hey guys oh my god best coffee ever it's so miserably hot today no like Mass forgive me it's hot alright sorry that went down the wrong pipe hey guys I'm Kristi buns we usually go live on Wednesday we didn't go live last Wednesday cuz I have a sponsor video that went up on Wednesday so do not go live and I don't know if I'll go live this Wednesday actually since we are live now and it's Monday if I do decide to go live on Wednesday I will send you guys out a text alert if you have a sign that protects alerts if you haven't you should but since we're talking about text alerts really quickly it is blooms is the app that we're using instead of remind Ramon was the school app and so is balloons so when you sign up for text alerts it asks you your child's name you can just make up a name it's funny how many people created an account and put a J which is my son's name as their child's name I think they just did that because they were like why is it asking for my kid's name so I wanted to tell you why that was so they actually allow like we're not breaking their Terms of Service or anything like that by using their app they allow bloggers to use their app but I just want to let you guys know like what I got in the mail today before we start I'm gonna show ya first of all a little letter from the two can you believe this I'm still shocked every single day that more than just my mom watches my videos honestly so thank you guys so much for all your support it's so sweet that you guys continue to come back and so I don't wanna get all mushy cuz I cryed that thank you means a lot and this thing doesn't really mean anything but it does because it's this is a lot of work I don't think most people realize how much work it is and how frustrating it is sometimes anyway I'm in this video we are gonna be talking about two things really quickly I'm gonna try to make this quick we're not gonna take it an hour long as we usually do on live streams if you don't like pointless live streams you're probably not gonna like this so you can probably just leave the video what we're gonna talk about is the video that I was sent today I think it was today it was in my like message request it was about photoshopping and the video said that penny shopping was ending so I want to talk about that really quickly and then we're also going to do a giveaway okay I have some more PNG with tied that I'm giving away I don't actually have them in my possession vieira who owns BQ savings com who I talk about every single week because I work with them if so I don't tell them it's her company I just AM an affiliate I guess you would say I don't know why I'm saying that anyway you get the drift right BQ savings comm usually they're linked in the description box but I forgot to link them down there if you buy coupons from BQ savings comm it's really helpful if you go through my link because I make a very small percentage off that and this is how I pay my bills so that is helpful anyway they have whole inserts she did make the price a little bit cheaper on the PNG insert so I was able to give them away because shipping costs a lot it cost seven dollars to ship a flat rate envelope and I'm doing the giveaway for multiple people so it's it got quite pricey um anywho so let's talk about the penny shopping ending video really quickly I'm not gonna say the person's name whose video it was something that I've noticed since I've been doing penny shopping videos and I am not in any way saying the theory they made this video because I did any shopping videos that's not what I mean at all um a lot of penny shopping videos do get a lot of attention and I think the title of their video being penny shaming was more of a click Beatty thing I'm not saying that they click data because they did actually talk about that in the video and something that people don't understand is it's not clickbait if it's actually in the video right but the video said that that penny shopping was ending because and I'm gonna try to say this without laughing that because the Dollar General employees had thrown the penny items in the dumpster but if you've ever seen an actual dollar general employee memo which I've seen many you guys have seen many i've showed them to you they say on them that you the Dollar General employees are to throw them in the dumpster sometimes it says send them back to the corporate office so that is something that's completely normal and the reason I wanted to bring this up is because somebody sent this video to me luckily it doesn't yet have all kinds of views but again I know why they made the video to get clicks and views this is how we make money so I don't fault them for that but it does kind of spread false information and it causes a lot of headache for me so I'm just putting that out there so you guys know that penny shopping is not ending they're supposed to throw the items in the dumpster they always have been nothing has changed except now we have most of us a deed you go and we can scan and confirm our penny items before we actually purchase them so it makes penny shopping even easier I will tell you from my experience if Dollar General changes their penny policy which I don't think they will in fact I'm pretty positive that they won't because of some other information that we have if they were to change it it would the announcement I'm 99.9% sure of this because I study Dollar General the announcement will come in January and they will end it in April okay if something changes mark my words that's when it will happen all right so moving on this is the best coffee ever um it's not Starbucks I made it myself what is that noise um I don't have air conditioner on my car cuz I cut so I come in a random spot and sat in the shade probably cars going down the road we don't have deg gum mmm Buffalo recipe please I just