[Husky howling]
“Aroooooo!” Yeah, I know…
Shake your head ‘No!’ And kick her… This is not…
The video that I wanted to make today… I’m going to try to get through this… You guys already know because
of the title… I’m going to try to get thru this
as fast as I can and also going to be uploading this on both of our channels. On the dog’s channel (@GoneToTheSnowDogs)
and our vlog channel (@SnowDogsVlogs) because is just easier than trying to make
two (2) versions of this video. I uploaded a video yesterday on
‘Gone To The Snow Dogs’ channel telling you guys about how sick
Shelby was. That video was actually filmed September 5th (2019) in the morning.
I scheduled it to go up that afternoon. Thank you Memphis for the comedic…
Snuggle-ly upside down Memphis… Anyways, I scheduled that video
to go up that afternoon. I think it went up around 4:00 PM or something.
I don’t even remember now, but… We had a really rough day with
Shelby yesterday… I couldn’t get her to stop shaking…
This has been happening for about two (2) weeks where she would had these episodes where
she would shake and a lot of the times if we got a little bit of ‘Nutrical’ or peanut butter in it
and a little bit of ‘Pedialite’ and some extra water… We could kind of get her out of them, sometimes covering her in a blanket helped
and just sing with her. Usually they only lasted for like five (5)
to ten (10) minutes and they were only like once a day, maybe twice a day
on a rough day. But yesterday, she (Shelby) started
shaking not long after I did that video and everything we were doing wasn’t working.
I can tell… That it wasn’t going to be… Good… I could tell that… It was not good…
It wasn’t good! So… We tried all day…
To… Help her and then… We… Decided that it was, she had enough you guys!
She fought so hard… It was just… She couldn’t do it anymore. Her heart was racing… She couldn’t stop shaking… It wasn’t fair to her to continue to do this. I know, I kind of sort of said in the videos…
She was diagnosed with kidney disease back in January (2019) and she had
stage one (1) which has gone all the way to stage two (2) at the beginning
of August (2019) but was at stage four (4) by the end of August (2019)… We don’t know why…
The blood test got so bad, so fast. Most of you know, we did a lot of diet
changes. We tried feeding her fresh fruits, raw foods, different foods.
We tried different kidney disease diets. We tried holistic approaches, we literally… I know some of you had messaged me
“Did you tried this?” We would literally tried everything!
Everything that anybody told us. We even and I wasn’t even going to tell you guys this.
But we even had her tested for ‘Addison’s Disease’ because somebody said that could be a thing.
So we even did that like… I talked to her specialist, the one that… Fixed her paw back in January (2019) and he thinks
that it more than likely was a multitude of things like she may had actually had the kidney disease. But, she (Shelby) may also had…
Liver disease or a tumor on her liver… Or even stomach cancer… That just…
We don’t know… We don’t know. We’ll never have a real answer…
True answer on what it was. We can only speculate and all I know
is we literally did everything we could… [crying]
I couldn’t saved her… I can’t turn the camera around….
All I can think about is… I just did this a year ago, to you guys.
I feel horrible… [crying]
I’m so sorry you guys! We tried… Shelby passed away… On September 5th (2019)… Thursday, September 5th (2019) it was…
After 6:00PM o clock. Yes, we did took her to the vet. Yes, we did put her to sleep and
helped her cross the rainbow bridge. So that she didn’t had to be in pain anymore… I’m sorry… I don’t know what else to say… I don’t know what else to do… [crying] I know that you guys had been through this
with us for the three (3) freaking times now… But… Look…
Three (3) (Shiloh, Oakley, Shelby)… Three! Three (3) times! I know that you guys love our dogs
just as much as we do… I thought about waiting to tell everybody
but that’s just not fair to you guys! I know you love them as much as we do
and I know this is going to be hard for a lot of you and a lot of you are going to say the same thing
you did when Oakley passed away… “I can’t watch your videos!”
“I won’t watch your videos anymore and I don’t care…” If that’s why you don’t want to watch
the videos anymore… I don’t care! Don’t tell me “I don’t care!” You don’t think this hurts?
Enough already! I’m sad and I’m angry! I think I’m more angry than anything! We didn’t think this would
be this fast … I really didn’t! For anybody that leaves a stupid comment
about “Will you get another puppy?” Do me a favor… DON’T! Please, just don’t!
Just DON’T! I love you guys, but please DON’T! I don’t even want to think about it! We just got this one (Kira). She has to have time…
To be a puppy with us. I love these girls so much! I know you guys do to. I know you loved Shelby, Oakley and those of you that had been
around for a long time, loved Shiloh. Shiloh and Shelby were literally
the original two (2) dogs from this channel. Ten (10) years we’ve been doing this. Almost ten (10) years,
we haven’t even hit a million subscribers because I don’t know why…
Apparently we don’t make good enough videos for that. I don’t know…
YouTube hates us! I don’t know! I’m just complaining! I wish she (Shelby) could had seen it, but… None of that really matters.
Is the stupid things that popped on my head. Things that I wished she (Shelby) could
had been here for… I wish she could had been here to see you guys
when we go to Novi (Pet Expo) next month… I wish she could had been here
to go back to Canada. I wish she could had been here
to go back to New York. I wish she could had been here
to meet more of you. I wish I would had done more of
those things sooner… I don’t know… I don’t know what I’m saying… Besides, I’m sorry… I’m sorry that you had to go
through this with us, I’m sorry that I know,
I’m making everybody cry… I know, I don’t have to make these videos
and I know I don’t have to tell you guys, but… You guys, we’ve been doing this for almost
ten (10) years… And you really are a part of our family. Whenever I make a video, I really do
make it for you guys! I don’t make some stupid trending video,
because I want to get views. I make the videos that we love to make
and we love to share with you guys! Whether ten (10) of you watch, ten thousand (10K) of you watch or
one hundred thousand (100K) of you watch, I don’t care… I don’t want to make stupid ASMR videos
because that’s what’s popular… I don’t want to make what’s popular.
