Pew! Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew! Pewpew! Superbomb! Hey, Gus. It’s not a secret that the economy’s doing lousy right now, right? Is it really though? Well I think so. I mean, I watch the news and they say it is. And they seem to know lots of people who work in the economy, so… I tend to believe them. Makes sense. Bottom line is… I gotta brainstorm some ideas to cut costs around here… and I need to do it fast. Like… today. Why? Are we in trouble or something? No. Why would you ask that? Cuz you said we need to cut costs. Oh, yeah. Because the economy is bad. But why would we need to cut costs if we’re not in trouble? Well you can’t really think about it like, ya know, ‘profit and loss’… but more like ‘how bad can we fuck with people and they’ll still continue to work here.’ Hmm. I mean, they might not WANT to work here… but what’re they gonna do? Go get a job at an auto plant? I don’t think so. Hey… What? Nothing… (Ya know. Nathan had a good idea.) (Usually we just fire somebody.) Maybe we should fire Nathan, and take his idea. What do you think about that? Should I take Nathan’s idea and fire him? He’ll probably love it. Ya know? Are you taking my beard!? What beard? MY beard. You don’t have a beard! I know! But I did! And you took it! NO. Wh- This? Had this… a while… I got it… for my birthday… *cough* Then where’s my beard? How would I know, man? I’m not your beard watcher. Besides, you don’t want this one. I got my face all over it. If you already had a beard, then why are you reading the instruction manual!? Oh I was, uhh… I was having a problem earlier… I’m just troubleshooting. What does that even mean? I couldn’t connect to the Wifi network… Could have said… is there an adapter? or… That doesn’t even make sense! Yeah you’re right. This doesn’t make sense. These instructions are in Spanish. You shouldn’t steal people’s beards! You know what, you’re right. I’m sorry. You deserve better than this. I just- I’m embarrassed about my actions now… I feel horrible… Am I blushing? I feel like I’m blushing. My face feels hot. That’s because you have a beard. Oh, right! I guess I’m going to have to learn to live with the shame. And this wicked beard. Whatever. Just don’t take anymore of my stuff. Ok. I’m, once again, really sorry about this. HEYY!- God damn it.