Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to be doing a full face of
first impressions for you guys. I have some new Fenty. I have the Hourglass foundation. I have some drugstore. We have a whole variety of products that I’m
going to be trying out for you guys today. So if you are interested to see me try these
products out, then just keep on watching. And if you guys are new here, don’t forget
to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe so you never miss a new video. So enough talking. Let’s jump right in. All right, so I’m going to start off by moisturizing
my face using the Charlotte Tilbury magic cream. She sent this to me and I haven’t tried it
yet, but I’ve heard amazing things about it. It’s a very thick, luxurious cream. I mean this feels like, oh, luxurious cream. It’s got a very, it’s got a very interesting
scent. It smells like, it smells floral. That’s what it is. It took me a minute to pinpoint what it actually
smelled like. Okay. So now that we have our moisture base down,
I am going to prime my face using the Fenty beauty. This is the pro filter primer. I picked this up because I see a lot of people
use it and everything Fenty seems to be amazing except for the fact that I cannot find my
correct shade in foundation. I really liked that foundation. But as far as finding the correct shade, it
has not worked out for me. I think I have 330 currently. It’s still too orange, so I think I might
have to go down at least two or three shades to get my correct one. I’m just going to go to Sephora and pick up
a few sample pots of it because I’m tired of buying it and return it yet. But one of these days I will find the correct
shade. So this primer, it feels really nice. Now I am going to move on to foundation and
today I am using the new Hourglass vanish seamless finish liquid foundation. Now this is supposed to be an ultimate full
coverage foundation. So they say that you only need to use like
a half pump for your whole face or something like that. So I’m going to try one pump of, this is the
shade Golden Tan. So let’s see how this works. So I am going to allow, that’s, that’s pigmented. I am going to … Oh, oh my gosh. Wow. That is amazing. I’m like, I’m actually shook right now. That covered up all of my hyperpigmentation,
and look at how much I still have on my … oh my gosh. Wow. Okay. So that is a full pump, which pretty much
covered the whole bottom half of my face. I mean this is the worst side of my face and
as you can see that covered it like so seamlessly. Oh my gosh. Wow. I need to get close up to this mirror because
I’m actually speechless. This foundation is the most full coverage
foundation I’ve used that doesn’t look like I’m wearing a cakey mask. Like this lays really, really nice on my skin. Really impressed. Hourglass. Now I’m going to try concealer, see how this
lays and I’m going to be using the Fenty beauty concealer in the shade 300. I’ve never tried the Fenty concealer. I just purchased this, so let’s see how this
works. It goes on very light but it’s like, it’s
very thin. I’d say this is a lot thinner than my Too
Faced born this way concealer, but it still has good coverage. Now I’m going to take my sponge again. Blend this underneath my eyes. So that blended out really nicely. I think that that was a good, it’s a good
highlighting shade for my complexion, and I am also going to apply this to my eyelids
because this is what we’re going to use as primer for our eyeshadow. Now I am going to be trying the Fenty beauty
pro filter, instant retouch, setting powder. I have two shades. I got banana and cashew for all over my face. I got banana for underneath my eyes. Okay, so this doesn’t seem to be working the
best with a sponge, so I am going to go in with a brush. Now this powder and concealer is very, very
matte, very matte, but still very pretty underneath the eyes. It covered underneath my eyes, and I probably
could use a little more coverage under here, but I also am sick so I’ll have to try this
out another time. I’ll have to try it out for a couple of days
to really see if that’s because I’m sick or if that’s because of the concealer. So I will keep testing this out and let you
guys know, but I am going to go in with the cashew shade. I’m going to take the Laura Mercier powder
puff, which I have really come to enjoy. I’m just going to powder that all over my
face. Now this is very matte. The foundation for Fenty. I really didn’t understand why everyone said
that it was so matte. I still don’t understand it and I don’t know
if it’s just how it reacts to my skin or if it’s just, I don’t know. Maybe I’m using the wrong way [inaudible 00:06:17]
are. I’d really have to try again. But every time I use it, it is not matte to
me. It is more of like a natural finish. It still has like a gloss. You can still see that it is more of a natural
finish on me and it doesn’t sit on my skin throughout the day like a matte foundation
would. And everyone talks about that foundation like
it’s super matte and this whole situation is super matte. Like all of the moisture has been sucked out
of my face and my skin looks beautiful. There’s no more moisture left in this face,
honey, no moisture. It’s all sucked out. Now we are going to move on to eyes and I
am once again going to be using the James Charles palette and instead of using bright
