Osteopath London Back Exercises For Lower Back Pain It’s very common for people with back problems to do their exercises the wrong way. That’s why an Osteopath London is a good idea. Watch this video from VideoJug and learn to properly do exercises that will help with back pain. My name is Dirk Laubscher Osteopath London. I’ve been a physical therapist for over the past ten years and working in Harley Street for the last six. Today, I’m going to talk to you guys about the causes and management of back pain. Back exercises for lower back pain. As you can understand, there are hundreds of exercises that can be done. Today, I just want to show you a couple, well actually a few more, which can really make a big difference in your life. The first one is bending your knees and rolling your knees side to side. You can do this for about one minute. Morning and evenings are usually very good. So, okay, knee roll. Alright, the second exercise is actually to start activating your core muscles. What you can do is there’s usually a curve underneath your back. Osteopath London helps small of your back down. I usually put my hands there just to feel that I’m doing it. Keep the pressure there, then you want to lift your knees up and you want to take your feet down, touch your heels on the bed and bring it back up. Nice and slow. And make sure that your back is actually staying flat. A common problem people do is when the legs go down their back arches, okay. That’s not good. Right, make sure you push it down coming up and then down. If this is too hard for you, you can keep both legs up and just do one leg at a time. Nice and slow and controlled. Okay and again, when you can do about thirty of these, then it might take you a week or so then you start doing both knees up. Obviously, there are progressions to that. The third one, it’s called bridging. You’re going to lift your bottom up to the roof. Make sure you clench your bottom, clench your cheeks and then go down and up and down. What you then do is you put a pillow between the knees, squeeze, lift it up and think of a chicken on the spit. This is the fire you want to cook both cheeks and basically go left and right. Okay, fourth one is just a nice stretch for your back. You usually hold the stretch for about 30 seconds. Okay, and what you do then, actually on your front, this is called Superman. Clench your stomach muscles and you lift your right arm and your left leg. Okay now, fifteen to twenty on each side and then the last one is the Mackenzie exercise. It’s the same as the cobra and it’s usually pushing and arching back. Okay now, I’m just giving you back exercises in general. This is very effective for disk lesions and disk problems. Again, this can aggravate your back if you have a flaccid joint problem. So, in general, if you don’t have any of these problems and you just want to do some back exercises, it can be a very good thing. But your therapist should advise you about this. . Osteopath London Back Exercises For Lower Back Pain For more how to videos, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Back Pain .