It seems to be the Duke Oh is that woman the mean one yes the one you just heard Shes inside?! Shes a b**ch If we can hear her – she can probably hear us shes a b**ch I’ve been patient my lord. I continue to be patient but the patience has a limit Our deal means nothing if I don’t achieve the title of Grand Duke until I’m 80 or something I was supposed to have it by now and yet every week that moves on I have to bear that insufferable a little man telling Me what to do. If I had the power – if I had your power my lord, please Gargoth all I ask is your end of our bargain I don’t think we should be hearing this I think we definitely should Do you want me to keep tinkering? Just keep going! Make a thieves tools check Thats your dexterity plus double your proficiency as an artificer So I roll a d20? plus 7 plus 7… Natural 20! Easiest locket, it just comes open like it was never even locked to begin with. Click nice Not a problem. You put your thieves tools away. Feeling really proud of yourself. Yeah You can choose to do what you wish the door is now open. I want to do a quick magic check There’s definitely… I agree you have detect magic. I will arcana roll 15 – 19 19 yeah, that’s enough to look around the room the doorframe of this door. There’s no arcane runes. Oh, okay. We safe guys Alright I like that You open the door and – I open the door and take a step back and allow somebody else to go through the door Ah sure. I’ll go in first As you open the door. You see that a sort of a cold wave hits you It’s it’s a stone crypt down there and it’s a wooden staircase on the other side of this door that curves down to the right Who’s going down? I’ll go You going down? Yup you go first I’ll go second Go first – I’ll go last. I’m going – I’m going down – let’s go all right – Bodger You walk down this wooden staircase I’m right at the back the first thing you notice bodger is that there are dead things around here a couple of fresher Looking bodies, maybe a couple of months old and a couple of not so fresh bodies that have been here for years probably. The next thing that you notice – I try and cure wounds on the skeleton Are you going to use your last spell slot for that? Nah I’m good I’m good Are you going to attempt CPR on the bones of the skeleton Guys I think I can bring him back the last thing you notice is that there is a sarcophagus flanked by two statues Hero quest and an elderly woman in fine garbs kneeling in front of the thing Who as she says she hears you coming down the stairs Reaches into her cassock and pulls out a vial Shucked it back and then her body shimmers and disappears Was that the woman? That was the duke that you saw outside backhand the guy Just got to say I’ve forgotten why we are here… We’re here to get the shield! minue one intelligence we’re here to get the shield The shield of Gargoth – which is the name that she was praying too why? I’ve actually forgotten I asked him and he said he wanted it for his wall specifically It’s for that dude who attacked us It’s got gems on it We want to give it to him… why? So he can help us go home because he’s evil for 500 gold, you never listen I’m just standing back really glad that Rowan – That Bodger is asking these questions because I was too scared to ask them Okay, so we’re getting the shield to give to the dude. So that he helps you open the box He gives you money so he can help us open the box and help us leave He said he’d help us get home Grand goal of getting the shit out of here. Okay. So what are you doing? So I’m gonna use a locate object Nice good plan Hey Brielle – what are you trying to locate? I’ve literally just told you – its the shield the SHIELD I didn’t realize that you were so dumb the shield you feel a – God’s you you you focus on the shield of Gargoth as it was described to you With the with the beasts face made out of rubies and gems and sure enough you feel a ping like in your mind Directly in the direction of this sarcophagus over there It’s very weak because it’s sort of behind thick stone But it doesn’t seem to be quite a thick enough to – Bodger do you want to try your pan on this? I think I’m going to have to give it a crack Bodger do you just want to try your Pan on this thing? Oh good idea Bodger make a dexterity saving throw I’m still at the top of the stairs by the way yeah – run across the room 4 – 4 plus dex is not going to be enough You fall into a pitt trap ahhhh no It was