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my name is Florante and in today’s video we’re going to talk about how you can
pay your taxes online. Now, before we get started here are a couple of things that
I needed to prepare before we proceed process from the steps how you can pay
online first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you haven’t used
your tin number or your tax identification number okay the second
thing that you need to have with you is your form number that it’s 1601 or
whatever form number that you are going to pay and attacks all right so if you
have those another thing that you need to also make sure is that you know the
RTO number or the revenue districts office number so for those who are in
Cebu especially Cebu South your RDO number is zero eight two (082)
okay if you have that next thing that you’ll need to have is the date or the
return period that you’re going to pay what return period. Is it for a specific
quarter or is it for a month? So you need to know what your return period is. Okay, so
once you have that you will also need to have with you the amount. How much are
you going to pay so you should already have any exact amount to pay. Make sure
that you also have with you your mobile phone. We’re going to use your mobile
phone. It’s going to be very useful later on
and lastly you also need to make sure that you have with you either a credit
card, a debit card an ATM card that’s Bancnet, that’s a member of the Bancnet network. Or if you have a PayMaya account or PayMaya card you can also make use of that. So if you have all those items
that I have mentioned let’s go ahead and get started. I need you to go to your
web browser and go to this website so just type in on your web browser DBP pay
tax .com So that’s a DBP as in Development Bank in the Philippines
we’ll just have to add from the from the abbreviation DBP just add pay tax calm
once you are at the DB pay tax website you should be able to see something like
this so there are three major steps that we need to go through the first one is
the tax payment so the tax payment details that’s where you’re going to
fill out the information that I have asked you to prepare earlier so you have
to fill out the TIN number and if you’re wondering on the 4th box or on the 4th
field under the tin number you will see that there is five digit number,
so if you are a self-employed individual just like me
and you just leave it as it is just leave with this zero zero zero zero zero
but if say for example you are a business in the branches it’ll probably
have to make sure that you check it on your COR or certificate of registration
and just have to make sure that you check your COR you can find it there now
for the form number I’m going to pay here the 1601E so that’s the form
number so you just click on that field okay so once you click on that you will
be prompted to fill out a security check there’s a CAPTCHA code in there type in
the CAPTCHA code and then click on submit and you will see a drop down list
of the different form numbers. Just pick one. The one you’re going to pay and then
on the next field click on the the form tax type that you’re going to pay. The
next thing is the RDO so your RDO Number and just have to click on
that field so you can see that this just find your RDO number from that list. For the return period that’s either for a month or a quarter so I’m paying month
for the month of February I’ll just choose February 28th so the end of the
month and for the amount that’s 325 and once you have all those fields filled
out just go ahead and click on the certification that the information that
you have provided is correct you can go ahead and click on submit so we can
proceed to the next section which is the mode of payment. Okay,
so we’re clear with step number one or section 1. Okay, the next section is the
mode of payment. So here I’m going to make use of the credit card but take
note that it’s actually a PayMaya card. Even if I’m clicking on credit card I
still can use my PayMaya card because basically it’s still Visa or MasterCard
so it doesn’t really matter as long as you have you can see those Visa or
MasterCard printed on your ATM on your card, then you can click on credit card. Okay, then just click on accept’
so you can proceed okay so just have to fill out your information so here on the
final step or for the payment information they just have to fill out
your first name middle name last name email address and mobile number and
remember that those that are marked with red asterisks those are mandatory so you
have to make sure that you fill those out you will notice that under the
payment summary there is a convenience fee so if you’re making use of credit
card if you choose that option even if you’re making use of a debit card only
you will still have to pay the convenience fee of the 4150 which is I
think that’s a very reasonable amount to pay let’s say the ring that it’s going
to save you a lot of time instead if you go into the band right so that’s it so
if you have those information filled out everything is checked again make sure
that you click on the check mark to certify that the information is correct
and once you have that filled out and you have clicked on proceed expect for a
one-time password to be sent to your mobile phone to the mobile number that
you have indicated so you have five minutes to fill out that information so
once you have that one-time password be sure to fill it out before the time
expires otherwise you will have to generate another whole TP so if you’ve
already felt that out just click on submit so for the last step for the
online payment provide the details to the debit card or credit card that
you’re going to use so we’ve chosen debit card so you just have to fill out
those information and click on confirm name okay so our payment has been
confirmed and at the same time you can also click on the PDF download which I
highly recommend that you do so you will have a copy of it you can
and at the same time you will also be able to still get the receipt of your
payment system you will receive a receipt via email so the email that you
have indicated in the previous steps that we have gone through it will also
receive receipt to that email that you have provided all right so basically
that’s the whole process on how you can pay your taxes online and it’s really a
very convenient one and I really love the fact that I can do it at home no
need for me to go to you know the specified banks so thank you so much for
watching and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments
I’ll try to my best to provide you with an answer and hopefully I’ll be able to
get all you questions answered in the coming videos
also providing you another video tutorial so be on the lookout on how you
can make use of other payment challenge to pay for your taxes aside from the
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