This is Lisa. Lisa is looking to buy a new
home. She begins her home search online just like anyone else. Lisa studies quite a bit about what neighborhood
she would like to live in and the type of home she would like to buy. And like 90% of new home buyers, they start
their home search online. Lisa realizes that she can now do most of the things that could
only be done by a realtor before the internet era. Lisa is able to search for properties online.
She can choose neighborhoods, study school districts, search listings, compare prices,
view photos, preview a home’s exterior, and attend open houses, and even schedule
private showings with our realtors. Lisa feels very comfortable in finding the
perfect home BUT when it comes to buying that perfect home, Lisa seeks help where it really
matters. This is where Realmart Realty comes in. Realmart Realty specializes in assisting smart
and savvy buyers like Lisa. Fully licensed Realmart agents are able to
help Lisa research the sales history of a house and the area. They will draft an offer,
negotiate the price and the terms and assist with mortgage financing, home inspections,
and the legal requirements to complete the purchase. Realmart understands where homebuyers can
do things for themselves and where they can benefit from the help of a professional realtor. To aid Lisa in her efforts at finding her
perfect home, Realmart sends Lisa daily buyer alerts of new listings on the MLS system that
meets her criteria. And every step of the way a Realmart sales
representative is just a phone call away to help Lisa with any questions she may have. Because Lisa played an active role in finding
her perfect home, Realmart believes it is only fair to recognize her efforts and rebates
her UP TO 2% of the purchase price at the closing table. Realmart keeps a minimum of 1% of the commission,
and rebates the rest of the commission to Lisa when she closes on her new home. Lisa sees clearly why choosing Realmart Realty
makes a lot of sense. She has full control over all decisions, and she can call Realmart
Realty when it matters most. Lisa paid just a little under $500,000 for
her new home, and received almost a $10,000 rebate that she can use for moving costs or
new appliance or furniture, just for choosing Realmart Realty to represent her when purchasing
her home. She knows she made the right decision and go the best deal possible. Now it’s your turn! It is easy to get started,
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