My name is Petrus Eksteen. I live in Voorhees, New Jersey. I’ve been in Voorhees just over three years. We’re a family of four–my wife, myself, and our two nearly grown up children. So, I looked into solar over many years, actually. And the house before I moved to Voorhees it wasn’t really feasible. The key reason for going solar was environmental. I wanted to reduce our carbon footprint. And I wanted to reduce the very high energy bills
we’ve experienced in our summers here. Just a year before I got Suntuity involved, I had another quote from another vendor, as well. So Suntuity stood apart for the… Clarity of communication The transparency. And the fact that all the economic factors were easy to understand. Suntuity turned out to be really easy to deal with. My Suntuity representative, Travis, was both knowledgeable and approachable. And what I really liked about him is that he didn’t push me into buying. Installation day was seamless. The [installers] turned up, installed the system and
had it up and running in next to no time. Before going solar our electricity bills in the summer peaked at
over $300 for a number of months. Our utility bill after installing solar peaked at $14 a month. In the summer, we saved over $200 even at the peak of usage. The savings have been plowed into investments. If you’re on the fence about going solar I would recommend that you
do your investigation. Look for a company that really serves your purposes. And matches the [solar] system to your usage and your house. My experience with Suntuity in a word would be summed up as… I had no issues with either the sales process, the installation, or running the [solar] system. I would definitely recommend Suntuity to my friends and family.