railway workers here in Korea have
kicked off their 72 hours strike to demand better pay and working conditions
and the country’s railway operator Korail says is doing all he can to
minimize passengers and convenience Larry kim taehee has more in preparation
for the strike Korea says it has been operating a 24-hour emergency
transportation headquarters since Monday during peak commute hours Carell will
deploy substitute workers and military personnel to ensure trains in the
Capital Area run as smoothly as possible it aims to ensure train operations in
Seoul remain over 80 percent of usual levels to minimize inconvenience the
walkout is expected to cut manpower to around 60 percent of normal levels even
with the injection of substitute workers during the strike the operation rate of
subways and so during off-peak hours is projected to be about 88 percent of
usual levels high-speed intercity ktf services are expected to be running at
some 72% the slower Somaliland Mugu a passenger train services will run around
62 percent and 67 percent of normal levels respectively Korail is updating
information about train operations during the strike period on its official
website and smartphone app passengers will not be able to book tickets on
trains that have been cancelled as a result of the strike and messages are
being sent to customers who have already made reservations on those trains
affected customers will get a full refund on the price of their train
ticket the Union and Coryell have held 12 rounds of talks since May but
couldn’t narrow their differences the union is demanding higher pay for
Coryell workers the hiring of more workers and for safety related staff to
be more thoroughly trained the union says it will launch another strike in
November if their demands are not met this is the first time in three years
two Korean railway workers union has launched a strike
there was transport chaos in South Korea in late 2016 when they walked off the
job for 74 days kim daehee arirang news