This is the RepRap smart LCD … It is a discount version it comes with a SD card Drive, and then of course two connectors here it also comes with a converter stick so that you can attach it to your RAMPS 1.4 so to do this you are going to attach two auxiliary four and Auxilary three auxilary 3 has SPI pins in it which will allow it to communicate So to do that you just slide it on the pins and push it down and that’s all there is to it Now to connect this What you do is flip this over It is easiest if you do it like this now these are notched So you are going connect Into the notch on this side you can see the red strip now it is also not over here So I’m going to put that in there and the second one And a place in here you are going put the knotchs like so That is all you have to do to connect it now The next step is to actually Set it up and program it but one of the things we can do to check to make sure we’ve connected it correctly Is plug in the USB for the ramps And if this does not power it means that you have got the connectors backwards So you just like this And it is correct so what we are going do now is I’m going to show you how to set up the Marlin firmware So that you can load it Okay, inside the Marlin folder for the LCD We are going to open up the solution file We are going go over to the configuration tab We are going check under tools to make sure that we are connected to the right port, looks like we are good there And we are going do a search on, “LCD and” SD support So we are going scroll down we are going read through this real quick Here we have a section for languages the first ones English And then there’s a list of other languages that you can possibly choose Some of the ones that can highlight for you, are you have got the,
“Sprichst du Deutsch”, “hablas español”, “parle français”, ” fala português”, “на русском языке”, “Mówisz po polsku” So we are going use English in this case Now there is other specialized settings that you can select, but we are going to ignore most of them for the moment So the first thing that we have come across is SD. Support now this has an SD card that we can place in the back So we are going to uncomment that We are going to ignore these settings for the moment We are going ignore the SD check and retry if you have problems with your SD card then you can try that This is the speed of which you move through the menu This is another setting that we are going ignore for the moment the reverse encoder direction reversed menu direction We are also going to ignore The individual access homing menu at the moment. We do not need it, but you can set it up in your own free time Now we are going need the speaker for other videos, so we are going to uncomment that and the speaker is on the smart LCD controller Mmm. See now we are getting different types of LCDs Most of these are ones we are not currently going to use, but there is directions for how to set them up with web links But we are looking for this one being the define RepRap_Discount_Smart_Controller We are going uncomment that and That is about all we are going set up for the moment. I’ll Compile it in just a second So we are going compile and upload a Couple of landmarks on here you have your LCD screen You then have your info screen your prepare screen your control screen and your SD card screen you also have your speaker over here and of course your dial to Adjust you through the menus Now the way that you adjust is you move to where you want to be Push down, and it takes you to where you want to go so when you are actually finished installing you are going remove this And that’s gonna allow your speaker to be heard better, and if you liked my video, please press the like button and subscribe And I’ll be trying to do a video every week. Thank you very Time