When you look over there you see the more
common size of solar panel. Don’t be afraid that it looks that terrible because I did
that solder it together by myself. There are companies who are producing these full sized
cells and sometimes when they produce them, they break. And that what you see here, these
pieces are all broken. And the funny thing is that it doesn’t matter if they are broken
or not, they are still producing electricity and each of these pieces is producing 1.5
volts. And the wattage depends on the size so this one will produce much more watt than
a small one or a broken one. And so you see what I did is here is just put them together.
The sun shines on it and ions go through this silicon. So on the top you have “minus” and
on the bottom you have “plus”. And so I grab the plus from the bottom and bring it here
to the next one so this is then the first 1.5 volts. It comes here, feeds in here. The
next one has 3 volts. So it goes back there, comes out here again and you have 4.5 and
you have 6 and so on. And in this way you go around and volt by volt and at the end
I want to have the 28 to 30 volts that I can feed my batteries. Because here we run the
whole thing on batteries and this is feeding in the batteries with 28 volts and the wattage
is depending on how much sun is shining and how big the area is.