I want to make what makes me happy. To share it with you guys! Sometimes is just not the popular thing…
I don’t know… I don’t know what I’m saying…
I think I’m just complaining cause I’m angry. Look at how freaking cute
you two (2) are… For those of you that are wondering
how these two (2) are doing? I actually think that they knew,
before we knew… That Shelby wasn’t doing good.
Because there was a lot of times when they… You could tell… Specially this one (Memphis). You could tell they started
to kind of keep their distance from her. Not really interacting with her as much. For those of you that are watching this
on ‘SnowDogsVlogs’ channel. I believe I have two (2) or three (3) videos
left… At least two (2) from camping. That I’m still going to upload.
You will get two (2) more videos of Shelby from camping. If you are watching this on
‘Gone To The Snow Dogs’ you can go over to the
‘Snow Dogs Vlogs’. I know is confusing!
We have more than one channel. And watch those videos cause… What we didn’t knew was,
that was her last camping trip. Is Kira’s first camping trip, but it was…
Apparently was Shelby’s last camping trip… I keep wanting to say Shiloh over Shelby! Shelby was a dog we had the longest.
She made it to twelve (12) years. Oakley was fourteen (14) but
we only had her for six (6) years cause we adopted her.
Shiloh was eleven (11) when she passed away… Shelby was twelve (12)…
She’s the dog we had the longests. She’s been on ‘Gone To The Snow Dogs’ channel
the longest. You guys had seen her… In every single video uploaded to this point… Literally every single video… [crying]
This is not fair! I know they don’t live forever… I know when they get older
they get issues … Everybody tries to tell you
“You can do all these things” But… Guys! Is still life and they still don’t live forever… Shelby was a backyard breeder’s puppy
from a horrifying place. A horrible breeder… Horrible! Shelby’s mom was nine (9)
years old. When those puppies were born and she had
tumors all over her… Not Shelby, her mom.
It was horrifying! We knew when we got her (Shelby)
that… We we’re getting her from a bad place
and we knew that… This meant her genetics would be horrible… Again, the importance of… If you are getting a puppy, get it from
a responsible and reputable breeder. One of the reason’s I tried to talk
to you guys about that all the time… There is importance in getting dogs from
good reputable breeders and do health checks and that help to weed out genetic issues
that breeds have. It’s so important. That’s why I talk about it.
Not that you shouldn’t rescue. If you are going to get a puppy,
those things are so important… I don’t know what else to say… Besides…
I miss her (Shelby)… And I know you guys are
going to miss her… Our little diva… [crying]
Our little… Shelby was such a stubborn dog…
Her whole life! There will never be another one like her… [crying]
Never… She’s just was one… They are one of a kind…
Gosh, Shelby was one of a kind! That’s it!
That’s it! I don’t want to talk anymore… [sighs] I didn’t wanted to make you guys wait…
I didn’t wanted you guys not to know ever since I uploaded the video yesterday,
all night I’ve been getting such amazing messages from people that tried to help and… Last night when I was reading them,
she’s already gone and I didn’t even knew what to tell people… [crying]
I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… [crying] We have to keep moving forward
because we have these two (2)… Beautiful girls here, who need us! And they need us to be there for them…
They need us to keep doing what we do… Go on adventures and take them
to fun places and make the best memories possible… Because you know what I have
on this channel, you guys? Thanks to all of you is,
ten (10) years of memories that I can watch anytime I want to. Ten (10) years! Even before that, the first
two (2) years of her life we didn’t liked to film a lot.
There was YouTube and wasn’t really the thing… But like ten (10) years of videos and memories
of her (Shelby) and the places we’ve gone and the things we’ve done and I have… All of them.
I can… Just like you guys I can literally get on here and watch her whenever I want… Which I wouldn’t had without all of you! I cannot thank you guys enough… For watching our videos,
sharing them with your friends. Telling your friends to follow us.
You guys… I don’t even know how to explain… What that means to us. It really does mean a lot. You are the ones that keep us going.
I tell you what… I can quit today… I can just be done and never
upload another video… Would be done… [crying]
There a part of me that wants to… But, then there’s another part of me that thinks
about what I said at the end of every video… Would I tell you guys to
Stay positive and dream big and even now? That means so much to me
when I say it… Because I can’t quit
and I can’t give up. Because… I got to do it for these two (2)
and I got to do it for you guys! I’m sorry to make you all cry…
I’m sorry to make you all feel horrible… [crying]
I’m sorry she’s gone… [crying] Okay, that’s it!
I can’t do it no more… I love you guys! Shelby loves you!
Memphis and Kira loves you! We love you Shelby! We really do… I love you guys! Stay positive… And dream big… We have to keep moving forward… Life doesn’t stop…
Because things suck… We got to keep going forward… That been said…
If you don’t see us for a while on social media I’m sure you’ll understand why.
I have a feeling, we are going to put these two (2) in the camper and we are going to disappear! For a little while… I won’t film or take pictures because
I cannot have those memories… [crying] Okay… I love you guys… Thank you for being here for us… We thank you for understanding… Please, don’t be rude in the comments…
Because I can’t handle it… Okay… Love you guys… Bye. ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