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lovely people Couponing Crystle here with a Walmart and Publix IBOTTA
haul ok did some rebates I want to share it with my lovely people alright
first we need to give a shout out to Latarsha and to Angela thank you ladies
so much for using my referral code on IBOTTA okay I appreciate my 3 bucks
well actually my six bucks okay I appreciate it thank you
y’all did not have to use my code y’all did not have to think about couponing
Crystle and I appreciate the coupon money thank you very much I hope you
guys are enjoying IBOTTA okay shout out shout out alright let’s jump in to
these rebates okay I was super excited that my TIDE did reset yes it did
thank you very much Walmart or IBOTTA $4.94 cents in
my store I do not have the P&G coupon so I could not use that but I had to pay
$4.94 in store I got the two dollar rebate back make it my final cost be
$2.94 I’m cool with that because it’s a rebate and it’sTIDE and
I’m using ibotta money anyway so it don’t matter
okay but if you guys have the P&G coupon that is valued at two dollars you’re
going to get a lower out of pocket because you’re gonna get the two dollars
off you’re gonna pay $ 2.94 in the store then you’re gonna get your two dollar
IBOTTA rebate back making you pay only $0. 94 cent for the Tide pods which is
great this is a 16 count okay now what I want to make sure that you guys are
scanning in store you should always scan your products okay but you definitely
need to make sure that you scan this thing okay simply because the purple
one the one that has the purple right here it does not scan it did not scan
for me in my store so you need to make sure that you’re doing that okay
you don’t wanna mess around get the wrong one don’t get your rebate back in and you
upset alright next I got this at Walmart this is the Oreo thin bites fudge mint
dipped and these things are freaking delicious and I’m not even a fan of mint
but I love these things I’m gonna tell you what they taste like
they taste like Girl Scout cookies they are so good okay now these were actually
priced at let me look at my receipt they were $2.56
there was a 0.75 cent IBOTTA rebate I did not have a coupon because I hardly
ever get Nabisco coupons unfortunately so the final cost for the Oreos are $1.81
I’m good with that because every since I tried these things at Harris Teeter it
was a Harris Teeter free item and I was hooked
they’re good so when I see those I had to do it okay next I went to Publix got
some little Publix rebates going on and look what I got yes good this is called
the Mayfield Creamery big chipper we’ve actually gotten coupons for these but
unfortunately I didn’t have a coupon but it doesn’t matter because it’s a good
amount for rebate and I know these are gonna be good look at them it’s chocolate
chips and it’s a cookie and it’s ice cream
so it’s going to be good they were priced three for $10 so they were 3.33
let’s just take the receipt and let’s just make sure in fact that’s what it’s
rang up for but I’m pretty sure it did because Harris Teeter Publix does
like Harris Teeter does so let’s see what the big Chipper was $3.34 I stand corrected okay$3.34 there is a
$1.50 IBOTTA rebate making the final cost be a $1.84 okay I’m
pleased with that because it’s an ice cream chocolate
chips sandwich and I’m going to eat one tonight
next I got the BAi juice okay this is the Brasilia blueberry okay
hopefully it’s going to be good okay I don’t know
hopefully it will be though but at any rate it was priced at $1.99 cent and
the rebate was for 0.60 cents so the final cost is$1.39 I’m gonna
tell you who’s gonna probably end up drinking this my husband I’m gonna put
it in his lunch for tomorrow he can have it
because it’s probably not gonna be sweet enough for Couponing Crystlel I like it
sweet the next thing that I got was this milk and I’ve gotten this milk before
I’m supposed to be easier on your digestion okay it is a 59 ounce now we
did have a coupon there is a $0.55 coupon these were
actually priced two four seven or $3.50 it was $3.50 had that 0.55 cent coupon used in store making it be $2.95 what I paid
in store then the 0.50 cent rebate comes back making it be $2.45 cents I’m pleased with that because it’s milk okay you gonna buy it anyway
alright the next thing that I got I got something for my poo for my toot my
charity okay I got her these little plum little
baby food plum organics little baby food things these were actually on sale buy
two and get one for free they were priced at a $1.79
first of all I’m taking these back okay I bought these for my poo I’m
not even going to show them to her I am going to take them back
I’m taking me back simply because they were tacked in store for buy two and get
one free mighty fun T they did not ring up that
way all three were $1.79 so what’s
gonna happen is they’re going back to the store I will straighten this out in
the morning but under normal circumstances it was supposed to be you
know I was supposed to pay for two I was supposed to pay for two of them that
would have been $3.58 then the 80 cent I bought a rebate would have came back and
it would have been two dollars and seventy eight cents for the three okay
but since it didn’t do right I’m gonna have to take it back to the store and
get it straight okay I just want to share you guys the
rebates all right next I did think ragu pasta sauces okay
these are actually buy one and get one free two dollars and three cents so that
is an excellent price okay so there is a $0.50 I bought a rebate so $0.50 for
each one of these is gonna give me back a dollar making my final cost be a
dollar and three cent that is excellent for the pasta sauce next thing I got and
I believe it is the last thing yeah I had to do my downy wrinkle release her
again now this is the thing this is a perfect example of the reason why you
search items when you don’t see it and you’ve seen it before okay
it’s because I just did this at Walmart and the rebate was four dollars okay but
now it reset for Publix did not reset for Walmart and it’s two dollars hmm go
figure okay I’m still gonna do it because I
want the product okay now it was actually a little cheaper in Publix
priced at $5.99 I use that too insert coupon making me pay 399 in store
but then I’m gonna get a $2 I bought a rebate back making it be a dollar 99
which considering this is the 33.8 fluid ounce bottle which is a pretty big
