Hey guys welcome back to my Channel videos to be doing a
test like Max Payne 3 I’m super excited actually press it and I love watching
these videos on YouTube a lot of time on YouTube before and I’m sure I try to be
really reginald like acts and they’re kinda like related just like brando
related so I’m really out also getting a lot of my parents house in the basement
so it’s kind of like secluded and this is my but they’re in a bathroom over
here and I have addressed her with stuff on it and back onto beauty wanna see
more of a better word is nowhere near ready for my door I will do that for
every single week and I’d love to be part of my family under the steps immediately started
alright by back to take mouthwash and although cotton ball and supposedly if
you put this on top of your breathe it will disappear so I really because I
personally a peach of you guys feel that their diet high hopes for this one not going away anytime after that one
with the big man how tall is next life back I found this on Pinterest also and
it’s not a Dr save you have a jar of pickles and it’s really hard to open you
can just take some duct tape including around the top and you can and that’s
how you can open it as excited as I have a hard time opening up so I’m gonna have
my boyfriend tightens up really tight ok so you should happen to tape around the
only and how he could pull off a week i saw this on Pinterest I was like
really eager to try it out because I just setting spray does that make up
every single day and I thought you can use hairspray to set your make up some
of my handy-dandy hairspray and is actually kinda think I’m the maximum
hold up I’m going to try it out so just get on my face and obviously keep your
eye include your mouth closed and all right here if it lasted just over here
and you’re just that you can put a little bit of hyperbole on that and
you’re in that will keep you sure to staying on top of it just like spider
often right here and hopefully not make it stay on so good I’m not sure you
describe your shirt back on cuz you will probably yeah I’m happy to win it
actually think this would like to clean white shoes and general I thought it
would take part in baking soda equal parts of detergent it was like it all to
get something like that and I’m just going to try and claim the bottom part
of this so are anything this is the one hundred it
too and this is the one that I did do white compared to that they could and I
really don’t think I found in the minor whenever we do a later one will go on so
I saw him take some scotch tape and you put it on the corner of your eyes and
just kind of the guide will help me and I don’t recommend putting it on your
skin on your eyes so I think I that’s really good but this one because
I’m just with my looks great thank you I would recommend doing this and you just
good clean up with the long messy and I think it turned out really good guys
like me to fill out this week I didn’t give it a thumbs up and thank you all so
much rock and I talked to my next video no oh my oh my goodness i’m just still
all that mouthwash where you guys I just almost the entire bottle of mouthwash
and I really really well