Okay, so to put this similar on time, what
I did with the collar and what I’m gonna do with the front and back, this ruler is broken
up into one-eighth measurements, and its broken into two inches. So I have this half inch
similar on set by this line up here and then it goes into one inch, one and half inches,
two inches. Maybe you want 5/8’s, so maybe you’d do five of this little squares, but
I’m gonna go ahead and just use this big line, this half inch similar ones because that is
what I am accustomed to. And I’m gonna put this line on my original line, and then would
be exactly half inch all the way around. And again, make sure you’re really accurate with
putting this line exactly on your original pencil line because you don’t want to keep
adding 1/16 of an inch, 1/8 of an inch because it will add up, it will just add up once you
multiply by four because this is two sides. You know, that’s the middle and it will open
up and this is your side so it will add up. Definitely, you want to be accurate. And we’ll
just trace all the way around it.