hi! today i have a quick pronunciation
tip for you. if the word ends with d or t and the next word starts with also a
consonant ,we usually lose t or d.for example second time. you see there, is no distinct
d, second time. it happens because when there are a lot of consonants,it is
difficult to make your speech fast and smooth that’s why they disappear. so now i’m
going to say a couple phrases and words and you can repeat after me old people. don’t look at me. don’t look at
me. i don’t like this. behind me. i found this. next stop. I live on the third
floor it’s such a cold morning cold morning oh he isn’t coming. isn’t coming .and
sometimes this happens inside of the single word where there are a lot of
consonants. and the most common example of that is the word friends. i’m going to
meet up with some friends see – there is no like d .friends. it’s
difficult to save this way so we say friends. for words like politely quietly
the t in the middle is not so obvious but again how to use this rule when
you speak? It’s difficult to remember it all the time and you don’t think about
words like oh is does it ends with the D or T what do I do? oh my god !yeah it’s not possible to just
remember the rule. the best way is just to learn this kind of complications. and
be the most common one is with axillary verbs, like don’t look. I don’t like it axillary verbs are just helping us and
the main points in the sentence are the verbs or nouns like – like, I. “don’t” doesn’t
usually have the stress on it so it becomes shorter and loses the t. the same with like isn’t. no it
isn’t yeah there is no t at the end so just
try creating some negative sentences with axillary verbs obviously, and see If
that’s the case to lose t or d and just say them really fast couple of
times and you will see how it is organic and natural for you speech and also just
repeat all the examples that I have in this video and that probably will
help. so I hope it was helpful. thank you for watching and I will see you in my
next video. bye ! world cup. if you want more on pronunciation here is a playlist
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