it’s an early morning at the veterinary
emergency clinic where a young couple has brought their puppy to see doctor
Boyd I’m Mark this is my wife Jamie this is our puppy Luke he’s 1 and 3 months
and he’s here today because he has a lot of trouble walking today I’m gonna meet
Jamie and Mark and their dog Luke Luke has been limping for a little while and
we suspect that he has a kneecap that pops to the inside of his knee I was
looking at foster homes for dogs and I saw him and we just went and we fell in love the first time we met he came right up and sat on my lap and basically declared us
the owners you know he adopted us right away and now he’s like our child so
let’s take a feel of Luke’s knee if you can just hold onto his head there and
whisper sweet nothings in his ear oh there we go yeah so we see that pop
right there okay yeah that’s actually the kneecap popping out right there it
is as I suspected he does have this condition where his kneecap pops out
from what I can tell I don’t think his other ligaments are involved sometimes
that can complicate things and the kneecap sits in a groove in your thigh
bone what’s happening is when that kneecap pops out its riding over the
ridge of that groove and that can be painful because it’s grinding down the
cartilage we’re definitely gonna recommend surgery to stabilize this knee
I think without it he’s gonna go on to develop debilitating arthritis we often
see this condition in young dogs and it’s really important for me because I
want to make sure that they’re gonna have a long happy life full of running and jumping and playing and all that I’ll let you say your goodbyes and I’m gonna go get his chart and get everything ready say good bye
and we’ll see in a minute the longest I ever spent without him is if I go to
work we feel bad just leaving him at home you know at any point so you know
to have to leave him to get surgery it’s kind of upsetting yeah and it’s just
terrifying because we don’t know what’s gonna happen if he’s gonna be okay love
you Luke may the force be with you we love him more than anything and we’ll
be miserable until he’s better in x-ray Dr. Boyd is getting a closer
look at Luke’s troubled knee right there that’s his wobbly knee cap ouch so
this is a pretty routine surgery something that I see quite often it’s
relatively straightforward except if I overcompensate and correct the knee it’s
gonna the knee cap’s gonna pop out the other way if I under compensate it’s gonna pop
out the way it was so there’s definitely a fine art to finding out what the
problem is and what’s causing the malalignment so we can see that kneecap see this one’s in the middle and then this one’s sitting on the inside so that
should really be in the middle of that femur there it looks like we’ve got some
tibial rotation so I’m gonna have to rotate that little piece of bone so it’s
not gonna be easy surgery there’s a lot of components and if I don’t correct for
all of those factors then this is gonna happen again I know that she’s a
professional she knows what she’s doing but I mean you know there’s always a
possibility that something can’t happen I mean god forbid but still you know