I knew it… That phone call…
You, my friend with… Stop!
-With my lover. You don’t understand.
-Get up. Get out, you whore.
-My head. Get out!
-My pussy… I can’t believe this! I can’t believe this! Why you’re not telling him to get out? I need to talk to you.
Why you not telling him to get out?
-Stop it, Mack, stop it! Tell him to get out right now.
-Mack? You get out, you slut. I just don’t know how she… started walking and…
then, she wasn’t there… I hate you.
-Mack? Calm yourself, sweetie. Door swings both ways Cherry,
be smart and catch the next opening. You fucking fags. Always about drama. Here I am with a real drama-
-EVERYONE OUT! OUT! OUT! Good, honey!
-You too, fuckface! OUT! Don’t make a mistake you’re just gonna regret…
-I’m going to write you a check. This is my apartment, and since the lease is under my name, This is my apartment. You moved in here, Larry. Nobody cares about my pussy, I can tell. Lots do, Cherry. You know, just give it a break now. Larry, I want your friend and everything that you own
here that reminds me of your fucking life: out of here. After a year!
-Yeah. I’m glad that’s all it was. Mack, we’ve been friends for ten years now.
Do you really think I would try to cheat with your lover? What do you think I am? Stupid? I didn’t expect to get so turned on, though. You are turned on by him. He’s your boyfriend.
-Was. I wanted to prove to you that he’s a sneaky and cheating- What? Did you want to have a hidden camera? A mic up your- GO!
-GO! Mack, you are my friend.
-I believe you, Brad. I believe you, but not a very good friend.
-Shit! Something that I’m not gonna keep.
-I didn’t want this to happen. Well, what did you expect, Brad?
-To resist you, and tell Mack all about it. So one way or another, you’re out to hurt me.
-Mack, I love you. You know, you three think you’re the only people with problems in this World. Oh, come on Cherry, you can get another pet. Oh, excuse me, Mack. You can get another boyfriend,
you can get another friend, and you can get another apartment. But I only have one pussy. Philadelphia lost, by the way, Brad. Since you asked. I was always wondering if you’d miss me. I won’t miss you. I’m going to go,
I’m going to see any movie I want without you, and when I come back, I want you gone, and take a little friend there. And if you both hurry, maybe you can go somewhere and come back,
and Brad, I want you to help him move. All right? Or maybe it’s not as much fun and interesting if nobody’s cheating and crawling around-
-I’ll be out, okay?
-and pretending… You will want to see me, again.
-Oh, Madam Zolar predicts… I already feel better without you. Not now. Oh, please Mack.
-Can’t hear you, bye!