Hi! I’m here to tell the story of Mark, a 16-year-old who lives in a periphery of Teresina. Mark committed a serious crime and by law, he must go through educational measures in order to repent, be socialized and get a second chance. However, a group of people think he should be tried and punished as an adult. Their argument is that these minors, besides being fully aware of their actions, are recruited by criminal organizations to take responsibility for the crime, with the knowledge that the penalty
for them is more lenient. Before judging, you should know where Mark grew up; a community far away from the center without quality school, without recreational areas, where often the state is only present through the police. Mark is raised by his mother, a single and uneducated woman, who from the small handouts to support him and his brothers. He may not have known, but his chances of entering crime were high, not that he was born bad, but he was conditioned by the environment. Instead of lowering the penal age, one should think about the social inequalities that have produced this “Mark” about the ineffectiveness of such educational measures that make
teenagers become repeat offenders, and about the failed prison system, which transformed prisons in real schools of crime. We as citizens have the responsibility to demand that the State fulfills its role and guarantees our rights, otherwise there will be many Marks bound to be part of the statistic of black youth murdered before completing 25 years of age.