hi everyone I’m in Manhattan today talking to my publishers penguin Random House about my next book but I thought I’d take this opportunity to make an announcement that you might find of interest as some of you may know and the rest of you are learning now I’m debating Marxist philosopher Slava as Dziedzic in Toronto April 19th at the Sony Center dr. Dziedzic is a Slovenian philosopher and professor at the Institute for sociology and philosophy at the University of Ljubljana whose works on cultural studies psychoanalysis and above all for the purposes of our debate Marxism our world-renowned the topic happiness Marxism versus capitalism the live tickets have already sold out we have decided in consequence to experiment with live streaming the discussion I’m still going to post the video recording on YouTube and the audio on podcast in mid-may in the same manner as usual however my team has discussed the possibility that people might be interested in participating online live maybe there’s something attractive and worthwhile about being there when it happens even electronically the same way there’s something positive about viewing an Olympic sports event when it happens even though you could more conveniently watch it at a different time maybe it has something to do with the sense of a shared public collective experience in any case we’re offering everyone this opportunity as an experiment and an investigation who knows maybe some of you want to organize a cheese yet party you can subscribe to the live stream at Peterson vs. Dziedzic calm that’s Peterson vs. jiseok calm it comes at a cost 1495 this enables us to produce it professionally and to ensure we hope that the broadcast is of high quality and reliability as to produce whatever profit might ensue dr. jiseok by the way has announced his intention to donate his share to charity we hope you’ll find this livestream opportunity and the debate itself of interest I might also remind you that I’m speaking in New York on 12 rules for life on April 17th at the Beacon Theater and then on May 8th in London at the Apollo information about all this can be found at www.pedestrians.or word / events thanks for your attention to this announcement and for all your continued support bye bye