Yup, how ya doing? Hello beautiful morning isn’t
it? Is that all? No I’m going take this and I’m
going to pay for hers too. Do you know what
kind of coffee she’s getting? No I don’t. That’s okay just charge for a
large. That’s pretty fun huh? Charge for the large.
There’s large extra large and there’s jumbo sized.
You don’t know. Ma’m.
No no no. Shhh. I just want it to be a suprise.
First of all don’t shush me. Listen one time I went
to a gas station and this lady paid for my coffee
and it really made my day. I said if I get a chance
I’m going to pay it forward. Just like baby Haley Joel Osment how much of the jumbo jumbo
premium coffee is 695 plus tax. Tax for gas station coffee?
Jeez Louise sweet Haley Joel Never had to deal with this.
Hey this creep wants to pay
for your coffee. What in the hell I can pay for
my own damn coffee. I’m really
sorry. I was just trying to be nice.
Trying to be nice you’ll be nice if you get your weird
little teeth out of my face. Suck.
Nice. Nice? Hmm Well things have been
pretty tough lately. You know what’d be nice if I
could get something for my boy out in
the car. I’ll tell you what get him a candy bar on me. What kind of mother
am I though you know? I can’t just feed the kid Candy let’s get him
some beef jerky. It’s the proteins
get us testosterone up yeah? Yeah I can do a beef jerky.
Great. He’d probably like some air
fresheners too. Oh hell yeah. You would love
these air fresheners. Get some more kids
smells like [bleep]. Oh you know what else
you would like. Dip. Yes and some scratchers that
little [bleep] loves the stuff Yes. Give me three cocky sevens Yes oh three of the The
Archibald’s treasure chest and three of Daddy’s
Diamond drawers. So your total is $48.97.
Cash or credit? Credit. You know what kid. Why don’t you take a Daddy’s
Diamond drawers on me. That’s my mighty nice of you.
You got a quarter. Yes. Thanks so much.
That’s great. Okay here we go. $300.I just won $300
[bleep] dollars! Boy you’re staying with your
daddy next weekend. Cause I’m going to Ft.
Lauderdale. Woo! Girl give me this I will see
you when I get back. Yeah take it easy buddy Look out world mommy’s a
millionaire. Woo Well looks like daddy’s got no
diamonds for me.