Hello gamers.
Today, I’ve 3 tricks to share with you. 1 glitch and 2 new VPN tricks.
Come here at the school apartment and press the punch button and jump button at the same
time. Now, see the magic! .
You can shoot from here. See how i blast those bike tires from here.
You can easily come out from this by crawling into the door.
Nice trick right ?. Now, let’s do the VPN tricks.
For the first trick, you need UFO VPN. Open it and select PUBG mobile from the server
list. Now, select PUBG middle east gift.
After the successful connection, open the game.
Now, go to the events tab. Select the Eid Al Adha event.
Tap collect to get a 3 day fighting bull mask. Complete 5 matches to get 5 classic coupon
scraps and 1 bonus challenge voucher. For the second VPN trick, you need Fly VPN.
Open it and select any of the Turkey server from the list.
Now, open the game and go to the events tab. Select summer login rewards.
Here you’ll get premium coupon scraps and RP mission cards. login daily to collect all
of them. Now, go down and select the happy holidays
event. By completing 4 matches in any mode, you’ll
get 3 premium coupon scraps and 2 supply crate coupons.
Let me show you one more thing. Did you guys noticed the date ?.
This event is valid till 16th of August. So, you can collect this daily.
Let’s check what’s in the supply crate. If you collect all the 12 supply crate coupons,
you have a high chance of getting these akm skin, parchute skin or crate coupons.
So, don’t miss this chance. Hope you enjoyed this video.
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