ReturnToWorkSA’s online services for providers makes it easy to access payment history and remittances. In fact, ReturnToWorkSA no longer provides this information by mail. In this video I’ll show you how to perform a simple and advanced payment history search, download remittance information as a CSV and reconcile payments. To view payment history go to payment history or click the same item in the search menu. The simple search has three filters: remittance number, reconciliation status and history which allows you to view payment history up to a maximum of 60 days in the past. Let’s look at the Advanced Search. The Advanced Search opens up more filters including the paid date range field which allows a maximum date range of 90 days, the payee invoice number and the amount paid. Let’s do a payment history search for unreconciled payments paid during the last week. Now you can see a filtered view of the payment history search screen including the remittance reference which allows you to download a CSV file of the remittance advice, the paid date, the amount paid and the best bit is you can use the tick boxes and save function to record your reconciliations. Also notice the little arrow. This handy feature allows you to download the search results as a CSV file. Remember, payment history and remittance information is only available from online services and is no longer mailed out.