Today I want to focus on saving
ordinances, which will bring you and me marvelous light. The ordinances that are essential to
exaltation are called saving ordinances. They include: Baptism,
confirmation, ordination to the Melchizedek Priesthood for men, the temple endowment
and the marriage sealing. In fact we need not only the ordinances and Covenants to
return to our Father, but we also need His Son Jesus Christ and His atonement. After the Savior received the ordinance
of baptism to fulfill all righteousness, Satan tempted him. Likewise, our temptations do not end
after baptism or sealing, but receiving the sacred ordinances in honoring the
associated covenants fill us with marvelous light and give us strength to
resist and overcome temptations. The sacrament is an ordinance that helps us stay on the path, and worthily partaking is evidence that we are keeping the
covenants associated with all the other ordinances. I invite each of us to ask ourselves:
What ordinances, including the sacrament, do I need to receive, and what covenants
do I need to make, keep, and honor? I promise that participating in
ordinances and honoring the Associated covenants will bring you marvelous light
and protection in this ever darkening world. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.