bottle it’s not a bad cost to me it’s a wrinkle release or it’s an odor
eliminator and a fabric refresh nur and a static remover and an ironing aid it’s
about both five things in one product hmm that’s a good deal now that was it
for my eight rebates but the most important thing that I need to tell you
guys in this video is the fact that when I went to upload my Publix receipt okay
it would not allow me to upload it by the usual way of taking a picture it
wanted me to link my Publix account so if you guys shop at Publix you know
Publix does not have a loyalty program okay
it does not have a loyalty program when it came to my area and the store opened
that was the one of the things I noticed they were like you don’t need a loyalty
card to shop here okay but they do have digital coupons and you’re able to with
their app you’re able to click and lo digital coupons and then you enter your
phone number upon checking out in store okay alright that’s fine I’m cool with
that but the interesting thing about this whole situation tonight was the
very fact that it’s telling me to do that okay so I don’t want to get myself
upset about it okay because you know I want my weekend warrior bonus I want my
five dollars okay so I’m not gonna get upset about it I’m going to simply see
what happens okay it’s saying that it’s going to when you allow it to access
your Publix account it says it’s gonna pick up the past
history of your Publix purchases therefore to offer you better rebates
and higher value rebates okay okay I’m cool with that
but one thing I’m wanting to see I want to make sure because this is what it
keeps reminding you once you’ve linked it once you’ve put in your email and
you’ve put in your password the same thing that you would use to sign into
your Publix app okay once you do those things it tells you to make sure that
you enter your telephone number when you check out at Publix okay it’s telling
you this is the ibotta app I’m talking about it’s telling you to make sure that
you activate your rebates and you enter your telephone number
upon your check out at Publix okay I’m curious to see lovely people what it’s
gonna do because you think about it if I didn’t I did not enter my phone number
at checkout because I was not using any digital coupons okay I had no reason to
enter my telephone number I don’t enter my telephone number if I’m not using
digital coupons so my thing is hopefully what’s gonna happen hopefully it’s gonna
know it’s gonna recognize it and it’s gonna give me credit for my rebates this
is what I’m going to do okay I know my chipper I want my ice cream I want my
milk but my other son let me not get them rebates and you know what is going
to happen to them they’re going back in the bag and they going back to the store
because I’m not overpaying not coupon and crystal I’m not going to overpay
because why would I get it if I’m not going to get my rebate okay I’m not
gonna pay two dollars if I’m not going to get it for two dollars you understand
what I’m saying I hate on sandwich so we’re gonna see I
don’t know I might let Richard drink the drink I can’t take food back to the
store I just can’t do it I’m not gonna take food back he can drink that it
ain’t that big of a deal but this baby food is going back simply because it
number one it overcharged me that’s going back in the morning because I feel
some type of way about that I’m not gonna pay a dollar and 79 cent for one
of these and it’s supposed to be free absolutely not
you will go back in the morning okay my wrinkle release sir I’m gonna feel some
type of a way if I don’t get my rebate I’m only advocating the usage of such
said rebate I but uh I’m going to need them to give me my stuff no we’ll see
what happens lovely people I will keep you all abreast of the happenings of
this current rebate situation okay the surprising thing was is that I had
several of you guys to comment in the videos prior about not getting your
things and them not giving you your rebates and that is so very frustrating
but one thing I will say that did in fact happen to me
with I bought it and they did straighten it out I believe it was Food Lion Inn if
you all shop at full lining you use I bought it food line you know it’s linked
through your your food line card your MVP card you enter in your telephone
number at checkout you do not have to upload receipts okay so because of that
it was like it didn’t post fast enough so I had done the rebates and I was like
man am I not gonna get credit for my bonuses that I was hitting because it
didn’t appear as though the rebates had posted in time I did go through the help
the little you know inquiry portion of the app emailed them they emailed me
back they got it straight I got my rebates and I got my bonuses so I was
okay so I’m not going to be upset quite yet I’m going to see what happens
perhaps hopefully it will go out without a hitch but I will be a little
disappointed if it does because I like to get the bonuses that’s you know my
couponing money I’m going to be feeling some type of way if it don’t go right
I’m trying to remain positive I don’t want this be a rant video ok I’m trying
that’s a rant I’m trying so that’s it lovely people if
you guys have recently used Publix ibotta let me know in the comments below
of this video ok I really want to know if if anybody else has done it and how
did that work out for that being your first purchase and not knowing that it
was gonna do this it was no warning is what I’m saying
it’s no warning it’s like when you’re ready to upload your thing it’s talking
about linking your account and it’s not giving you the option to upload your
receipt so if you’re planning on doing some I bought a rebate through Publix
maybe you just need to make sure that if you do make sure that you enter your
telephone number at checkout even if you do not have any digital coupons clip
just going to do it does so that way we’ll go ahead and beat in the habit of
doing it you know what I’m saying be in the habit of doing it
moving forward using ibotta at Publix hope that’s helpful for you let me know
in the comments below of this video if you guys are doing some I bought a
rebate some rebates that I have not done that is a good deals on the cheap during
their free I want all of that all right remember clintus a remember click to
save and you will be amazed bye-bye