Your organization faces constant pressure to
streamline financial processes and improve the
bottom line. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Payment Request feature provides your employees with a
self-service option to submit any miscellaneous
or adhoc requests for payment. The Fluid Payment Request feature enables you
to create requests for payments anytime, on
any device. You can submit requests with a minimum knowledge of PeopleSoft, reducing
processing time and making payments occur
faster. Since your end users can submit adhoc requests, the Payment Request feature helps to
optimize Payables processes without AP department assistance, reducing the
workload for your AP department. In this example, let’s login to the Employee Self
Service page and go to the Payment Request
Center tile. The Payment Request Center shows all of your
recent payment requests. Use the Message Icon to see pending
messages. The Review Messages page shows you
messages, such as questions or comments, sent by Accounts Payable or Payment Request
Approvers. Let’s click the plus icon to add a new Payment
Request. The step-by-step Activity Guide lets you find out
where you are in the overall payment request
process. Here, in the first step, you have to enter the top
level invoice information like Invoice Number, Invoice Date and Cost as well as the invoice
description. Using the Attachments button, you can attach a
copy of the invoice or other documents. To enter Tax, Freight or Miscellaneous Charges,
click the Other Cost button. Here, let’s add Tax and click Done to go back to
the Invoice Summary page. Now, you can see the total amount including
tax. Use the Next button to move to the next step in
the Payment Request process. Let’s search for a Supplier. You can enter the first few letters of the Supplier
name and click Search. You can see a list of all
suppliers. If your supplier isn’t listed, you can add a new
supplier, using the Enter New Supplier button. The New Supplier Request page allows you to
enter basic information for a Supplier. Click to select the Supplier. Supplier details are
displayed onscreen. You can compare these
with the invoice to make sure they’re correct. Use the Next Button to go to Step 3 for entering
invoice line details. Using the Add Lines button, you can enter
invoice details like quantity, unit price, unit of
measure, and accounting information. The Item ID field allows you to search for items
that exist in PeopleSoft and add them to the
invoice details page. Select the magnifying glass icon to access the
master item list. If you aren’t able to find the item in the master
list, you can enter the Item Description shown in
the Invoice. After you’ve entered the item quantity, unit of
measure and unit price, the system calculates
the line amount. Now, it’s time to enter the accounting information to charge the correct
account, cost center, fund and department for
the invoice. Accounting Tags are the Fluid equivalent of
SpeedCharts and speed up the process of
entering accounting information by assigning a pre-defined “Accounting Tag” which then
automatically populates the accounting details
for the line. Select the magnifying glass icon to access the
master list. In this example, we’ll select a pre-defined
Accounting Tag and click Done. On the Accounting Details page, you can see the accounting information including the GL Unit, Account, Cost Center and Fund that we populated when we selected the Accounting Tag. Select the Chartfields tab for viewing additional
information like Fund and Department. Click Next to move on to Step 4, to Review and
Submit the Payment Request. This is the last chance for you to review the
invoice before submitting it for Approval. Click Submit to send the Payment Request. The system shows you a verification message.
Click OK to submit the Payment Request. Now, you can see that the request you just
entered is listed at the top of the page. Select the payment request ID to see the
approval history information. Use the Approval History button to see the
Approver for your payment request. By empowering end-users to submit adhoc
requests, PeopleSoft Fluid Payment Request
helps optimize your payables processes, reducing processing time and making payments
faster. For more information go to