bought some I'm doing keto if you guys don't know or trying to do keto I say low carb because I feel like I'm an embarrassment to keto people um anyway I bought some cold brew Stoke coffee at Walmart and put just a drip of runaway coffee creamer and some trivia in here and Jason took a drink and he didn't even realize that it was fake sugar so anyway it's that water way coffee creamer it's the bomb diggity but it's the first time I ever drink that Stoke coughing it was really good anyway all right so coupons all right so I'm giving away four sets of five each so there will be 4 winners each person is going to get 5 P&G inserts I think shipped to them I think she'll ship them out tomorrow so you should get them of course before Saturday give the video a thumbs up and we'll get to the giveaway we got to get we got a thousand people and 200 thumbs ups come on guys what I want to do is get these out I want to pick winners and get these out quick because these come out and Sunday's paper so I don't like her to do PNG giveaways before they come out but we we wanted to verify that they would have tied in them and Vera was very helpful with BQ savings.com um so I want to give her some free promotion there because she did help a lot you know going back and forth with me to make sure that they had P&G in them and everything for you guys so we need more thumbs up come on come on let's get rolling I got to do is there a new list for tomorrow um I posted I'm so glad you said that thank you I posted the video for tomorrow in the description box along with the master penny list somebody emailed me today and said Christy you know what would be so helpful is if you made a list of like all the dotted items that we can look for and I was like hey girl I got you I just made that video last week but it's in the in the description box along with the list tomorrow so it says you know tomorrow's penny list and then the master penny list watch those videos if you haven't already also I was doing another video is gonna do breakdown that you guys could do all week long and the gain and this is gonna lead into the giveaway since y'all got the thumbs up going there the gain dishsoap so if you don't know a Dollar General we got several gain dishsoap digital coupons the gain dishsoap 21.6 ounce by the way is on an unadvertised sell three for five dollars but the gain dishsoap at least the original scent did not count towards the five off 25 gains and add item digital coupon which was annoying um and so that's what my video yesterday was a bust and i didn't upload it but but if you have seen the dollar bottles of gain dish soap was working with the two off to gain coupon making them free my store didn't have them sadly at least I only checked one store the other stores I think do have them but I only checked the one store anyway that is a dead dil so that dough is no longer active I want to let you guys know that just in case you've seen somebody post that deal because I was going to post it and luckily I have good old Janet who keeps us up to date so she said it was a dead deal so the first giveaway I am going to do since Janet helps us and gives us so much information what you have to do is you have to go over to Instagram and follow Janet her her link is in the description box of this video her screen name is Quito farm girl Dill's Quito farm girl dill bills Quito farm girl hills the link is in the description box but just in case you cannot find it you can search on Instagram Quito farm girl Dill's no spaces you so if you follow Janet follow me and comment on her dead till gain post on Instagram then you're entered into the first giveaway we're doing more though don't worry if you don't have an Instagram so if you are the winner winner chicken dinner for that I'll just have Jason pick a random person and then make sure that they're following me on Instagram following Janet on Instagram and commented on Janet's post about the game being a dead dil you have to comment just say hey you know giveaway or something like that I don't care what you say just don't be mean to Janet and I will have Jason randomly pick a person and then our private message you on Instagram you have to respond to me before midnight because if you don't I'm gonna give the coupons to somebody else because I want to get them out quick okay so you can get them before Saturday then we're doing three other giveaways which I haven't really thought about how we're gonna do this yet I'm okay yeah kind of alright so when you guys comment in a lot of chat sometimes it shows up different on your screen than it does mine so for example if I say the first person who comments you know what color this guy is and a million people say blue it might look like on your screen on your live feed that you said it first but on my screen it looks like Cindy said it first right so I'm going by what's on my screen I can't screenshot it because I'm live but I'm gonna say the people's name out that win okay so we have proof in the video all right does everybody understand that so you understand because every time we've ever done a giveaway in a live video somebody was like my screen we're doing it by my screen okay cuz that's the only way I can do it cuz I can't see your screen alright actually we're gonna give away three more sets of PNG so you'll get five sets three people will win five sets and then I'll do a $10 gift card just so we can have more winner winner chicken dinners and then I'm also doing a PNG giveaway you have to follow Janet follow me comment on Janet's gain post okay trying to boost our friend Jana up cuz she helps us so much she deserves it when people follow me I'm like you should probably just come watch in it you know alright let me think it's something real quick in my head for a lot of the giveaways I like to ask questions