Hi! In this video we will summarise some
of the games that we have found in the past year that can be accessed with only
a few simple inputs. We put out a similar video last year that looked at games such as FIFA, Crash Bandicoot, Gran Turismo and Mario Kart. Some games either have simple control schemes or assisted modes that enable them to be accessible
to a wider audience. Forza 7 can be controlled with a button for “accelerate”, a button for “brake” and a single joystick. However, by diving into the settings and
applying some of the assists such as “autobrake” and “autosteer” these controls can be reduced further. If you would like a game similar to Mario Kart but do not own a Nintendo Switch then Team Sonic Racing could be a good substitute. The game can be played using only the “accelerate” button and a left stick, with more options such as “brake”, “special items” and “power-ups” available to those who can
access them. Team Sonic Racing also supports local co-op play and because it is available on Xbox it can be copiloted so the additional features can
be operated by another player. Asphalt 9: Legends is a racing game that has a
OneTouch drive system allowing the game to be controlled with only four buttons. Two for “route selection”, one for “drift”, and one for “boost”. However, not all of these buttons are necessary to win races. Asphalt 9 is a useful racing game for
players who find operating a joystick difficult. In Rocket League, while technically not a racing game you do play football by driving cars. The game can be played with a single “accelerate” button and a joystick, with more options available if needed. Rocket League also supports local co-op
and can be played via the copilot method on Xbox and PC. Platformer games can often be difficult. However, there are some games in the genre with additional features that make them more accessible. In Celeste you jump, dash and climb your way up a mountain. By default, it requires three buttons and one joystick. One for “jump”, one for “dash” and one for “climb” respectively. Celeste has accessibility features such as “invincibility”, the option to slow the gameplay down and infinite dashes that make the game accessible to a plethora of players. Celeste is also available on Xbox and as such, copilot mode can be
enabled to allow a second person to access some of the buttons. Super Lucky’s Tale is a puzzle
platformer game that only requires three buttons and a joystick to play. “Jump”, “tail swipe” and “burrow”. Super Lucky’s tale can also be played via copilot if needed. Ninja Pizza Girl is a parkour freerunning game and has you leaping across buildings to deliver a pizza on time. The game can be played with two
buttons and a joystick. One button for “jump” and one button for “slide”. Ninja Pizza Girl has some accessibility options, such as being able to give
yourself more time to complete levels as well as slow down the gameplay speed to
make it more manageable. Bubbles the Cat is a platforming game built with
accessibility in mind. The entire game can be played using just one button. Bubbles the Cat will auto run forward until he hits a wall and then turn around. Your one button controls “jump” and the ability to create bubbles while in
the air. Bubbles the Cat has added accessibility features such as “invincibility “and “infinite bubbles” allowing you to complete any level
provided you can jump at the right time. Pyro Jump is a one-button platformer
game where you control the “jump” button. The game does not have any built-in
accessibility options and it does require specific timing but it could be quite fun for the right player. Many strategy and puzzle games can be
played using only a mouse and left click. This includes many popular card games
such as Light Seekers, Magic the Gathering and Neoverse. Triple Trouble Dino Edition can be played with just one stick and one button. In this game you try to match your dinosaur with with their respective colour before time runs out. Super Bomberman is an action puzzle game that has you solving a variety of maze-like puzzles using nothing but bombs. The game can be played with a single button and joystick. It also has local co-op play as well as being available on the Xbox, so it can also be played via copilot. Girls Like Robots is a colourful puzzle game similar to that of
Minesweeper or Sudoku. In this game you use your mouse and left-click to sit the various people next to each other and try to make everyone as happy as
possible. The girls like sitting next to the robots. Thank you for watching. For more information please contact Special Effect.