disguised by illusion magic Bodget – you take Ten points of piercing damage as you slam down on the bottom about 10 feet down one of the spikes on the bottom goes through your leg Thankfully, thankfully no, you’re not killed outright by it because you you have land on a dead corpse Oh, yeah, it’s body already on top but you one of your legs is impaled Oh shit… Bodger you gonna be able to keep going or are you gonna are you done there? You know what – I was gonna be a bit more careful, but Greg you did say mumble mumble Okay GREG! Are you saying you’re giving up what are you saying? What? No? No? I’m just on 30 hp What about this guy? Just to see if you can climb out I’m gonna climb out 14 thats enough – so you managed it Nice suggestion Greg Bleeding into the pit Baradun I need you to check the place for things I don’t wanna Wow, Wow you’re the one just rushing headlong into traps fine fine let me go Alright, so as you press this square nothing happens You get to the tomb – you can see that it’s got an inlaid Duke looking man with a shield on his arm Ah so the shield is on him Its a part of the stonework right lets grab this that doesn’t seem like a good idea grabbing the stone shield? Five definitely not coming off you’re pulling and pulling this. Can I use guidance or something? Yes, you can if you are touching him I’m gonna touch you Run over to him and touch him? wait, wait, wait, you’re leap over this guy You run run run run you run over to him you cast guidance on him. Which gives you a d4 on your athletics check That is guidance that should Help If you wanna have a go right thanks ooo I don’t need this is a cantrip You roll a 1… nice so instead of a 5 its a 6… WHY?! One six plus six This is why everybody hates you Bodger okay so 12 is okay. It’s okay its enough. It’s okay enough that you grab – you grab the stone shield on the top of the tomb and as you’re pulling it the entire lid of the tomb starts to lift off thats not what I wanted to happen as it does so the runes around the rim of the tomb that you didn’t check for Start to glow a dull gray and then fill the entire Room with gray light at the same time at the same time you hear the wooden door at the top of the stairs slam shut and lock That was your 1 job You had 1 job Baradun and that was hold open the door. I’m sorry. I was holding the door, but then I looked down one natural one for bodger So he remains down here Good. Good good 5 So she also remains here 6 You’re almost the same 14 Here we go Baradun and Greg switch places, and then the undead 8 plus oh, that’s good zero so 8 gives – what was yours? 6 total? Yep so they’re in there. So Baradun – wait, wait wait, it’s five with the roll plus your initiative, right if I It’s 8 – I got 8
Oh plus initiative? I got 9 And you’ve got dexterity higher than them so that you will go just ahead of the – I’m on 9 as well if its initiative as well So there you go. Well, thank God. Yeah thank initiative – that’s pushed them right down to there Yeah. All right, so you all noticed that these these things as the light washes over them start to twitch and then they get up – and they are Skegglie weglingtons ooo I Like the Cape All right, Bodger. You also notice that as you’ve started to pull the lid off inadvertently you see a mummified hand out from the tomb And a mummy – a mummy Adorned with a glistening beastial shield He’s got the shield! I think that’s the shield Literally I said it before you So Baradun what do you do? You’re up the stairs you can see the whole thing Baradun what are you gonna do do something I’m gonna run away portal away. Do you want to check the door? check – check the door I’ve got an idea Brielle and Bodger look in danger. because I am such a good and righteous person You’re literally being attacked at this point I’ve got a twin spell hold person. Oh nice and I’m gonna hold the mummy in front of them Yeah, and then the guy by me Alright, so they have to make what saves its wisdom saves. I think it says on the spell card They just have to make wisdom saves oh natural one in a natural seven with a negative wisdom So they neither of them make it which means that as the mummy gets out and he starts to lift his hand towards you he just freezes up the skeleton who is drawing his bow back just freezes up and you can see the eyes kind of well can’t see eyes cause he’s got – you can see the brow of the skull furrow a little bit. He’s a little bit confused