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welcome to the Family Fudge. Today, I have a big, two week grocery haul to share with you so stay tuned. ♪ The Family Fudge, the Family Fudge ♪ ♪ They are mostly sweet,
but full of nuts ♪ Now, it has been quite
awhile since the last time I shared a grocery haul, but I’ve had a lot of you ask, “What happened to the grocery haul?” So I decided to share with you today. For this haul, I ended up going
to three different stores. My first stop was at the Grocery Outlet. I always like to check there first because they have great deals. And for this trip, I had
my helper, Lily, with me. The Grocery Outlet has a lot of discounted name-brand items. They have a really good organic section and a lot of gluten-free items. So over on this side of the table is everything I got from
the Grocery Outlet today. I’ll go ahead and start way back here with these black bean chips. These are really tasty, and
they’re not that bad for you. There’s a lot of protein
and fiber in there. And then I also got two
packages of Skinny Pop. This first one is a white cheddar flavor. And then this one is more of a sweet one. This is cinnamon and sugar. And these are not too bad for you either, and they’re gluten free. I also picked up two
boxes of these Nut-Thins. You’ll notice a lot of
gluten-free items on this table today because if you don’t already know, my husband does have Celiac Disease so I like to buy some gluten-free items specifically for him. And speaking of gluten-free items, back over here I found some gluten-free rice lasagna noodles. Lasagna noodles are really
hard to find gluten free so I’m hoping that these will be good. If they are, I’ll probably
go back and buy some more. Now speaking of not gluten-free items, I picked up two packages of these buttermilk Danish pancake puffs also known as Ableskivers. I know I’m not saying that correctly, but I know that these are really good. It’s like a little pancake ball. These are in the vanilla flavor. These are actually from Denmark so I picked up two of these. I’m probably going to put these in a lunch as sort of a breakfast-for-lunch theme. The Grocery Outlet’s really
good for packaged products. I don’t really buy my produce there. I like to buy my produce
at either Trader Joe’s or Costco so we’ll get to those. But moving on to the mac and cheese, I picked up four boxes of
this organic mac and cheese. It was only 99 cents a box, and I think these are so cute because it has the one,
two, three shaped pasta. Definitely going into
some lunches this week and maybe next week and the week after. I also picked up three cans of the Amy’s Organic Chili. This is a vegetarian chili
and it’s really good. And usually in the stores, this is like two to three dollars,
but at the Grocery Outlet it was only 99 cents. Moving right along, I also got some strawberry banana freeze-dried snacks. Lily picked these out. These are great for
throwing into trail mix or putting on oatmeal. They’re really good. They don’t have any added sugar. It’s just fruit. I also got some of these Chewy Kid Bars in the chocolate chip flavor. And then I also got this package of milk. This is shelf stable milk so if I wanna send the kids
with cereal for their lunches like a special lunch, then
I use this kind of milk because it doesn’t have
to be refrigerated. I also picked up 20 of these organic eggs. This was 5.99 for 20
eggs which is actually a good price right now. At Costco, the eggs are 7.99 right now. Now, back over here,
I picked up several of these frozen meals for myself. You know, I don’t really
like the same kind of foods that the rest of my family enjoy so I like to find these frozen meals for a quick lunch for myself. So we have this Amy’s
Three Cheese and Kale Bake. I got this one back here. This is the chipotle and
poblano breakfast enchiladas. That sounds so good. And then I got two of
these chile relleno dishes. And these are also gluten free so if my husband wants to
have one, he totally can. So, yeah, the kids will not eat this. I also picked up one loaf of bread. But wouldn’t you know what. I thought I was grabbing regular bread. I didn’t realize it was Texas toast so I probably will end up
making french toast from this. I also picked up two cans
of the crescent roll dough. This is the Annie’s brand. I really like these ones. These were only 99 cents. At the regular store, these
are easily three dollars each. I’m a huge fan of salad kits so I picked up two
different ones this time. We have this broccoli crunch one and this avocado ranch. These both sound really good. And I like the smaller bag. I used to buy the big ones from Costco, and it would be really hard to use it up before it went bad so I
like this smaller bag. Way back over here, I also
picked up this pumpkin. Lily actually picked this one out, and I’m hoping to put this on my porch with a few other fall decor items. I just dress up my front porch for fall. I got some of these beef Lit’l Smokies. That’s gonna be for lunches. I like to put these in a Thermos
with some barbecue sauce. The kids like that. I got some turkey pepperoni. I got some of these yogurt drinks. This is the pineapple-flavored one. These have probiotics in there. I also got two bags of
these ABC tater tots. Those are so cute, and I really think it’ll be fun to make
a tater tot casserole. But instead of topping the casserole with regular tater tots, use these. I think the kids would love it. And I also picked up this
bag of gluten-free raviolis for my husband. These are the cheese and spinach ones. I’m going to be feeding
the kids tortellini later this week so my
husband can have these on that same night. And lastly, from the Grocery Outlet, I also picked up this big
thing of organic strawberries. This was marked down to like two dollars, and that’s basically
because they’re gonna go bad really soon. But I could go ahead and wash
them and cut the tops off and freeze them, and they
would be perfect in smoothies. And for organic strawberries,
1.99 is a really good price. I almost forgot to show you the ice cream. This is the Halo Top ice
cream in a gingerbread flavor. So it’s a lower calorie ice cream, and I love the gingerbread flavor. It tastes almost like pumpkin ice cream. It’s really good. But usually at the grocery
store, this is like 4.99. So it’s pretty pricey. But at the Grocery Outlet,
it’s only 99 cents. So after Lily and I
