hi guys someone come back to my channel today I have the pet treater unboxing this is the cat pack for December and this usually includes like toys treats stuff like that so this is so cute crazy claws little penguin he makes a little crinkling sounds and he rattles at the bottom I like that he's a winter themed that's really cute oh I just like a whole Christmas theme let's seeing this is the best thing ever it's a little Christmas little Santa hat for your cat oh my gosh that is absolutely perfect we are totally going to use that and all the little kitties okay and then we got our little treats pop and bites these are ocean fish flavor cool that's very neat another little Christmas toy crazy Claus kept away this one's on a long string with the Bell it's a little candy cane very cute and then my favorite part and Jackson's favorite part is the sticker you always get a funny little sticker so this one says meowy christmas you filthy animal that's hilarious so cute and then there's always like a couple little advertisements on there that you follow them they do giveaways they have Facebook Instagram and Twitter and they also have a dog box as well so if you have a dog rather than a cat then you could get the pet reader for the dog so I will have all the information below and as always thank you so much for watching bye guys