My name is Sandy Wexler and I’m a
registered nurse and I am an Oral pharyngeal cancer survivor I went to my
new dentist she came in with some new screening techniques she was screening
blood pressure and screening extensive oral exam and an external exam she was
doing her external for an extended length of time until I finally asked her
what was the going on and she informed me that there was an enlarged lymph node
on the right side of my neck and that I needed to get it checked called my
primary doctor didn’t think anything of it really being in the medical field I
just thought it was going to be a virus a virus my primary doctor sent me to an
ENT and pretty much sent me right over to MD Anderson with metastatic squamous
cell carcinoma diagnosis I underwent six weeks five days a week of proton therapy
the form of radiation and seven weeks of chemo. I’ve been cancer-free for five
years now I’ve been promoted to the survivorship clinic at MD Anderson I’m
glad I went to the dentist in July of 2012 for her to find the lymph node if I
hadn’t my routine physical exam was six months later in December it would have
metastasized even further and I probably wouldn’t be here so I credit her with
saving my life well everybody when we have radiation that they take a mold of
your face and your upper chest they mold it to your face and it comes out as a
hard acrylic mesh material and once you finish your radiation they always ask if
you would like it or not to take it with you majority of people say no they never
want to see it again I decided to go ahead and take it I feel
grateful that I’m alive and that my dentist found a lymph node and that I
went through the treatment at MD Anderson hospital
I want dentists to know that they need to be doing this screening and that they
could be saving somebody’s life because it saved mine