Here you will see all the allowances in your award. You can select all
or just those that you want to get rates for. Once you have made your selections click next
and you’ll be asked some YES/NO questions to work out if the allowances apply. I will select broken shift and tool and equipment reimbursement and
then click next The first question I get is whether the employee works two separate
shifts on the same day, and I will click yes. The next question is whether the employee has to pay for their own tools I will click no. When all your questions are
answered you get back to the pay rate summary page. But this time your selected allowances
will be there. I answered yes to the question about broken shifts so the allowance is displayed for me. Because I answered no to the question about the employee paying for their own tools, The Pact tells me that this allowance is
not applicable. I can click on why to see how the rate was calculated and edit if I need to make changes.