If you’re looking for a change of pace and
you’re tired of your one-horse town, why not pick up and move? “So long, stinktown!” Sure, moving is stressful and expensive, but
there are a lot of places around the world that want to make it easy for you. How easy? Here’s a look at some places that will actually
pay you to live there. Alaska Do you like dark cold winters and tons of
barren land? Well, move to beautiful Alaska! Due to the climate and remote area, Alaska
is happy to incentivize new citizens to move to the 49th state, and not just moose and
bears. The Alaska Permanent Fund takes money earned
from the state’s reserves of oil and gives it back to the community. Each and every Alaskan gets almost $2,000
from the government every year just for living there – even babies. New Haven, CT When you picture Connecticut, you probably
imagine rich folks discussing their latest yachting adventures. But the city of New Haven, home of Yale, has
had its share of problems, getting ranked the second-most dangerous mid-sized city in
America in 2014. So what’s the best way to change the city’s
image? Pay other, better people to come live there
instead! Yup, New Haven has a program that can offer
up to $80,000 to folks who want to live there, and send their kids to local
schools. That is, if you can dodge bullets long enough
to collect. And once you’ve saved that much money? Maybe the yacht thing isn’t such a pipe dream
after all. Detroit Everybody knows Detroit is in trouble, but
it ain’t down yet, despite the clown attacks. Citizens are determined to make it better
one gigantic Robocop statue at a time. And part of that is a scheme to give new residents
up to $20,000 in forgivable loans if they buy property downtown. Even renters get a bonus $2,500 towards their
first year’s rent. And longtime residents also get subsidized
to stay where they are and upgrade their homes. Though the press on Detroit is usually dire,
it’s a city full of wonderful architecture and history. It could be the next place hipsters decide
to inhabit, so get in while the price is still good. “I’d buy that for a dollar!” Baltimore Another city that has a bad time with crime
is Baltimore. It’s listed as the seventh-most dangerous
city in America, so you can see why people aren’t clamoring to start anew there. Plus, The Wire wasn’t the greatest tourism
ad for the city. But Baltimore wants to change and wants you
to do it with them! Baltimore will give you $5,000 to buy a house
anywhere in the city, and if it’s an abandoned house, they’ll bump that up to $10,000. Sure, it sounds like the plot to an episode
of Scooby Doo, but free money is free money. Most of Kansas “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas
anymore.” Nobody seems to be in Kansas anymore, and
the state wants to change that, which is why towns and counties across Kansas are giving
away free stuff to convince people to move to America’s bread basket. For instance, towns like Lincoln and Marquette
are offering free land to anyone who wants to build a home and settle down. And if you settle in one of the state’s 77
Rural Opportunity Zones, you’ll get state income tax waivers for up to five years or
student loan repayments of up to $15,000. Toto approves. New Richland, Minnesota If you like the idea of free land, but would
prefer to live in a place that’s freezing much of the year, check out New Richland,
Minnesota, where as long as you build a house within one year of getting the deed to the
land, you get the land for free. The 1,200-person town has golf course and
sits near St. Olaf Lake. So, if you’re a Golden Girls fan, you can
build near where Rose grew up for free! Talk about your perks. “if I had to listen to one more story about
the colorful people of St. Olaf I think I’ll explode.” “Otis T Minkee was St. Olaf’s librarian.” “Kaboom!” Pipestone, Manitoba The folks up in the municipality of Pipestone
in Manitoba, Canada don’t just want you to live there, they also want you to start a
business there. For a deposit of just $1,000, you can reserve
a lot of land which will then cost you just ten bucks as long as you build on the plot
within a year. But if you want to start a business, the perks
get even bigger, as the city offers grants of up to $32,000! Sweet deal. Maatsuyker Island, Tasmania If moving somewhere in the US or Canada isn’t
drastic enough for you, how about Tasmania? “Come to Taz-mania, Come to Taz-mania” Close enough. Maatsuyker Island off the coast of Tasmania
is about as far away from the US as you can get, and every so often they offer up the
dream life for people who enjoy isolation and meteorology. That’s because they need someone to live in
and run the lighthouse, meaning you not only get a free home out of the deal, you also
get a job as lighthouse keeper! Unfortunately, some lucky sod already claimed
this opportunity of a lifetime, but keep an eye out just in case the current resident
leaves…. Or goes insane. Pitcairn Island, South Pacific If your true heart’s desire is telling you
to live on one of the most remote islands in the world, you might want to consider Pitcairn
Island, which was famously settled by the mutineers from the HMS Bounty. With a population of 50, the citizens want
to entice new people to live on their island paradise. So, each immigrant gets completely free land
just for showing up to this two-mile island. So far, few have taken the bait. As of 2015, only one person applied to move
there. Maybe it’s because there’s one general store
in town that’s only open three days a week and you have to order anything else you need
from New Zealand, which is 3,000 miles away, three months in advance. But if you like a nice beach and a lot of
solitude, go ahead and join the fifty or so residents of Pitcairn Island! Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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