that you would only know if you watched like previous video just so I can make sure you're like a subscriber also I'm gonna say your name if you win but I will double check that you're subscribed to my youtube channel so make sure you're subscribed if you're not subscribed already go ahead and do that right now I don't know why you wouldn't be it's buffering isn't is it Buffy oh yeah let me see if I can turn the volume down sometimes it messes it up alright all right make sure you're not buffering and make sure that you you didn't pause the video at any point because you'll be like last all right I did two sponsorships in the last 30 days but two different companies and it's only the second and third sponsorships I've ever done what are the two companies that sponsored my videos you got a name both you got a know both first person to know both that's the question who what two companies you got to say both in the same comment come on Amy's Todd's she won fair and square bet and that bit fun was the answer if you didn't know I'm mad at I bother let me tell you I think I'm probably gonna make a video about it all right um-hmm damn too slow I tried to drag it out there for a minute before you say you don't have a fair chance I wish check out 51 would sponsor me check if check out 51 and fetch sponsored me forever I would be happy all right I do love fetch cuz I think it's the easiest way to get cash back like without doing any crazy amount of work and like looking for the items and not having to worry about them stealing your money I honestly believe that and before they emailed me I would have been like if any company could sponsor me right now I'd be fetch cuz I love that app and it's my favorite right now my husband for a while alright what are the names of the two Facebook groups that we have and then the next giveaway will do just a general thing the names of both Facebook groups what are the names of both Facebook groups B G WI in I don't like when names are like that cuz when people email me but you won if your screen name is B G W Y in you're the winner winner chicken dinner alright and the next two we'll just do general things that everybody can do pick a number between 1 and 100 Janet's instagram is linked in the description box i wrote the number down by the way just so you can make sure i'm not cheating the first person to get guess my number is going to win ah I like to guess the number one I feel like this is kind of fair you have to guess the number between 1 and 100 guess a number between 1 and 100 I've written the number down you cannot see it but I'll show you when we pick the winner so you know that I didn't just like favorite somebody nobody's guessed it yet close you're not seeing the guesses you guys are getting close to it but you're not getting that there's a thousand of you it's closer to a hundred than it is a 1 that's your hint a milli you're you're kind of close wow this is crazy that nobody's guessed this number yet the good thing is to YouTube won't let you comment too many comments so you guys are oh you're so close Billy so close you're watching me on two devices that's smart borderline cheating but smart you're double helping oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ke what's with y'all's names ke kama Zeke and jr. three six one is the winner the number was eighty-six Sarah you just used bitch and that's all alright let's do that okay so those are P&G winners you got to go follow did it was did we do oh yeah okay that was three that was Janet we did Janet what's the name of the couponing groups what was my two sponsorships and the number okay so those are the P Angie's are gone that's it those people by the way you guys listen open up the description box and you can read it those of you who one have until midnight Eastern time today to email me your address so I can have beer ship them out to you they should go out tomorrow if not tomorrow it'll be Wednesday but I think she'll ship them tomorrow tomorrow Wednesday okay if you do not email me your address by midnight then we'll have to do this again but most of the time people when we do the P&G giveaway they want that P&G but we still got a gift card let's do two $10 gift cards how about that since we're all here and then I need to cigarette with my coughing okay that was fun I think the numbers was fun the other I like that some of you really know except for the sponsor video you guys didn't watch that fabfitfun video only got 10,000 views which I was a little disappointed by that I was like what the hell why are these people not watching my back fit fun video all right let's pick another number pick a number between one and 100 yes it's hard to drink it's not really Starbucks it's not Starbucks it's just in a Starbucks I seen something about cop haters at Starbucks they asked the cops somebody was offended a car there was a cop in uniform I think that's crock too I just don't like to waste plastic so I reused a cup but I do go to Starbucks I'm not gonna lie and say it oh I tried not to but in a pinch well I'm still looking at your numbers by the way between one and 100 and this is for a $10 gift card and the winner still has to email me before midnight I'll probably send you an egg if card or something so you don't have to email me your address just let me know that you were the winner winner chicken dinner I've been removed from videos no you're you're not removed because I can see your comment so you're not removed you may have been timed out or something like that sometimes that happens on accident sometimes it just depends on what you say you know we do have moderators and sometimes they're unsure even if I would want to comment on their Oh Billy Bowman it's 69 I thought that was funny I was being childish sorry Billy Bowman one that you accidentally unliked Oh