about what’s happening. That’s That skull is too malleable I’ll just make that note It’s a cartoon skull so he they’re still alive and kicking so to speak but they’re paralyzed now, I’m gonna use my action to sit down on the stairs and gleefully watch what unfolds so make sure you mark off your sorcery point for twin spelling And then your spell as well Alright Greg’s turn and then Brielle’s next. I’ve got a range weapon right? I’ve got a sling. You do – you have a sling yep I’m gonna sling and being that they are made of brittle bones the sling does bludgeoning damage, which is actually doubled for them dope. Boom You get your sling out you put a little bullet in it. All right. Here we go Greg’s time to shine 11 15 right? Cause its plus – oh no plus 5 so its 16 yup thats going to hit So roll the damage which is a d4 plus 3 4! plus 3 which double to eight so that’s actually enough to take him to half health already. Plus three. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So 8 plus 3, so that is actually 11 points of damage So below half hit points a piece of his leg shatters off and he has a hard time standing up good work, Greg. Thanks, dude Magic up some popcorn and just continue watching And then on your bonus, he does his movement run run run and he’s trying to attack this guy so roll an attack for him if the you have to get an 11 total to hit them The 9 plus his modifiers will do it. Yeah, so roll damage on this guy So it says on his card, how much is a bash? It’s a d 8 plus 2 its pretty powerful He’s a big suit of armor 7! Thats 9 damage You literally straight up murdered. Yeah one of his femurs shatters and as he started falling to the side the iron guy just smashes him up Into pile of bones again thank you Good work Greg I have more popcorn – Greg do you want some popcorn? I want the iron defender now just in case put this guy in the hole sure you’ll do that in your next turn I’m just gonna and Use me little – actually can I bonus action because I want to play the bagpipes at some point in this scene Just for… you know atmospheric I feel like this is the perfect time for it Great timing Brielle I’ll do something else first you just provide war music. Yeah, pretty much I wanna do – but I’m not sure which to do first I might use my dart. Alright just throw it at that dude so with him being paralyzed you go You’ve got advantage attacking him nice he can’t dodge out of the way So thats a 4 Yeah no thats the bottom one Yeah 4 plus wait do I plus 5? Okay, so you’re rolling to attack him first right now, right? You roll a d20 then add your attack modifier which is a 14 what is the plus on the dart? 5 5 so thats a 19 to hit the mummy which is definitely a hit roll again in case it’s a critical hit though because you do have advantage this girl? Okay, so you hit either way But it’s always good to roll again in case you get a natural 20 and then you do double damage Okay. So now you roll your damage you roll the this little guy Two plus your… plus the… three five damage to him Nice Youre welcome and then I’m getting my bagpipes out and I just start playing then start playing your bagpipes Its really emotional nice work Then it is their turn so both of the two guys that are remaining are actually paralyzed so they’re gonna make their wisdom saving throws Just check the card for me I believe they get to make it at the end of the turn the target must Succeed on a wisdom saving throw or will be paralyzed the duration at the end of its turn End of its turn The target may make another wisdom saving throw so they were they waste both of their turns Just trying to get out of it. The mummy makes it the other guy gets a 12 – is 12 your DC? uhh 10 – uh 14 sorry Yeah, so one of them so the skeleton guy still is paralyzed, but this guy manages to break it off That was their turn though – so Bodger now its your turn Heelelelelelelelelelele This is my bagpipes I wanna see the combo of you playing the bagpipes with Rowan in the foreground going Right! Reckless attack… umm And frenzy looking frenzy as well. Nice that means you get 2 attacks But he will probably be dead by then cause I’ll spell him two will miss So you go into the rage. Oh you went reckless? You went reckless? Yeah yeah yeah reckless I’m doing rage reckless and fenzy I’m belelelelele He’s going into a proper frenzy – he’s frothing at the mouth It’s going all down his – We have to do an episode where Bodger is just – 18!
