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Pro to SoundTrack Pro is a great way to remove unwanted noise out of your audio. All right,
let’s take a listen. (pause) Ok, so what we saw there is the middle clip had a bunch of
noise and that’s what we want to reduce. So to do that, what we’re going to do is right
click on the clip and we’re going to choose send to soundtrack pro, audio file project
and not the multitrack project. And that’s going to bring up our save window, so when
we save it, we’re going to want to save our project folder and hopefully we got an audio
folder within our project folder and possibly even a soundtrack pro project folder inside
there to keep it nice and organized. Ok, so now once we’ve saved it, it’s automatically
going to launch Soundtrack Pro and once Soundtrack Pro is open, we see that we’ve got an audio
file project; and what we need to do is go isolate just the noise, so we need to find
a spot in the waveform that just has noise and not any of the other sound. (pause) Ok,
so once we’ve isolated that spot, we’re going to go set a noise print; this is telling Soundtrack
Pro what we’re looking to remove from the entire clip; so now we’re going to Command
A and select the entire clip; back up to the process menu and down to reduce noise; and
that’s going to bring up the noise reduction control panel. What we need to do next is
click the play button, and as it starts to play, we’re going to pull the noise threshold
slider out and we’re going to hear that noise reduce. (pause) Now just click apply, and
we’ll see a status meter over there on the left go across, and what that does is reduce
the noise; we saw that the thickness of the waveform changed and got much thinner and
took out all of that noise. The last step is command S which will save our project;
we’ve already saved it once, so this is just a re-save, and we’re going to want to include
that source audio. And now, we’re just going to go ahead and command tab back to final
cut. Ok, back in final cut, soundtrack pro has updated the timeline and the noise has
been removed. Well, I hope this has been helpful. Visit GeniusDV.com to learn more about final
cut studio.}