Hi, and welcome to our SSPI payment
search features training video. Once you’ve established a Search State
Payments Issued account, or SSPI account, you can search the Comptroller’s database
for payment information. This video explains some of the features
of that search tool. Our system is available 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, at our agency website Comptroller.Texas.Gov, making it an
easy and convenient way to view payment information. The system times out after 30 minutes of
inactivity, and you can pause this video at any time. As a returning user, login to the system
by entering your user ID and password. If you have not yet created an account,
please reference our Search State Payments Issued:
Creating an Account training video. After logging in, the eSystems menu
will appear. Click on the “Search State Payments Issued” link to proceed. Select the button for the type of
identification number your payments are issued under, and then enter that number
into the box. Do not enter spaces or dashes in the
“Number” field. Once this is complete click “Continue.” You should now find yourself at the Payment Search page. The Texas Identification Number you
entered from the previous page is shown above the search fields, and this is the number used for this payment search. You may now adjust your search criteria. The “From” and “To” dates will default to
the past 30 days, but searches may be conducted for payments issued on a
specific date — or the date range can be blanked out completely to return all
payments from the last four years. Please note, if your search does not
return any findings, broaden your search criteria. For users that do business with multiple state agencies, the default search is set to “All,” but you have the flexibility to search
by a specific state agency or mail code. A mail code is an address identifier for
your payments and is a three-digit number assigned at the time the paying
agency puts the payment information into the system. This code can be helpful for
organizations that must reconcile multiple locations. Searching by payment type is another option. The default search is set to include all
types of payments, but you can sort by warrant or direct deposit as well. Advanced options allow searches to be
narrowed for a specific payment amount, invoice number, document number or payment number. Remember, the system will search for
payments that meet your exact requirements. Broaden your search if necessary. In this example we will perform a search for all payments from the Comptroller’s office, agency 304, to this ID number during the specified period of June 22, 2015, through Aug. 1, 2015. This search criteria means the system will only look for payments that fall into this specific period, and the paying agency is set to the
Comptroller’s office. Once you’ve set your search criteria,
click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the page. Our search results should now be displayed on the Payment Search Results page. Across the top of the results box, you’ll see the Mail Code, Texas Identification Number and Address. The payment details are for payments
addressed only to this mail code. The list of payments were issued by the
Comptroller’s office between June and August of 2015. Two of the most helpful features on this
page are the Payment Number and the Paying Agency number. Both are links that allow you to view
additional information. When clicked, the payment number link
reveals any invoice description the paying agency provided
when the payment was created. The three-digit number under Paying
Agency provides a link to contact information for the paying agency when clicked. For state hold inquiries, click on the
red button labeled “View Reported State Debt.” For more information on holding state payments, check out our video, State Payments on Hold. The details displayed when you click on
the Payment Number are the Document Number, the Invoice
Number, the Invoice Description, the Invoice Amount and Interest Amount, if any. This example shows the details of one such payment. On this page, the three-digit
Paying Agency Number is a link
to that agency’s contact information. There is also a link to a comprehensive
Agency Contact List under the “Tips” section at the top of the page. Returning now to the Search Results page,
you’ll discover two options for downloading and retaining your payment
information search results. These options include creating a
printable report or downloading raw data in a CSV file. Click on the radio button for the report
method you wish to use and then click “Download Data.” This is an example of a downloadable
text report of a payment search. If you have questions or need assistance with
your Search State Payments Issued account, please call 1-800-531-5441, ext. 68138. You may want to view other videos related to the Search State Payments Issued website. You will find them on the Comptroller’s
YouTube page.