That will hit So roll the damage which is gonna be a d6 plus four d6 – the regular sized dice normal dice – monopoly dice monopoly dice – yes hahah 1 One Right? I called it It’s still plus 4 so its 5 damage to him Then it is round 2 – Baradun Is that… is that my turn? Is that my turn? It Is unless you want to move? Cause I’m freakin out Once I’ve got a hold person can I move them? No dammit. I wish I had the ability to move them just imagine right now he is sitting there going – heelelelelee there are much more spells that can do telekenisis but you don’t have access to them yet Definitely coming down off a drug alright whats up – whats next? What do I Still up here eating my popcorn Baradun do you want to help? I mean, I don’t really want to help Baradun are you going to do something no, I was I’m quite safe up here a little bit helpful if you actually did something Remember that your cantrips are free They don’t cost anything so you can always just use the fireball for instance, which is I’m just gonna fling a – I’m gonna move ever so slightly to my left. All right and fling a fire bolt between Brielle dangers why not hit this guy? You can hit this guy for advantage if you want? Ah okay oh yeah – nah I’ll just hit that guy. He’s still held and he can’t dodge out of the way I’m just kind of above him and just want to firebolt down on him Can you do assassins creed assassinate just jump on him. come on roll the attack d20 11. + yeah, that’ll hit something If you get there, I’ll say its an Auto crit Which means that you get to double the damage cause its within 5 feet So it’s a d10, which is that one. You roll it twice. Oh eight and 3 – damn it So 11 plus anything? nah not plus anything so 11 damage to him guys I’m sick…
not enough to take them out but he’s very damaged As context everyone watching this Rowan is genuinely… I’m super sick – I’m on all the drugs Greg you’re up Huh – all right well… I don’t wanna be boring in just attack, but I think I’m just gonna be boring and just attack Yeah, I think I’m just gonna use sling? This guy You get Advantage because he’s held and can’t dodge Let’s do it 20! Natural 20 don’t even need the advantage This battle is turning out significantly better than the last one yeah I know right 2 – roll it again Come on 1… So 3 plus 3 6 damage to him 6 damage doubled because it’s bludgeoning. So that’s enough to smash his skull in. This little thing. He sees it coming without even being able to finish cock in his bow Just goes right through his eye socket. blasts the back of his skull. And he drops to the ground – a pile of bones again so we’ve only got 1 more enemy I feel like I am doing the best in the situation. Hey, I held everyone – to stop them from attacking Yeah, actually – let’s start disposing the body so with your bonus action you tell this guy to do something and he throws the skeleton into the pit I just feel like that could wake up again yeah yeah yeah thats smart Yeah, I’m just gonna use my I’m gonna use my dagger this time. Why not? Why not? Why? Do it You get within 5 feet of him if you wanted to go all the way around the back of him, then he’s flanked in your advantage well because you told me to do it – I will do it so 5, 10, 15, 20 He’s very sort of defending himself on both sides So you get advantage on the attack because he doesn’t know – I rolled this guys as a six. Yep, so you roll again because thats what advantage means 12! Nice – plus your modifier will hit so you hit – so you roll the damage of your dagger three Three plus your plus your modifier is six six total. we’re doing good guys. He’s looking like he’s having a hard time you with your dagger You jam it right into his side and it severs a lot of the sort of mummified ribbons and Bandages that are holding it together. Do we know how much health he’s got left? You do not okay so its hard to say I still have a bonus move so its hard to know if he is almost dead again Cause I’ve got a double attack coming He turns the shield towards you bodger and he turned his hand towards you Brielle. Make a constitution Saving throw why me Why me He’s sexist you just stabbed him in the back. 19 So you only take eight necrotic damage as your life gets sucked from you I rolled essentially a 20 and I still take damage? Yeah, it means you take half instead of the actual one you were going for take 16. So Wow 8 damage Yeah – 8 Necrotic damage and as you as you – as he sucks from you you this the broken bandages and stab wound that you’ve just gave him Get out of town Unbelievable Get out out of town unreal unreal unbelievable I missed that last part. Can you – He sucks life from you and use that heal himself right? So we need to stay back you take 8 damage and he heals that He’s a dick Because he’s surrounded and flanked – he moves over here He’s leaving both of your range so you can both take an attack of opportunity if you want yes please yeah yeah lets do it do you’re attacking with your dagger and you’re attacking with your pan? I’m still raged – is frenzy you’re still frenzied it’s not just one attack 15 14 plus Modifies will hit So both roll damage so hang on which one is frickin damage? It’s your d6 Monopoly monopoly wait it’s not this?
