[Enus] Hey everybody [Wenis] What’s up E and Dubbz yo! [Enus] Get that out of here Wenis [Wenis] What I just want to tell them… [Enus] No one wants to see your dumb hand Wenis. [Wenis] I just want to tell them our Two for one special on Rebecca Black Friday yo. [Enus] Yeah it’s a super Special two-for-one day [Enus] First of all it’s Rebecca Black Friday so…. [Enus & Wenis singing] Friday Friday Friday, we’re young and hung on Friday [Enus] And hanging and banging on Friday [Enus] Yeah we’re like Young and hung and hanging and banging on Friday. [Wenis] Yeah, yeah E & Dubbz yo! [Enus] Yeah and a few years ago we made like a super sweet Rebecca Black video. [Enus] But since our bro George abondaned us to make Star Wars or whatever. [Wenis] Yeah. [Enus] We’re gonna like remake it with our bae Michael Bay. [Enus] We’re going to remake the whole video. [Wenis] Yeah, he’s got some cool ideas to [Enus] Yeah it’s got like explosions and stuff [Wenis] Explosions [Enus] And leading men They’re young and hung and hanging and banging. [Wenis] They’re E &W of course [Enus] Look at that, look at those lips. [Wenis] And it’s got Megan Fox [Enus] Ready to kiss Megan Fox. [Enus] Look at those lips! [Wenis] It’s going to have Megan Fox! [Enus] Yeah [Wenis] Yeah, yeah, yeah [Enus] And the super special other cool part of this two-for-one deal [Enus] Is how hot I look, but that’s an added bonus. [Enus] But like you’re watching this video for like free. [Wenis] Yeah! [Enus] on like Twitter and stuff [Wenis] Yeah totes free [Enus & Wenis] Yeah, yeah yeah. [Enus] Two young and Hung, Hanging and Banging guys yo! [Wenis] That’s right E&Dubbz yo! [Enus] Yeah, yeah so like just retweet this on Twitter. [Wenis] Yeah! [Enus] Then watch it on YouTube. [Wenis] Yeah! [Enus] And retweet on twitter with the comments saying Hashtag young and hung hashtag hanging a banging [Wenis] That’s right. [Enus & Wenis singing] On Rebecca Black Friday, Friday, Young and Hung on Friday, Hanging and banging on Friday.