unlikes help just as much as likes so that's absolutely fine okay is this wagging Janet messaged me and said she thinks it was and so did Susan okay so we got one more $10 gift card to give away so I'll tell you what I'll do since it I think it is lagging that way you guys have fair chance of winning we'll pick another winner from Instagram how about that so you have to follow me on Instagram I'm Kristy coupons obviously and you also have to follow Janet on Instagram her handle on Instagram is Kido farmgirl Dill's it's linked in the description box up the video and you need to comment on her post about gain dishsoap being a dead dil should be her last post it was right before I went unless she's posted something wrong was live here but she probably didn't so I'll pick two winners from Janet's Instagram one too when PNG inserts and the other to win the $10 gift card just so you guys have a fair chance since its lagging quite a bit yeah we did some don't have Instagram I'm an Instagram gel – what'd you do did you get an Instagram gel okay sorry can you repeat go on Instagram that's why I wanted to do some on YouTube as well because I know someone if you don't have Instagram and Facebook we did three on here set our four I don't remember how many I had to go back watch the video because I forgot but all you have to do is go on Instagram make sure you're following me I'm Krista coupons if you don't know and then you also follow Janet Janet's Instagram is linked in the description box of this video her you to or her Instagram name is pedo farm girl Dill's Janet today made a post about gain dishsoap being a dead dil on instagram just comment on that post that you're entering the giveaway or something like that just so I know you know whoever said they picked 69 first you weren't here for the beginning part of the video I go by what's on my screen that's the hard part about doing giveaways I know it seems unfair especially if you come in in the middle of the video and you didn't hear that we've done giveaways like this before and what we discovered is on your screen it looks different like the comments show up in a different order on your screen than they do on mine I can only go by my screen because that's the only screen I can see so I've been here the whole time you didn't hear the whole spill about the comments being different on my screen yeah it might just be lagging on my end during your and it's I'm trying to be fair you guys don't give me about giving a giveaway I pay a lot of money to do this giveaway that is a very frustrating part of doing a giveaway to let me tell you when people complain about it and I'm like don't bitch about it cuz it makes you not want to do giveaways you shouldn't have to go on the txt app it says okay Carolina says I'm not able to go on the txt app to see what you text it says in invitation code invalid will you please help it says something about access code does it okay no at sign it says on my bloom's app that if someone says they need the access code then they just type and it has it on all caps so I try all caps first it says in in whatever it is without the app side that's on in in g43 in in g43 says that's the code if that doesn't help you get it then email me I'm gonna sign up on Jason's phone and I think I'm gonna do video a video about signing up for the text alerts because some of you are having trouble that's why I prefer the blooms app over remind obviously or mine just deleted our group which I think was incredibly rude but aside from that I like that you guys don't have to download an app because I struggle with space on my phone so I know a lot of you guys do too I'm not already read that I subscribed to the daily paper and I haven't received a PNG insert for two months I'm in saying oh let me repeat about penny shopping ending real quick before we in the livestream if you guys haven't already please give the video a thumbs up I seen somebody sent me a video of this video on YouTube it doesn't have a ton of views yet but it could get a lot of views a lot of painting shopping videos don't get views right off and later they'll get abused and that's why I wanted to mention it and since people sent it to me I know some of you guys have have seen this and I'm not gonna advertise for them because it made me laugh really I just thought wow I don't want to be shady but I just thought wow this person really doesn't know much about penny shopping and is pretending that they do to get views which is fine whatever make that coin I'm all about that okay let me tell ya I don't have a problem with anybody else making penny shopping videos or money at all um but what does annoy me a little bit is when there's false information out there because I obviously help you guys learn the penny shop and it just confuses people so anyway this video was about penny it said that the title of the video I believe was penny shopping is ending or something and it was obviously a click Beatty title so they could get views to make money obviously which is what we all do on YouTube but it said penny shopping was ending because now Dollar General and please are throwing penny items in the dumpster and they've always done that that's not new in fact on the Dollar General pain list it normally says to either throw the items in the dumpster for the Dollar General employees or to send back to the corporate office now it does annoy me that they throw the items in the dumpster because it is a waste but it's nothing new all companies almost all companies especially retail stores do this instead of giving the stuff away whether it be food clothing personal care items no matter what it is they throw it in the dumpster it's not just a Dollar General thing it's all retail stores but it just causes a lot of false information and so I was scared a lot of you are gonna