Many times, desperate families leave their children in the street. Teenagers thirteen, fourteen years old, barefoot and poorly dressed We find children working as prostitutes, children working in many bars and other places, boys and girls, involved in child prostitution. This encourages their subjucation and abuse by the population. And why do they come? “I don’t have a family, my mother was killed,” …my father was killed. I’m alone. My grandmother brought me and left me.” The basic therapy is love. Love is the imperial medicine for any illness or disorder. When a child feels they are welcome, when they feel an educator is concerned about them, …the child who came from the violence and hostility of the streets, …from being mistreated, and who became aggressive. They change. The child changes. I’m convinced that a child is not a problem. A child is an opportunity A child has infinite potential. A child is like a shrine. A child is like a dance of creation. We know a child accepts help because of what we call resilience, …the capacity of man to be reborn, continuously. When a child starts to practice Yoga every day, morning and afternoon When a child closes the eyes and begins to meditate, when a child practices the Sidhis, …they open themselves up to a field of inifinite possibilities, as Maharishi says The world opens up for the child. And then the child discovers their essential nature, which is love. I have seen thousands of children pass through the Foundation, …and every case is fascinating. To see what state a child arrived in, and how they’ve been transformed, …how he is now a professional. This is very gratifying for me. When I arrived here I didn’t have anything. Now I have toys, clothes, love and food – everything. Happiness – and their love. I think that we’re all committed to transforming the world we’re living in We have to leave a better world than the one we found. I belive in solidarity. I belive the solution is within every person. Within each one of us there is a sanctuary, …and the moment we take refuge there, we can enter it. Solutions come from every person. When we put them together, there are many solutions. We must globalize love.