left the Grocery Outlet, we headed to Trader Joe’s. Right now at Trader Joe’s,
they are ready for fall. They have so many cute
pumpkins and decorations. Like we found this wreath which is made of real leaves. They also have a lot of
pumpkin-flavored items right now, Halloween things. And they also have this new item which is called Carrot Cake Spread. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve ever tried it. It looks interesting. And I really like to go to Trader Joe’s for their fruits and veggies. They’re really good quality
for really good prices. So I’ll go ahead and start back here with some oatmeal. This is the gluten-free rolled oats. Pretty much the whole family
eats the gluten-free oats. It’s just easier to make one big batch that everyone can enjoy. And I also picked up the gluten-free, cauliflower-crust pizza. This is definitely one of my
favorite items of all time from Trader Joe’s. It is so good. And then for the kids, I picked up the little personal pepperoni pizzas. These are actually really good as well and not too expensive. So one for this week
and one for the freezer. I got some of this sparkling water. This is definitely only for me. Nobody else really likes this. This is the cranberry
and clementine flavor. I highly recommend it. And then I also got some carrots. Lily suggested the
shredded carrots this time instead of the baby carrots. I also got some celery
hearts, some sugar snap peas, some seedless grapes, some Jazz apples. And they love the little ones. They fit so perfectly in lunches. And I got the little tiny pears as well, one of Lily’s favorites. We picked up an English
cucumber, perfect for lunches. And I got four of these peanut snacks. These definitely sell out at my store, and they’re only 99 cents a bag so I went ahead and got four bags. And I’ll just keep them in the pantry for when we need them. Also from Trader Joe’s, I picked up some of these seasonal yogurts. This one is the pumpkin-flavored one. I have two of those. And this one is the caramel apple which I’ve never tried before so I just picked up two just in case I don’t like them. Also from Trader Joe’s, I picked up a box of the apple cinnamon cereal bars. Lily picked out some freeze-dried mango. And then I also got some
of these peach smoothie yogurt drinks. These are the perfect
size to go into lunches, and the kids really like them. I also got two bags of the
Mandarin orange chicken, one for this week and one for the freezer. I got a jar of the pineapple salsa. This one’s not too spicy. I’m hoping that the kids will like it. And then I got four cans of the Joe’s O’s so one or two for this week and two for the pantry. These are pretty much like Spaghetti O’s although I think they taste better. These are organic, and
the kids really like them. Well, all the kids except for Lily. Now at this point, we
actually stopped back at home and picked up the whole family, and we all went together. But at this point, it
was super windy outside. It was almost dinner time. We were excited to see that Costco has all their toys out already. They had some of the Minnie dress-up toys. I know Lily loved those. And they also had the
Disney toddler dolls. These are only 15.99, and every year these
sell out way in advance. I love that all the little dolls come with a little toy. They are so, so cute. They also had the big Play-Doh pack. I know they sold out of that last year at Christmas time. They had Shopkins and Wellie Wishers. Lots of cool toys. If you wanna get these for Christmas, you probably should get them quickly because these do sell out. They had some Incredibles toys, some Avengers toys, ooh, and these Magformers. We love these. These are so great. And we also found some
really cool sleeping bags. So from Costco, I’ll go ahead and start with the non-food items first. Starting with this beautiful
gigantic flower pot. These are mums, I believe. And this big one was only 14.99. So I’m gonna put this on
my porch with the pumpkin. I have a few other harvest decorations. I think it’s gonna look so pretty. I’m just hoping that I
won’t kill these flowers. Hopefully they’re nice and hardy. Now, for the kids, I also
let them pick out a book although Griffin didn’t find one. Kinsey picked out this one. This book has information
about the human body, animals, plants, and the earth. Jackson picked out this one which is actually a book and an activity. And then Lily picked out this book which we’ll also be great for Griffin. Hopefully they can share it. This is the Sound Storybook Treasury. And of course, I love
it because it’s Disney. So this has a bunch of
different Disney stories with the little sound effects that go along with it. Moving right along, I also picked up some conditioner and some shampoo. This was on sale right now. And this is the thickening conditioner, and it looks really good. It smells really good
so hopefully it’ll work. Underneath that, I also
got my almond milk. I’ve got regular milk for the kids, some Vitamin C which I think
I definitely need right now. I feel like I might be
coming down with a cold. I got some pasta sauce
and some of our favorite five-cheese tortelloni. This has two little packages in here so one for this week
and one for the freezer. We also got lots of cheese. I got a double pack of
the shredded cheddar and a double pack of
the shredded mozzarella so one bag’ll go in the fridge, and the other will go in the freezer. Speaking of cheese, I also
got the pre-sliced cheddar. This is what I use for my lunches. It just makes it so much faster. I also got some sour cream, some bananas, some of our favorite basil pesto, and a huge jar of pickles. And finally from Costco, we also got some pineapple sausage. Now, I did run into just
one more store very quickly because I needed some cornbread for a lunch this week and because I heard that
they had some special Mickey Mouse Oreos so
I got these at Walmart. I think you can also get these at Target. Of course, I love anything
with Mickey on it, and these are to celebrate
Mickey’s 90th birthday so these are birthday cake flavored. So we ended up with a lot of items for making lunches, things to stock
the pantry and the freezer. I didn’t get a lot of
dinner-specific things because I do have an order
coming from Hello Fresh this week so I’m looking forward to that. Thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you next time. (light pop music)