see that video and then it was going to cause me a headache later painting shopping is not ending we also seen a video around November the freebie guy also made a video about penny shopping ending around November again those types of videos tend to get a lot of views because it gets people worried and round up but clearly I mean here we are almost a year later and we're so penny shopping just fine I don't think that there's anything wrong with making videos to get clicks I don't YouTube tells you to do that as long as you're actually talking about that topic in the video I am a little annoyed when people have no idea what they're talking about and they just put information out there they don't have a legitimate source so the video that was sent to me today was quite annoying but we're good you guys were so penny there is a list a penny list for tomorrow I did want to tell you guys in my penny list video the Arizona tea pitcher I did get off Google cuz my store didn't have any it's why I didn't show you any in store and one of my subscribers did find the Arizona tea in store and it was a bottle not a can and the barcode matched up now here's what's interesting my store removes penny items off the shelf now typically on Friday at the very latest on Saturday because the d'argent on please or at least the Dollar General they usually get there penniless on like Thursday night why mister closed and so it's available to them when they come in and you know open up their emails and stuff there's a Friday morning so anyway I don't think my store got the penny list this week and I'm pretty sure they did so that means that we're probably gonna have a good I don't think they did last time either we got the planners nuts for a penny so especially if you like peanuts I think you should go look for those peanuts tomorrow and I might go live finish shopping tomorrow actually they watch me I think they do watch me I know they do I know a lot of the other youtubers do I know too that some of my videos especially the ones that got you know almost two hundred thousand views or whatever people try to emulate that if they can I even seen that they had the person who I watched videos today who said that penny shopping was ending they literally stole somebody else's thumbnail that annoyed me a little bit because that's just not cool you know they stole someone else's thumbnail of a video that doesn't maybe it was their video that done really well though I can't remember whose video that was but I know I'd seen the video before and I remember specifically the thumbnail of penny shopping because I subscribed to everyone I see regarding couponing and penny shopping if I see someone that post videos like that I subscribed to them I don't usually watch their videos unless like if I seen the title that penny shopping was ending obviously I'm gonna watch that to see if maybe they know something I don't know but the fact that Dollar General employees are throwing stuff in the dumpster penny items in the dumpster they're supposed to do that what frustrates me is a lot of times people don't say I don't know that and they don't say like people watching the video are gonna go call the corporate office and be like my Dollar General Store is throwing and the dumpster instead of leaving them on the shelf for me to buy see that causes a problem not just for me but for all of us and so that's really the problem I have with false information being out there so I'm sorry to those of you who don't have Instagram we did do plenty of giveaways here on YouTube I did that on purpose because I knew some of you were gonna say well I don't have Instagram and what I would say to you is especially if you're gonna be a couponer you should have Instagram penny shopping it's not that great I don't think for penny shopping I usually do post the penny list on Instagram but I don't really get a lot of good penny information on Instagram and even if I didn't like get the list and stuff you know I just don't think it's that helpful for penny shopping but for couponing yes what was Janet's info for Instagram Janet's info for Instagram is Kido farm girl Dill's and it's linked in the description box of this video up at the top somewhere in the description box thank you I love you too so follow me on instagram krista coupons follow janet on instagrams on instagrams Kito farm girl deals and comment on Janet's post about gain dishsoap being a dead dil it was her last Instagram post before it went live and the winners all have to respond by midnight tonight once I in this video I'm gonna go pick the winners pretty quickly on Janet's Instagram so if you're a part of the live video you have a lot more chance than people watching later so let's see what time is it now by the time I go to bed which is usually like 1000 sure I gotta go make keto Pizza I got a hurry by the time I go to bed I'll pick I'll pick both winners one person's gonna win P&G inserts and the second person's gonna win a $10 gift card uh-huh thank you so much and thank you Kelly Regina you're so sweet Kelly as to where your moderators I'm gonna end give the video a thumbs up go enter again if you missed it follow me on instagram jannah on instagram comment on Janet's post about gain being a dead bill thank you guys so much for subscribing cuz I got my little play button all thanks to you and Jana and Susan and all the people who have helped me and lady who gives us the penny list who we pretend to call Vicki that's not a real name but you know whatever and each and every one of you especially those of you who you know sign up for text alerts watch all my videos and all that jazz I am so grateful to all of you and I'm happy to be able to do a giveaway and hopefully those of you who are supportive are the ones who win give the video a thumbs up and I'll see you later