I used to be a teacher. I taught in two years
in a secondary school as a science teacher teaching chemistry and physics. And when I
was a teacher workload was the biggest issue for me. When talking to teachers and teachers
always talk about marking as their biggest time drain. So for them it’s a it’s a difficult
one because actually marking is so important for teachers because for them in order to
really understand where the students are in the learning journey they really need to do
that. Ownership of the marking piece but it is something that takes a lot of time particularly
if their school has a specific marking policy that they have to adhere to. At Pearson we
already provide a huge range of ready made assessments that teachers can use to assess
their students and monitor their progress. However we know that teachers often like to
cater and tailor their assessments to the needs of their students as a result of that
we know that teachers are spending lots and lots of time adding to their workload in terms
of trying to find questions from different sources and reliable sources and cobbled together
from all of those different sources in order to make those tailor made assessments. Well
with our Assessment Builder teachers can effectively choose topics and questions within those topics
from all of the high quality questions that we’ve written within our premade assessments.
With both the Pearson premade assessments and the customer assessments made using Assessment
Builder. There are accompanying online markbooks where teachers can input student data and
analysis can be seen from that. The online markbook can also be used to export to the
data into their own systems and into reports that they can show parents and SLT. We can
help schools be more efficient because with all of the questions that are in our premade
assessments or in our questions for assessment builder in those customer assessments, all
of those questions were written by Pearson assessment experts. They are also linked to
the Pearson Progression Steps and to indicative grades. So it really helps schools be more
efficient when comparing data between different classes and different sets studying different
topics within the same subjects between different subjects in the same school and even between
different schools in a multi-academy trust because all of the schools be following the
same framework and the same direction in terms of how they implemented assessment design