No it is for you – but different for him 1…
1 and 2 plus your modifiers So 10 total. Alright, he’s still up whats my modifier? I always forget that one lets see who’s he going for – 5, 10, 15, 20 So hes sort of backing away to the – Harder for you to get around. Alright Is he going to night king this? he’s doing something creepy grapple him grapple! Alright, so you run over to him – 5 10 15 20 25 easy get to him You can actually as a tavern brawler hit him first and then try and grapple Well, I’ve got now my double – now you’ve got frenzy as well right but grappeling would take the bonus instead of the other attack So it’s either hit him twice or hit him once then grappling. I’d be yelling out support for bodger, but I know how useless he is actually no just hit him twice. It’s my turn next and I can hold him I’m gonna hit him twice hit him twice. Alright do it yeah yeah thats not bad that will hit Okay, roll the other one as well. Just see both hits in dice They both hit. Alright, so they’ll both hit roll the damage twice 5 5 plus 4 so 9. 9 and another another 8 so you do 17 damage how do you do it With my pan. I first of all knock him in the knee holding this massive shield that’s protecting most of his body so you go low whack him in the knee then whack him up in the head upper cut oh yeah take his head right off he dies easy enough congratulations re-dead undead who did the most damage? me! nope uh it would be close. It would be close between you and me buddy You got to retrieve the shield all right now back to what you were failing at before wait wait I want to investigate this woman here cause I feel he was backing towards her Make a medicine check. Oh my god Oh my god is she alive? d20 – always d20 10 plus your medicine modifier Medicine is plus one just one. So 11. from seeing numerous adventurers get stabbed to death in front of your shop You’ve kind of gotten used to human anatomy Yeah You can tell that she’s decaying to the point where she’s probably been there about two months or so Bodger try mouth to mouth you’re closest you can also see there is an arrow wound sticking out of her seems like she was killed by one of these I reckon he was just trying to revive her and make her undead You’re going to get sick are you kiss of death-ing a dead corpse? All right, so make a constitution savings throw I’m feeling very uncomfortable I wasn’t being serious bodger what are you? Look at my intelligence you told me to try and save her 4 no thats not going to do it – you contract a disease All right, so I’ll tell you how that manifests thanks – thanks Greg You actually did it!
Are you going to retrieve the shield? You’re here to get the shield what is wrong with you? he told me – intelligence negative 1 You tell me to do something and I’ll probably do it – point and something and I’ll – do it!
Point at something in the room As you grab the shield a voice whispers into your mind ah no… hello – are you master? yep… Exellent just only he can hear it? you should return me to the 9 hells why is he staring like that? yeah what are you doing? I know a travelling merchant there who will pay handsomely for my return Bodger what are you doing? You look very distressed He’s a rakshasa by the name of makadi Need to go to the 9 – return the shield the what? don’t we need to return the shield to Fisk? This is the worst person to be giving any information to he owns a wandering emporium He would give anything to know where I am Why don’t you tell us what you hear and we will remember it Can I – will this work? Healing spirit? So hang on I tried thing I’m not very good at retaining information. So one more time pass me to someone else repeat everything you just said Throw it up here to me if you return me to the 9 hells I know of a traveling merchant who is a Rakshasa named Makadi I’m so disappointed is chose him Return you – Or the shield I am the shield ah right – yeah yeah yeah I’m picking up this body and we’re taking it to the 9… so you take the whole body? do you want to take the shield or the whole body? I reckon we all just let this happen the 3 of us just let this play out you pick up a mummy of a long dead Duke of Baldurs gate Guys. Change of plans Here it goes. we are taking this corpse To napshahaha in the 9 hills you dont know that whatever he says – what is it called? napshna na rap shna na? in the 9 hills ra or rack? rakshasa rack sasshy shasshy rakshasa god could you pass me to someone else for the love of all thing demon rack snash na rack snash na erugh why do my masters always – then what are we doing? Where are we going? we are taking this – sndnnh to the 9 geeeee 9 hells… thats not even a difficult word to the 9 h…. the 9 hills? yes the 9 hills! we’re going to the 9 hills you’re not going to be able to find the 9 hells… that sounds lovely sounds like a lovely place I should I should really help you out cuz you’re not going to find your own way As he says this he starts to vibrate the shield vibrates. the entire corpse of the mummy You’re holding vibrates the your arms holding the mummy start to vibrate almost almost with a bunnnnnng Resonation is is is he having a seizure? Oh No, are you alright? what was that? Okay Don’t know what that was Let’s go eventually it just dims down a little but you if you concentrate you can still feel your body kind