at a port
cruise lines have figured it out they’ve decided they’re gonna go the direction
of wellness and fitness and mental health and everything else because they
know female travelers just like anyone else work hard and they need to
de-stress and so these wellness cruises are now picking up in popularity all
over the place we’re on board the ship you have all the amenities like the spa
the exercise areas the the equipment and the massage is available and yoga
classes and and wellness classes and training and consulting fantastic this
is an area that cruise lines are heading for women are reacting to this big time
the other thing the cruise lines are doing is they know a lot of their
travelers just want to get away from it all and not be bothered when they get
down to the warm weather from that cold winter weather up north Cruise Lines are
doing this they’re building private islands and private resorts these are
reserved only for the passengers of the cruise ship these entire areas are
fenced off they have security everywhere and these are absolutely run like a
first-world scenario if these these might be in Haiti these might be in
Jamaica these might be in Dominican Republic or in the Bahamas like you see
here there’s all kinds of private resorts coming up now the cruise lines
have spent billions of dollars to build these and it allows the passengers six
to eight to ten hours in a day to do nothing but enjoy the water enjoy the
beach and just veg this is not a cultural tour what we’re looking at here
this is a getaway these kinds of waterpark getaways are being built as
well this is Coco key from the Royal Caribbean and this allows passengers
three different peace of mind oh then they can go down Carrigan’s up
in joints Ivan resorts with the cruise line
we’re cruising line is managing everything and for women this is a
stress reliever to be sure number of women like to go on cruises where there
are no children allowed so the higher-end cruise lines are like biking
here they cater to adults only perfect for adults a lot of women enjoy this
cruise line on their own but all in all it depends on your budget there’s
something for you from everyone whether it’s a or Star Line five Star Line six
star line the cruise companies have and are continuing to expand their services
to women I hope you enjoyed this video about the future of cruising for women
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