Man: Get him a body bag!Whoever wins the next point
will be our new champion. Finish him!( dramatic music )♪ ♪( cell phone ringing ) ( keypad beeps ) Who is this?Banzai!
Daniel LaRusso here
for LaRusso Auto.
We are chopping prices
on all of our inventory.
Hiyah!Johnny? I knew it was you. This is Johnny Lawrence.
He and I go way back. Oh, this is the guy
whose ass you kicked. Well, if you want
to get technical, I kicked his face.
( laughter )Boy: Hey, where you going,
I didn’t know you guys were
trying to buy beer. – I’m–
– ( grunts ) ( laughter )
Hey! Watch the car, man. Get the hell
out of here, loser. ( chuckles ) ( grunts ) Ah.Miguel: Was that, like,
Tae Kwon Do or something?
It’s karate. Do you think you
could teach me?♪ ♪I’m driving home
from work yesterday,and in this strip mall,
I see…
After 30 years, I thought
that guy might have changed, but he’s still the same prick. I heard you beat up
a bunch of teenagers. I didn’t beat up any teenagers.♪ Ooh, yeah! ♪I kicked the crap
out of a bunch of assholes who deserved it.Daniel: Thinks he can bring
Cobra Kai back to the Valley?
Hiyah!Daniel: Not on my watch.You want those kids at school
to keep dumping things on your head?You want all the girls to
think you’re a wangless dork?
You’re gonna be
my karate teacher? No. I’m gonna be your sensei.♪ Back in the game ♪♪ Breaking hearts again ♪♪ You better watch out ♪♪ ‘Cause I’m back
in the game ♪
♪ Kickin’ ass again ♪( all cheering )♪ I’m back in the game,
oh, yeah! ♪
Johnny: I’m gonna teach you
the style of karate
that was taught to me:
a method of fighting
your pansy-ass generation
desperately needs.
– Let’s see what you got.
– She’s a girl. Johnny: And?
– I’m sorry. – Are you okay?
– Ugh! – ( grunts )
– ( yells ) ( groaning ) Girl’s a natural Cobra.♪ I’m back in the game ♪Daniel: Johnny, you and I…this…We aren’t done.♪ Ooh, yeah! ♪