of humming. Oh That should lead you to the right place of avernus right just point it out on the mini-map thing. Yes exactly right just follow the arrow Lets go Head back out the mini-map is not showing you anything here because you’re not in the nine hells so you can choose to Just randomly try and walk around or you can take this shield back to falister Fisk who might know something more I feel like – wait he the shield wants to go to hell and falister Fisk wants the shield Is it a good idea to go back to him We need to have a chat. Maybe he’s trying to find hell That’s why he wants it nine hills or Pallister thing I think it was hell not hill. again nine hills sounds lovely it sounds nice it does sound like nice place I feel like I’m the only one that knows whats going on lets take this entire adventure to the hills to the hills You find yourself outside of the estate I don’t trust the shield As you climb back out of the sewers into the streets of Baldur’s Gate holding a mummy and an enormous shield does anyone know where the nine hills are 9 hills anybody? you talking about the nine hells yes the 9 hills Its a gentleman on the streets It’s a strange accent you’ve got there on hills the 9 hells is a dangerous place you don’t want to go there how do we get there? well you don’t want to go there most people go there after they die it sounds lovely are you idiots or something? yes sir they are idiots – tell me it’s been a rough day and I want to go to 9 hills
The 9 hells are are rough place wait what did you say? hills – 9 hill hills where are you guys from you’ve got stupid accents I’m kinda crap Scottish And I’m just a big bastard child of every accent known to man Well, I think you’re saying hills and I’m saying hell same word No, it’s not the same word in any other accent Lets go wherever you’re saying I’m not taking you to hell because it’s a bad bad place where dead people go But that shield looks really nice I buy from you if you want I dont think thats a good idea whoa whoa whoa whoa Let’s hear him out I’m a shopkeep. What do you got? I’ve got like a piece of bread and some – don’t let him decide Its not a bad offer – its actually quite good I’m hungry… You like the other guy was offering 500 gold is this worth 500 gold how much bread can we buy for 500 gold though You could get like all of the bread all of the bread for 500 gold you could buy a whole bakery for 500 gold Alright guys I’m gonna break even with you Why are you holding a dead guy by the way quite please? Yeah, right. Sorry guys, I’ll just be going yeah just away you go – away you go So we need to take this corpse to the nine hills. I Don’t know how to get there. None of you know, how to get to the nine hills I think we go and find Fiske? I agree, with you let’s go back to Fisk Let’s wander on – cutscene you make your way back through baldur’s gate you find Falister Fisk Do you carry the corpse the whole way I do you do All right, you get some dodgy looks from the guards one of them thinks better than to inquire about it with you big armored Whatsit following you so he’s like maybe they’re on official business or something. You take it to Fisk He is astounded that you’ve brought the entire corpse I did not mean for you to defile the entire memory of our one of our greatest Dukes just to take his shield Thank you. He takes the shield off of the arm. Did it talk to you? I hear it talks Told me to bring his corpse to the nine hills Oh my god we’ve got an idiot This is Gargoth – trapped in a shield for all eternity I’m getting pissed off – I am confused I’m confused – RAGE RAGE You just start smashing up Fisks bar Gah helelelelele I don’t understand I don’t understand I don’t understand It’s so intense Back at Fisks you get peppered for 8 damage of Crossbow bolts as the guys around a shoot you and put you down before you break the bar Feel like lowering your 22 damage points. It’s not the best before we go to literal hell I was hoping he’d calm down but he’s gone the opposite way As a man of my word he says and he brings across a chest. It’s got 500 gold pieces and 4 potions. I will take the 500 gold You still owe me money for the quest that I never got paid for right at the start How much gold do you have? I don’t know where is my money? You have 10 gold how much gold does he have? he has over 2000 gold on his person WHAT?! Give me at least. Give me 100 – I want 100 Fine you have a hundred gold You can put it in your shared thing if you want So this is a an infernal box used to house something of great importance to a devil The person I know who knows most about Devils is a lady by the name of Silvera and she lives in candlekeep So I’ll give you free alcohol you have a nice night and in the morning you travel south To candlekeep, you meet with Silvera and she will decode the box for you Are your feet sore – because you’ve been dancing on my mind all day Is it hells? Have we been going to the 9 hells?! Unskippable cutscene! shut up *trying elvish* Sorry about that what two of them? in a sandwich? thats absolutely disgusting Massive thanks to Wizards of the coast for sponsoring this preview episode of the upcoming campaign Baldur’s gate descent into a furnace if you want to find out more deets It’s in the link below and make sure you stay tuned because you are more episodes coming soon