[Music] what if I told you accident stains take me leave me you can still walk away what if I told you [Music] [Music] will you still be here hey guys I’m off to an interview today so this is my outfit I’m wearing like pattern on pattern which I don’t like but these are the only pants that fit me right no first I need to go to my to morning classes and then I have an interview at noon and then I need to go back to campus and do this research thing and go to another class [Music] [Music] will you still be I finished the interview I bought back home and I changed into more comfortable clothing I need to go back to campus to do this research thing I’ll talk more about how the interview went once I’m back I also have one class I need to go to physics later on so I’m probably gonna be home by dinner or something it’s currently 1:40 p.m. but yeah today’s just a really busy day and I’m just stressed out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so I just got ready to go out tonight I’m actually going to go pregame with my friends and then we’re going to head over to the party I’m not sure how much of it I’m going to be able to vlog actually stay out of the library for a very long time trying to finish up work and stuff and like it’s only the second week of school I can already imagine what it’s going to be like later on the semester like it’s definitely not going to be a weekly thing for me to go out and party even though like a lot of people think that’s what college life is like college life is for partying and stuff they’re not for pre-med students this semester I’m taking way too many classes and I’m already so stressed out also like once I get my job I never really talked about the interviewing thing so I guess I’ll just talk about that quickly right now so basically what I interviewed for was a emergency department scribe position at a hospital I’m not sure whether I’m going to get the job and even if I do get the job I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do it because it is very time-consuming one shift is 8 to 12 hours and I plan on doing two shifts a week I’m not sure if that’s even possible cuz my schedule is already so hectic like with YouTube on top I’m not sure how that’s gonna go so like I don’t know we’ll see the interview wasn’t bad at all the interviewer gave me some hypothetical situations and asked me what I would do in those situations I originally wasn’t going to go out today because I thought I had a lot of work but I finished my work on time so I’m going out will I be drinking a lot probably not because I hate hangovers in my last video a lot of you guys roasted me about having the play button by the sink I had it like right over there and a lot of you guys really why is it in your bathroom so I put it back up on the wall I think it’s a little bit slanted like it should be is it okay maybe I’m just – no it’s definitely slanted for my sink I bought this two tiered organizer I still don’t know what to do with these cotton squares and this I thought about like hanging it up somewhere like here but it’s kind of ugly so I didn’t have a place to put all of my utensils in like my chopsticks spoons and forks and stuff so I bought this little rack so that you know I can just like dry my dishes after washing them and it just gives me more storage space it does take up a lot of space here but it was so much more disorganized before [Music] yummy if I sent me a bunch of custard moon cakes and this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen oh my god beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful each one of these is an individual mummy Kate oh my god so cute and has this LED light box that lights up like this I can customize what it says I have all of these little letters [Music] I can’t I’m thinking you beat that Oh keep farther back acting so damn is [Music] you know how to do it [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] which pair of turns start off I’ll just back in this off water holder and I [Music] I completely forgot what I came here for all right brought these hot sauce packets from Taco Bell [Music] [Music] whoa [Music] [Music] why don’t know the real ones go why is mine I so slow ain’t even my skin open occasion my soul no I gotta get my own swell on different rows I’m burning a fucking bridge cuz I don’t pay no money can’t kill my pain but no it keeps my dream alive honey be all I drink these days because my half too close runny nose goin laps around them cuz it’s do or die this door dog I keep on driving perfect circle’s wonder if is worth always getting hurt and I keep on driving perfect circle’s Wando is the purpose I’m coming back to ours [Music] [Music] my regressive tax I couldn’t send to you close my eyes and pretend light is never ended cuz I’ve been leaning on you’ve been dreamin on you I thought I know you this tunnel vision is all awareness no you’ve been through it please come back