colors this time I am going to be going for like more of a natural look. I haven’t tried any of the natural colors
besides like swatching them on my hand. I’m going to start out with this shade right
here and I’m going to work that into my crease. This palette is huge. The one thing I wish that it had was a mirror
on it. I mean that would just be perfect to have
a mirror on it. I know that Morphe doesn’t do that to kind
of keep the cost down, but there are a lot of other low cost palettes that do have mirrors
on them. All right now I am going to go in with this
reddish look, reddish brown shade right here and I am going to work that into my crease
as well. Now these colors are really pretty and they
blend out really well. I feel like this palette would be just the
perfect palette to have setting on your vanity at all times so you could just dip in it. I mean you could literally do any makeup look
you wanted with this palette, which I think was his goal. Now I am going to go in with a darker shade. I am going to go in with this really pretty
shade right here. I’m going to take that on more of a, it’s
a thinner blending brush so it really gets in the crease and just really focuses that
shade. I’m also going to take that down in the outer
corner of the eye. I am going to take this bronzy shade right
here and I am going to pack that all over the lid. And now that that shade is packed all over
the lid, I’m going to go in with this gold shade, take that right on my finger and just
place that in the center of the lid. Now I am going to take that gold shade mixed
with this highlight shade right here and I am going to place that in the inner corner
of the eye. Now I’m going to take that orange shade in
the middle of the pallet and I am going to buff that along my lower lash line. I’m going to take that reddish brown shade
and I’m going to also pack that on my lower lash line. But I’m really going to focus that on the
outer half. Now that the eyes are done, I am going to
go in and try the feline flick liquid liner from Charlotte Tilbury. And now I have not done a liquid liner in
a long time, so bear with me, and especially since this is a felt tip, but we’re going
to give it a solid effort. So this liner is actually not bad for a felt
tip. I was actually expecting it to be like every
other felt tip, but it’s really not that bad. So now for mascara, I’m going to be using
the Charlotte Tilbury. This is the full fat lashes, curls, separates,
volume, length drama, Five-star Mascara, in glossy black. I like a glossy black Mascara. I’m looking to try some new false lashes. So if you guys have any recommendations for
good falsies please let me know in the comments down below. Because like I said, in my previous video
I had false lashes, like lash extensions on for the longest time and I’m trying to give
my lashes a break. But I really want to start getting back into
strip lashes and just try some new styles. So let me know what your favorites are. I just got up to get my bronzer and I went
in the bathroom lighting and I did notice that around the out side of my fees looked
a little red from the setting powder. So I don’t know how I feel about that at this
very moment, but I’m going to bronze the rest of my face and we will see how it turns out
and I’m going to be using my regular bronzer. This is the Too Faced born this way bronzer. Now to make it more of a bronzy look, I’m
going to be trying out the Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder in the shade glow. This is a loose powder bronzer, and I’m going
to be using the Laura Mercier glow powder brush as well. Now I’m just going to be placing this in a
C formation. Now for blush, I’m going to be trying out
the Modern Metals palette from E.l.f.. They’re so pretty. And I am going to be trying, I’m going to
be trying the darkest shade in the palette. That blush is so pretty. And now I’m going to try one of the highlighters
as well. I am going to try this champagne color highlight. I’m just kind of placed that right on the
top. I’m actually going to use my highlight brush. Oh, very pretty. Honestly, lately E.l.f. has been coming out
with some amazing products. I am obsessed with their new moisturizer. I’ve been using it every day. Now we’re going to move on to lips, and I
have this liquid lipstick from E.l.f. as well and it’s part of the Modern Metals collection. We’re going to give it a go. It kind of goes with this eye look. Now this is a very pretty color. This reminds me of MAC Brick-O-La lipstick. That was my first MAC lipstick shade that
I bought with my own money, and this just reminds me of that a little bit, but very
pretty shade. I love E.l.f. lip products. I think they are so worth the money, so affordable,
and they’re really, really high quality. I think this makeup look turned out pretty
well. So I am going to set my face since the Fenty
line is still matte. I am going to be using the Tatcha luminous
dewy skin mist. Literally only use two sprays because this
is so hydrating, it can almost make you look too oily, and I’m going to top that off using
the Urban Decay all-nighter setting spray. And here is the final look. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you guys did, don’t forget to give this
video a thumbs up and subscribe so you never miss a new upload. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video. I will see you guys in my next one. Bye guys.